T-44-122 OP or Not? War Thunder Tanks 1.55

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder T-44-2 Premium Russian Tank, OP or Not?
War Thunder Tanks 1.55 – T-44-122

Thanks watching!


  1. 30 seconds back,what?i’m not even subbscribet here XD (sorry for my

  2. What tank should we play next? #ForTheKids

  3. Is the T-44-122 OP? What do you guys think?
    My vote is no…though it might need to be bumped from 6.3 to 6.7

  4. For the MOTHERLAND!!

  5. you did a mistake in the title LOL :)

  6. Not op just un-balanced

  7. Baron can we play my ign is piggymanisepic I have Skype

  8. I’m fast

  9. Waterypluto9469 Harrsion


  10. T-144 or T-44 :v ?

  11. T-44 or T144 which is correct. Baron u made a typo

  12. Thegaminggeek Twopointzero

    Nice Vid Love your content

  13. 215th veiwer

  14. why do i never get to see your steam at all, baron? :(

  15. Russian tank and OP? Naaaaah.

  16. T-34-152 as next premium?

  17. I like how everybody is worried about op things when the game is trying to
    be historically accurate so is they made it op then it’s going to be op in
    the game

  18. Well I think u made a typo we will never know #beingsarcastic

  19. Keep it up Baron :)

  20. fury please baron

  21. Drive the T-60 pls!

  22. Panther D

  23. T-144 ? Uhmmmmmmmm…

  24. T44-122 is superior to IS2 in every way…not pay2win comrade

  25. m10 tank destroyer

  26. Baron PLEASE use commander binos more often. They are a MASSIVE advantage
    to use in RB’s and Simulator.

    Commander Binos are positioned a good couple feet ABOVE the tank so you can
    peer over obstacles that otherwise block your line of site in gunner view.

    I’ve even chucked a su122 round over a hill with commander sight lining
    stuff up for me. Takes practice though :)

  27. Can you please play Red Orchestra 2 i consider buying it but idk if it has
    enough players and smthing.Please play normal red orchestra 2 game or
    Rising storm please Baron

  28. WOT > War Thunder

  29. It was a Panther D now its a Panther Dead!

  30. It reminds me a lot of the SU-100Y except with a turret

  31. It’s not called a Peshka-8… It’s Pe-8 for Petlyakov.

  32. Do the IS-3

  33. Hurry load the vodka.

  34. Baron pls do a full gameplay off u playing in first person in war Thunder
    who agree with me?

  35. Baron killed one of my squadron mates in this vid…

  36. Bring out the PT-76 next Baron…Soviet Amphibious Assault!!

  37. max effective range of panzershreks is like 40 m that wouldn’t work on a

  38. juan david uran acevedo

    yes finally rb

  39. IS-3 please

  40. Vojtěch “Mortis” Ptáček

    I think that cannon is really strong for T-44 but that reload rate is
    balancing this tank a lot and there are not that many people who would
    spend that much money for just one tank even if it is a bit better than its
    There is no OP armor which would make T-44-122 keep kicking during so long
    reload time so I am ok with going against them.

  41. T-144-122=

  42. m60 Patton

  43. no i dont really think that honestly. the mobility is great the armor is
    not incredible and can be killed relatively easily and then gun reloads
    pretty slowly so its not like the tank can fly around popping out shells
    rapidly. its more like a tank destroyer on the american side with top armor
    and a much longer loading gun

  44. T-44 122 armor is rubbish compared to normal T44

  45. stronk tonk

  46. JagdPanther next

  47. Haha ” He’s gotta be Australian to be this Bullsie ” – Baronvongames 2015
    XD that quote did us proud mate thx

  48. M103 Heavy 😉 This beatiful american heavy tnak was not so long.

  49. review on the british tanks. in my oppinion those things are over powered
    for their tier. centurions and tortoise at tiger level? no thank you

  50. Baron, Panzerjäger Bren 731(e)(though is was a carrier sure a game would
    allow them to be fired.)

  51. T-34-100 is still better in nearly every aspect.
    Tovarisch Palkovnik, I Just Wait Here for T-44-100 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  52. Put a 122 on and you are fine. Next tanks:
    Panzer 4 122
    Pershing 122
    A13 122

  53. Russia still op

  54. T-18 plez

  55. You killed a Tiger… YOU BASTARD!

  56. t34 100 is op

  57. OP? you want OP? use the caernarvon

  58. rb is soo boring….

  59. M60! :)

  60. Whether it’s actually OP or not I can’t say but what I can tell you is that
    it’s yet *another* pointless premium Russian tank that serves no purpose in
    this game.

