T-44 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 350, GTX 760,
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  1. The T54 Lwt shits all over this thing.

  2. Hello ladies and mentalgen ? 😀 or my ears heard that wrong ?

  3. t44 is master of none, and a mediocre tank but it’s a real beast in WN8

  4. Foch, your wish came true. They’re buffing the 113. ROF is going to be 6,
    but they nerfed the gun handling a bit.

  5. That Chaffe.. I takes huge effort on my part not to shoot players like

  6. Jovan Schiebelbein

    Foch did you hear about the new buff coming to your favourite tier 10
    hipster tank?

  7. Do a T-34-3 update when it’s gets -5 gun depression.

  8. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    t44 is shit.
    drive panther 2, indien panzer, centurion. we happy yes.

  9. +TheFochYou I started playing arty because of female crew. Is there any
    hope left for me?

  10. At least the pen is getting buffed to about 183 so fun time

  11. It’s one of these tanks who gets a lot better if you dont mind pressing 2
    now and then. Its well-rounded, armor isnt great but its enough to shit on
    lower tiers, the gun has good soft stats, and its the fastest tier 8 med i
    believe, with decent gun depression. With prem its actually one the best
    tier 8 meds, imo.

  12. infinitelyExplosive

    The T-44 so far has been my favorite tank, I really never felt hampered by
    the gun

  13. i liked the t-44 a LOT when i played it….. its a simple tank….. you
    have a LARGE peice of armor at the front…. it sometimes gets REDICIOULS

    other than that,m just keep the gun shooting and you will do good.

    i really feel that i did better in the t-44 than the t-54.
    the gun made me wait and think more than HUR DER t-54 LOADS HEAT HUR DUR

    people will be like “oh its a t-44…isnt that the worst tank of its
    teir…. ill jsut ignore it….OMG WHAT KILLED ME

  14. Hey Foch that maps Eurovanka aint it pal :P

  15. Going ham in a T44? Are you some kind of demigod? XD
    But seriously compared to the T54 lightweight, beside the scout MM, the T44
    is more or less worse in every regard, which is kind of sad.

  16. thankfully these underwhelming Soviet 100mm guns are getting a slight
    penetration buff in 9.13 to 183mm or something and also an aim time and
    accuracy buff I think. Doesn’t really help on getting through a KV-4 though

  17. I really enjoyed my T-44, got 60% WR in it (58% WR overall), the mobility
    was insane which, at least for me, kinda negated the 175 pen gun. The only
    real issue I had was the fact that it was an ammorack on tracks.

  18. i actually liked this tank, was quite awesome

  19. 3:16 Enemy M44 TK’s the Tiger II. Best arty player.

  20. Great video! As usual. T-44 User Manual. 🙂
    Imho half aimed snapshot works very good and it is very refreshing.

  21. I want to eat your ham.

  22. I think it shows you the score screen or whatever if you upload it to the
    wot replay webside

  23. I agree. Good tank, but the pen of its gun is very underwhelming and just a
    bit frustrating…

  24. Foch is there ANY tank you dont go ham in? o_0

  25. now I’m the first like

  26. lol I’m the first one

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