T-44 goes ham+ my thoughts on USSR buffs on the supertest.

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Tanks that really need some love:
    All t10 lights because t9 are currently way better.
    UK heavy tanks t6-t8
    A44, KV4 PZ T25, SU101
    …and also arty. Hitting Defender for 150 and light tanks or Scorpion G for 300 on direct hit in my M12 sure feels like shit. Especially since SPGs are useless in many maps.

  2. lol, I loved my t54 mod 1. I found it to be a strong tank. and then they buffed it. and now buffing it again? AWESOME!!!

  3. Alexander Stoyanov

    I can’t describe the stupidness of wg, according to the scale from 1 to eternity their stupidness is eternity on square

  4. Great vid. As always!

  5. nice as always foch for 4k plus dmg but fuk me that looked so fuckin casual ay dude

  6. What about the ISU 152 nerf? I think it’s stupid because ISU needs that penetration to compensate for the accuracy because you can’t hit weak spots and war gayming wants to remove the bl10 and give it a shit gun with 260 pen with 0.41 accuracy so you need to shoot gold.

  7. 1:35 Aimbot?

  8. I love how on pc the mod 1 is awful but on blitz it’s op

  9. TheUnoriginalGamer

    IS7 has some of the worst ground resistance though.

  10. Did they nerf profitability in this patch? I’m having a really hard time getting any profits on my Tier 8s without firing prem nor using prem consumables (don’t have a prem account). I’m not the greatest player but usual results would be in the -5k to 25k but today after doing my dailies despite being in my average results I didn’t get a match with a profit.
    Maybe I’m crazy, maybe it’s in my head, but found it really weird, had to do some matches on my premiums to level it back.

  11. i wouldn’t recommend this game to my enemy and that is from guy that start playing in 2011

  12. Foch sounds more disappointed than salty. Wouldn’t blame him since just about everybody has lost faith in WG

  13. The IS7 needs a pen buff, leave everything else alone….

  14. what about t55a?

  15. “I don’t know how they’re going to fix the problem with the T-54 Mod 1”

    Simple, +1/-1 MM across the board. It will fix a lot of tanks.

  16. Notice that they’re only buffing popular tanks because WG is obsessed with trying to please their playerbase instead of addressing the real issues in the game. T-54 is extremely popular because it is fairly OP and well known. The Obj 140? Same deal.

  17. T-54 most popular tier 9 medium in game?where the fuck is your proof?or are you just pulling stuff out your ass?imho T-54 besides the turret buff,is getting fucked,no one wants to use the other gun with shit dpm,and still bad ap pen,wtf is that all about,please don’t do reviews stick to your shitty salty streams,and stay calm,you don’t want WG dick deep in your anus.

  18. 3/5/7 MM sucks

  19. why no buffs on Obj 430 ?

  20. No Russian bias, No no not at all…

  21. 5 War Gaming employees disliked this.

  22. bc 25t is not that OP 3of 5shells are bounce so hands off wg

  23. Marshall Allshouse

    some 200wn8 player: “waaaa my 140 keeps getting its turret penned”
    wg: *caters to the retards and makes the game even worse*

  24. The T32 could probably use a little bit more penetration. Maybe like 210mm.

  25. WG and balance.
    The real mystery is why anyone bothers commenting on the topic at all.

  26. Guess i’ll just sell all my other nation tanks from now on. Just play the retarded OP Russian tank line. Win!

  27. Do you know anything about soft stats? You’re retarded if you think the IS-7 will keep pace with mediums after the buff

  28. and again with all his rants and statements, i aggree 100%

  29. All the is7 needs is little aimtime and gun handling buff similar to t10, give it back the old 260 pen on AP and some Dpm buff.

  30. russian tanks takes all!

  31. hold up they need to buff the t54 because its hd model has a weaker turret, whereas let us gloss over the fact that the centurion 7/1 is now worthless because of the hd model of its turret, damn the stupid hurts

  32. Do these buffs go for consoles too or just computer version

  33. No object 268 buff? Really?

  34. Only changes the T-54 needs is in the penetration.

    Buff standard AP, nerf premium HEAT. Job done.

  35. panther 88 is the worst t8 prem by far

  36. Wonder why is t54 considered a good tank. Almost anything on tier 9 can pen tru front of turret. Gun cannot hit a shit without 3 sec aiming and even then it will not pen. Its strugling even against tier 8 heavies. Maybe with goldspam its playable, but like it is, its one of the worst things i played.

  37. The more people play 1 tank – the more people complain on its weaknesses. The more they are likely to be heard.
    If noone plays the Caravan noone is going to complain that it is weak. And noone plays it, because it is weak. That is why strong tanks are going to be stronger and weak tanks will stay the way they are.
    FYI – IMHO the Caravan is not that bad of a tank. I prefer it over the IS-3. But opinions differ.

  38. what about me is4? plz move it to tier 9 like it always should have been and add a new op tank and let me have both


    Still waiting on the ONLY TIER 8 PREMIUM THAT ISNT EVEN HD YET and COULD REALLY NEED A BUFF!!!! Did they just forget the T34 3?

  40. if they nerfed t54s frontal plate to 100mm then i would not care (120mm only had earliest model)

  41. Jesper Askov Møller Petersen

    U are so right – Why WOT not listening? I more or less do not play tier 9-10 (even 8) anymore, WOT is digging their own grave…

  42. t-44 and t-54 mod needs buff. t-54 turret does need buff as well… I am consistently being penned by tier 8 tanks in the turret like the is-3. obj-140 doesn’t need much of a buff except maybe a tiny buff to prevent as many shells overmatching but keep the weak spots on the commander hatch. IS-7 most definitely needs a buff in almost every area except armor to compete with the new superheavies and giving it speed will help it do so effectively, but a Dpm buff is also needed. changes are welcomed and it’s good to see that faster tanks are getting buffed

  43. I have the Lorraine 40t which was originally a tier 8 and good, then got moved to to tier 9 then became average at best . Removed from the game and replaced by Bat Chat ap . Then brought back as a tier 8 premium, you may say it then became OP , but with the new patches you only seem to be in tier 10 battles. ?‍♂️

  44. Talking about worst tier 8 mediums and not mentioning TVP VTU ffs

  45. I just stopped complaining and started grinding the ussr lines

  46. Maciej Suszczyński

    A few weeks ago, you just destroyed my WZ-111-1-4 in your T57 Heavy. On Tuesday I had my revange and killed you in FV 4005. I can die in peace now.

  47. why WG left out the IS6 ? its definitely power creeped by premium Is7(defender) , tier9 in tier8(chrysler GF) and ‘better’ T32(patriot)? the armour on IS6 is not working and the APCR pen is so good that its cant pen the ‘better’ T32 front? GJ WG on buffing the ‘underpower’ tanks:)

  48. let me tell you a joke


  49. How many buffs is ENOUGH for the Sovijet junk tanks ffs

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