T-34s vs Panzer IVs. Is Stalingrad Balanced? War Thunder 1.53

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder 3 T-34 Tanks vs 4 Tanks, Stalingrad!
War Thunder Ó Stalingrad Event!

Thanks for watching!



  2. dang, wanted to be first…

  3. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C


  4. Tried out this event…it was fun, but I feel like the map might be
    unbalanced…sample size was only about 6-7 games, but the West Side spawn
    won everytime. Not sure what that’s about…is it balanced and I’m just
    crazy, or nah?
    What tank next?

  5. I’m early, I should make a joke

    Star Wars Battlefront

  6. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy

    I’m first, don’t listen to the others

  7. Let’s go Baron. Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa. Let’s go Baron, for the San Francisco Giants
    and Fatherland.

  8. It’s a stupid event. It supposed to be t34 vs p4. Not t34 and p4 vs t34 and

  9. Hero of the Soviet Union, Commissar von Gamez

  10. I felt that it was fairly unbalanced as well. out of 10 matches, I played
    east side 7 times and west 3 times. only won once on east side, and thats
    because we just barely drove them back to spawn with sneaky panzer 4s. all
    3 times on west we won.

  11. Actually baron the Russian armed train from enemy of the gates, is a German
    armoured train and at the time impossible for the Russians to have

  12. IS-3 Da Gulag for das mother Russia

  13. Plz Do the IS-3 the SNOWPLATE

  14. IS-3 or

  15. 6:50 and at this point, you can see a wild Baron who doesn’t know where to
    shoot a pz 4 when it shows you his side

  16. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Tiger 2 p or Panther

  17. 7:00 halo theme?

  18. pls more Heroes and Generals

  19. give pyrocynical a small loan of a million dollars

  20. No it’s not a tractor is a train-34

  21. Marder 3 !!!!

  22. Gaijin and logic…….NEVER put this 2 words in the same phrase plz

  23. Balance? This is thing of capitalist pigs comarade

  24. It’s a Russian map should be unbalanced

  25. IS 3 pls

  26. I think most of the T-34s suffer from losing even a single crewman – it’s
    the small turrets, can only fit two guys in there. Only one who can take
    over if the loader dies is the radio operator.

  27. “where the fuck is the team?” – famous last words

  28. Drive ze first Panther or you get ze Luft-Stalag 13!

    (Also if anyone gets that reference you get a cookie)

  29. Should have read the discription for this event where they claimed that the
    T-34 would have to close in to kill a panzer 4 and that the panzer 4 was
    better as a sniper… bullshit. The T-34 can destroy the panzer 4 at any
    range while being better at everything else

  30. Holy crap im pretty early let me make a joke

    The CoD series from 4-BO3

  31. IS-3 against ISIS!

  32. I am quite surprised that the Russian tier doesn’t have any of the Object

  33. Has Ivan drinking to much vodka again?

  34. This game type is stupid, all the tanks are mixed into teams. Multinational

  35. BTW- drive the Black prince or Panzerwherfer ;3

  36. This game is the definition of communist propaganda, just like how COD is
    the corporate propaganda

  37. T34 apcr bounced 4 times off some stupid panzer 4 flat front go
    figure…………….gaijin you are drunk go home.

  38. Noob von games

  39. “why t34s and pzs in same team? ” xaxaxa god newbies are funny 😀 i guess
    he hasnt figured out arcade is mixed

  40. hm I killed two T-34s and two KV-1s with my two lifes as a Pz IV F2 in SIM.
    However if had played as a T-34, I would have killed 5 tanks and hadn’t
    lost a single life.

  41. holy shit, i was there too, dammiittt :O

  42. Let’s go Panther variant ! Let’s go do it the Reich Way !

  43. Baron, why do you always(or most of the time) play with premium vehicles(or
    at least record premiums most of the time)?

  44. Based on the title, I thought this was going to be the special event Pz4 VS
    T-34. I’m disappointed.

  45. Lolnope.

  46. Hey Baron von Gamez if u shoot the t34 below the turret ring they’ll blow
    up, it hits the gas/ammo

  47. Damn t-34s be OP asf

  48. got the Firefly Scorpion today, and when you play it right, oh my god its
    good. I can only imagine how good it would be to have a PC that runs ground
    forces at above 10-20fps. but the gun is insane.

  49. it has to be on the side tho

  50. The reason that the Russian gas tanks never explode is is because they
    don’t use normal gas like the Germans and Americans, the Russians use
    diesel engines on their tanks, and diesel can only burn under controled
    pressure. But regular gas can combust with a spark or fire or anything, it
    doesn’t have to be compressed to combust.

  51. There was an event a while ago that was Panther D vs T-34-85 (D-5t) and
    every match was the Russians getting wrecked
    If you could manually replace crew that would be great.

  52. why did it end mid-battle? lol

  53. Я русский и не нужно плохо говорить про наши танки…

  54. I played about 15 games on this. I felt it was bullshit. West side did win
    almost every time. Only time the East won was if they were mostly Russian
    tanks. I ended up rage quitting. lol

  55. You’ve heard of ground forces.
    You’ve heard of air forces.
    You’ve heard of naval forces.
    Now get ready for War Thunder…
    Rail Forces!

  56. I have the opposite problem, west side almost always wins.

  57. World of Wartrains? that was great for april fools day by WG lol

  58. Train thunder :D

  59. Stalingrad confirmed CT sided

  60. I was there when tanks came out for War Thunder. I am just now figuring out
    how to switch to the army tab.

  61. I would bet that Baron and Slick could sail a train if they put their heads
    together, lol.

  62. Been playing around a dozen games of this as the Germans, and it seems like
    everytime, the Germans on the East ended up winning – then again, I played
    realistic, which is probably a factor in that.
    I’ve given up a long time ago on arcade, ever since air battles were
    dominated by russians.

  63. Hey baron have you watched war thunder trailer “The Battle is on”

  64. M2A2 or Gulag! Wait…..

  65. Baron I sense the dark side in you. Anger leads to hate, hate leads to rage

  66. Silly Baron, the T obviously stands for Testicles

  67. Could have sworn there was an RB up for the event earlier… I did the
    arcade because I was feeling super casual but even so I am pretty sure
    there was one.

    EDIT: Just checked, still an AB, RB, and SB available. Baron confirmed

  68. You were getting a bit silly here, weren’t ya, Baron? ;)

  69. Mate like how he kills u in 0:22 Its impossible normally it recechaves or
    it doesnt pen it landed on the angled parrt but as u saw many of us stop
    playing the game Because it sucks……

  70. maybe in arcade is not balance but in realistic is balanced

  71. This map on AB is decently well balanced, try playing this on RB baron.
    I played 10 games as russia, i won every single match with 10 kills or more
    each game.

  72. They have got an rb of this event I’ve played it dude

  73. Nothing against you Baron but you play this game longer than me and you
    still have not learned its basics and other things

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