  61. its just a fast IS2

  62. Price is 6090 GE

  63. Honestly the only things OP in the game are Russian WW2 prop planes, the
    rest is decently accurate

  64. why do we let Baron show us if a tank is OP or not when Baron himself is OP

  65. One thing that has to be op are the T34s in the game..

  66. the penatration is over 200mm and the battle rating is less than 6.7.
    american tanks with a BR of 7.0 are no where close to 200mm of penetration
    with the same type of rounds. the m26 pershing is wayyyyyyyyy too
    overtiered, in fact the whole entire 6.7 BR is fucked over by 7.7 BR tanks.

  67. FOR THE KIDS !

  68. The turret of that tank reminds me to the M18

  69. Mateo baquero gomez

    At least I said thank you to you 😉 (I’m mateobaque1)



  72. The simple matter of fact is that every time you shoot a gloooooorious
    Soviet big gun, you have a 95% chance of ruining someone’s day. Doesn’t
    matter how long it takes to reload if you’re only on the front lines long
    enough to take your shot

  73. Looks like the Pershing from the front xD

  74. Baron play the su122 next, the mini derp!

  75. I hate the motherland.

  76. Baron, what do you prefer more? Arcade battles or Realistic battles? To be
    honest, I never understood why people hate Arcade so much. As long as
    you’re having fun, that’s all that should matter!

  77. I wonder how many people take full ammo and then complain about that their
    ammo rack has exploded

  78. Oh look what a surprise: his ammo is damaged to the maximum but doesn’t
    explode. Just look at the mini-tank at the bottom right at 11:20. He
    should’ve got ammo-wrecked but no, russian ammo doesn’t explode it just
    protects the crew.

  79. M3 lee

  80. I love the t44 122 it doe take a long time to reload and gets killed some
    what easily but the speed and fire power make up for it it’s the one tier 4
    tank I feel confident using against t5 tanks I have killed 5 t54s with it
    on carpathians in a row it’s a good supplement for a missing t5 tank for
    example I have two of three t54s and this tank seems to round off my t5
    life I have killed maus with it as well (be it from the back) it’s a great
    speed flanking tank and gets you where you need to be quickly and the fire
    power needed when you get there

  81. Szmata doPodłogiapl

    next battle t54

  82. PREMIUM, of course… Not with my money, fuck you Gaijin

  83. 10:20 War thunder player of the year 2015

  84. Винторез Nirah (Potatah4Lyfe)

    lol, Baronovlov
    that name tho.

  85. lol not op as usual you have no clue but then again you havent earned much

  86. Baron do the IL-2 with 2 troll cannons!

  87. олег бурдин

    Nuke the world !!! You know for KIDSzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  88. “Russian (premium/non-premium) tanks aren’t OP.” Says the guy with an
    uncountable number of GEs.

  89. I have a maxed out crew on my T-44 and the reload is almost 24 seconds!
    This makes the other good attributes of the T-44 mute. I do better with the
    IS-2 6.0.

  90. From the side it looks like a german KV-1B

  91. Baron says “For the kids!” as he violently kills other fathers who have

  92. Baron, do you play on dev server in this video

  93. su 122 54 dor the mother land !!

  94. plz do more H&G


  96. Thanks for the video on this Tonk! and its always for the kids xD

  97. ALL Russian Tanks are OP. well most of them are…

  98. It looks like a better kv1s

  99. NO! NO! This tank is NOT op! It’s just much more powerfull than the others,
    espiacally germans xD (imagine a russian accent)

  100. Guide to OP-ness in Warthunder: Is it Russian? Yes? Then it’s automatically

  101. they should put a Dora cannon in for like a day just for fun.

  102. my problem isnt the tank so much. I get the slow reload (honestly It
    doesn’t even look like there’s enough room for the gun to recoil back) but
    it’s what was shown early in this video: the 122mm from the IS-2 one shots
    EVERYTHING. or damn near does, in any case. putting that gun in a medium
    tank hull is what annoyed me

  103. “my wolf farm” in soviet russia wolf grows on tree

  104. That thing IS pay 2 win. Atleast at that BR.

  105. That Jagdpanther really screwed up right there. Baron, you were really,
    really lucky!

  106. 23 second reload time on this if your crew is maxed out.


  108. 10:25 this dude don’t even know to drive toh :P

  109. Play the Tortoise , for the british empire ??

  110. if (tank==russian) {
    } else if (tank==british ) {
    power=9000/2; //Just until next patch
    } else {

  111. its only op in the hands of good players, much like any tank is, just some
    with high alpha and good reload times will seem op.

  112. This tank is in many ways op:

    1. Its a low profile fast medium russian tonk with the firepower of an is2
    2. The gunhandling is so op. the turret moves so quickliy up and down. You
    cant do this in a panther 2.
    3. Sloped troll armore
    4. Josef Stalin himself built it with communist power

    So why you heff to be mad bro?

