T-44-100 review! is it worth the gold/grind?

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  1. I like how this tank has a random 1000mm spot at the edge of the gun

  2. keep telling it like it is Foch. saving my wallet time and looking out for
    the common man’s interest.

  3. Fucking War Gayming needs to undo all the nerfs to the Type 59 they
    implemented after all the cunts on the forums went crying. It’s a fucking
    T54A FFS with fucking thinner armour and a shittier engine and the same gun
    but with worse stats. Basically it’s the T54: Wal Mart Edition. Goddamn War
    Gayming, with all the fucking power creep in the game it needs to be

  4. it is nice it gets APCR and not HEAT
    it is nice that it does get additional credits per match
    and how many crew skills was that when you were testing this tank to
    ‘showcase’ it’s potential?

  5. So sorry wg, i have a fucking life

  6. i loved my t44 once i got the tank fully upgraded so i kinda want one of
    these because of that

  7. Maybe they will reduce the gold price of the tank like the Panther 88 but
    who knows.

  8. Foch get with the program. All other shills promote the premiums for
    wargaming. They are all great! Didn’t you knew? Premium ammo is fine, arty
    is somewhat a problem, MM is also ok.

  9. So much for premiums being ”weird tanks that dont fit a normal tree,and
    are usualy worse than normal tanks”

  10. oh my god thats tragic the lowes front armour unangled is only 20mms
    effectively better than this thing. if you dont realise why thats so tragic
    the lowe is lucky to do half the speed of this thing in a straight line
    this thing gets a higher dpm a better rof (im at the point now where i
    think the lowe would be better with an 88 than this shitty 105 its stuck
    with) is a much smaller target way more maneuverable and will bounce the
    same shots while being harder to hit. the lowe also weighs 90 tons and has
    an 800hp engine with no worthwhile armour at all and a shit gun with
    horrific aim time and shit rof. how is the lowe still considered balanced
    when things like the is3 are leagues ahead of it with better front armour
    and troll as hell side armour? and a better gun honestly…

  11. under 301 club

  12. Best tank reviewer EU! Kappa!

  13. somehow I managed to absorbed a deathstar shot with that gun mantlet

  14. I don’t even know what WG is thinking these days… Instead of making the
    game better, adding more stuff and so on they just print out prem tanks by
    the minute. They could have easily formed a tech line from the russian meds
    they added for instance. As for this tank in particular. All that can be
    said is, get the Skoprion. Armor on this is irrelevant and it loses in
    every other aspect to the Skorpion. With the IS-3A and Skorpion in the
    game, it’s really hard to justify buying anything else really… Not worth

  15. Thank fuck uni hasn’t started yet.

  16. This is weird, I’m actually first and I feel an urge to type a comment
    about it.
    Don’t hate on “first-comments”, you can’t stop this!

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