  113. Chemistry´s the best!

    the “pe” in pe-8 does actually not stand for “peshka”, it means sth like
    peltjakov. peshka is only the nickname of the pe-2.

  114. Thanks baron for mentioning me twice! Yo kidz r little titty fish and u
    said u lived in florida

  115. But I really really hate german prototype tanks!!!! wanna drive my glorious
    russian non prototype t44/122, Su100y, t34/100… :)

  116. I’d love a 128mm Ferdinand.

  117. a lot of german late war tanks actually had a close defense weapon that
    could shoot a HE or smoke grenade out of the top of the turret or

  118. “It isn’t like the T-44 even has amazing armour anyway because it’s a
    medium tank” is that why the sloping makes the armour on both T-44s better
    than the tiger’s?

  119. ok just so you know in a game like WT it doesnt matter wether a tank seems
    OP. since evrything can get 1 shot killed. in an arcade game were a vehicle
    seems to be OP is when a tank just doesnt give the oppersition a chance. WT
    gives that chance so there is no BS about OP in WT

  120. no not op lol

  121. simon de meulemeester

    does the m1 grant exist in game? i never saw one

  122. anyways were the hell is the t26e4 super pershing?

  123. not much fun against in tiger h1

  124. The t 44 122 is less armored than the t 44 (with the 85 mm gun) because
    it’s the first version of the t 44. 2 T 44 prototypes were built, one with
    the 122 mm gun and the other with the 85 mm gun, after some tests it was
    decided that the one with the big gun wasn’t useful because it had a too
    slow reload speed, the gun wasn’t a good choice for a medium tank and there
    were already enough IS 2s so they upgraded it’s armor (understanding that
    75 mm wasn’t enough) and put into serial production the 85 mm version.

  125. next tiger E

  126. m60 and f82 sabre

  127. +BaronVonGamez for your next battle take out the IS-2 Hero Brother

  128. xx the dirt rider xx

    t 34 100 or gulag. Keep up the good videos

  129. You would be known as Baronov. :)

  130. you can make a new slot for tank and plane
    lower preset#1 and preset

  131. “this guy’s ballsy…must be Australian” lol baron :P

  132. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    “Political failure for the Soviet Union.” XD

  133. German player here… Watching this I can say that this isn’t OP, why? LOOK
    AT THE BLOODY RELOAD? My god a Jagdtiger can nullify this in a round with 2
    shots if he’s a crap shot.

  134. tank killer-탱크방화범


  135. tank killer-탱크방화범


  136. t-34-100 not OP half life 3 confirmed… i have heard some crazy shit in
    2015 but tomarrow it changes

  137. every time I play WT I ram the enemy and shoot them a lot. it seems to work

  138. IS 2 mob 1944

  139. the baron that cried wolf

  140. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    T-44-122 is trash compared to T-34-100

  141. Баранов )))))

  142. i would love to see the new british tank destroyer in the heavy tank side
    of the tree

  143. Baron, I love you but play… the… OBJECTIVE!!!!!!!

  144. T-34-100 not open? Yeaaahhh about that… can’t argue with a gun that can
    kill a Maus from the front at a 6.3 BR

  145. I don’t play War Thunder yet but I want to in the future any tips and pls
    play the Panther 2

  146. He stopped saying:tits

  147. Fv 211 Caernarvon +BaronVonGamez

  148. how do i look around without moving my turret?

  149. caernarvon is the new banshee. i got 360 kills with the tank and from my
    experience i can say that caernarvon is not OP. everything else is
    unbalanced. i know i know but listen. making it 6.7 will only make it face
    enemies that it wont be able to destroy. however it will still however more
    sparsely get into the br matches same as the ones it gets into at its 6.3
    br. in those matches it will continue to wreck house. a solution to that is
    making it 7.0 in which case in low tier matches it will do decently as it
    currently does. but will be subdued by MBTs 90 percent of the time. unless
    8.0 comes back caernarvon will never be balanced and it will be a
    compromise between the caernarvon driver and the enemy team. if 8.0 comes
    back 6.7 is its ideal br however if not then making it 6.7 wont do jack
    shit. we all know if someone has a 5.7 in their lineup the chances are they
    got a 5.3 or lower too.

  150. happy new year all

  151. Actual nazi germani puted 4 Panzerschreck on a little amonitoncarrier. The
    vehicle is called “Borgward Wanze”

  152. Play IS-3

  153. I knew this match seemed familiar.

  154. next t-44 will t-44-152
    And this one will reload in 12 seconds cause its a medium)

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