T-44 Review/Guide, Creating Perpendicular Fire

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Source: Taugrim

I the T-44, a tier 8 medium in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 8 Abbey and tier 10 Murovanka battles.

I recently re-purchased this to grind the Object 430U line, as many of you have asked a for the 430U.

It’s been 5 years since I reviewed the T44, back in Episodes #4 and #5.

It’s worth revisiting this several reasons:
1. The meta in the game has shifted towards more armor on tanks, especially heavies, and players have often asked how to deal with that in tanks such as the T-44 that have lackluster silver ammo penetration
2. The T-44 received meaningful buffs in 2018 to the turret armor, engine, gun handling, and silver penetration (+7). The first two buffs meaningfully impact how this can be used, especially spotting
3. I’m a much better player now than I was in 2015

Strengths and Weaknesses (with 100mm LB-1 gun)
+ Superb turret protection
+ Excellent camouflage (over 32 with Camo + BIA)
+ Good gun depression (-7)
+ Good gun handling
+ Good acceleration
+ Good alpha (250)
+ Low profile
– Poor silver AP penetration (190)
– Poor view range (380)
– Low HP (1300)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. T-44 was my first “serious” medium tank, I really like how good its camo is

  2. Hello! I almost researched this tank, but i have no money for it. (im an f2p player) can you give me some tips to get more fast?

    • Get a premium tank through tank rewards and keep farming credits in it.

    • subtlewhatssubtle

      Consider staying in tiers 5 and 6 for profitability. Be patient, don’t hurry to be the first to engage. Consider playing TDs (good ammo price to damage ratio) and avoid using gold ammo if possible (Taugrim is a good role model for this).

      Avoid playing artillery as the rewards compared to costs are not good for earnings. The same is often true of heavies unless you have a good mid-tier premium for it.

  3. Aleksa Zdravkovic

    i really like your patience and monotnous tone you might get me back to playing this silly game

  4. Do you think Double-barrel tanks worth to research?

  5. I really like this tank, even though I’m not doing very well with it 😅
    It is a really solid all rounder, definitely.

  6. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    My experince with the T-44:
    Everybody can pen your turret
    The gun does not hit where you aim even when fully aimed
    If the gun hits, you don’t pen

    I ended up playing it like a Pershing. just peek-a-boom, don’t aim and snapshot everybody. Kinda worked.

    • The only thing I agree with of your criticisms of the T-44 is that the pen isn’t very good. 190 for silver is pretty bad.

      The turret is strong and the gun accuracy is good for an RU medium.

  7. Really looking forward to your review of the obj 430 and 430u. I am currently playing the tier 9 and working towards tier 10 but i have to say i really enjoy the 430 and surprisingly hated the t44, but you showed me a new perspective on the way of playing it so ill try it again and maybe even enjoy it now. Thank u for that and keep making great content 🙂

    • The T-44 is one of the most solid all-around mediums at any tier in the game. It can do multiple things well, and given its current state I’d recommend it as a really good learning tank.

      There is one thing about the T-44 with the 100mm LB-1 that is unusual compared to the tier 9 and 10 Russian meds: the gun depression of -7 is very usable, vs the -5 to -6 of the T-54/Object 430, etc.

  8. Taugrim, you sir are a complete genius and I applaud you for creating masterful videos such as this one.

  9. Kairoru Iced Mocha

    I really like your playstyle, somehow matches with my own. Also I agreed with you about tracking, it is an underrated skill and most people tend to ignore doing it in pursuit of having “more damage dealt” by themselves even though assist damage from tracking is as important as dealing the damage by yourself.

    I do to get my own T44 and make my way to the Object 430U, but for now I’ll just stick with my wheelies.

  10. Love your vids

  11. The t44 is one of my favorite tanks. But beware the 430 is a completely different tank. I hated it at first, but gradualy learned its playstyle. As far as the 430u is concerned, its really strong, but the 140 is more fun and rewarding!

    • Yes, the 430 has a very different playstyle. It’s a bit slow for a tier 9 and can sidescrape extremely well, for reasons I’ll discuss when I review it.

    • One of things I attribute to my early awful performance was a subpar crew. Recon and situation awareness help tremendously on this tank.

    • Agreed, especially with 380m base view range. You need crew skills to get to 445m.

  12. Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred

    I like using the 122 on the T-44 cause otherwise it feels too similar to the T-54 mod 1, at least for me

    • That is true, but keep in mind the T-54 mod 1 is a premium tank.

      The 122mm has very bad silver penetration (175) for a tier 8 gun and the accuracy and gun handling are also bad. Mediums need to be able to snapshot and fire on-the-move and the 122mm gun is just not suited to that. I don’t recommend the 122mm for those reasons.

    • Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred

      Taugrim true but I just enjoyed the 122mm gun a lot

    • @Taugrim with the 122, I find it a gun of opportunity. BIg alpha for a medium, great to flank heavy’s or find opportunities during someones reload, or when not looking. With the great armour as well. One of my favs!

    • @Taugrim exactlly,i didnt like 122mm gun either …also need to shoot gold ammo if u want to be succesfull…

    • Fair enough, but I find that gun handling makes a huge difference. A big alpha gun that has poor gun handling isn’t reliable, and in cases like the T-44 I’ll take reliable over potential boom every day of the week.

  13. Its rather easy tank to do well, it can sidescrap, it can play the “expose only turret” game having a decent armor, gun handles very well. I had 59% WR after researching obj 430 and that includes grinding top modules. Only P44 Pantera was better for me from tech tree tanks (lorraine are progetto still remain the best t8 meds for me, but those are premiums)

  14. The grind is horrible on this tank, win rate is still below 50% after getting all the top modules.. this was my first tier 8 and quite a shocker since I am now facing more well armored tanks.. loaded it with just ap’s and few he rounds.. now I am slowly getting better in playing this after watching some of your videos on medium tanks, not much but hoping to get at least a bit above 50% win rate

    • win rate is not everything….for example ,2 marked Pantera and I have 48% winrate on it ….on some tanks I have 65% winrate and only 1 mark them even had plenty batless…

  15. I cannot stress enough the respect I have for ur decision to play without prem ammo while still performing exceptionally well.

  16. Константин Кленков

    Wait a sec, Taugrim. You are saying @5:51 that “even after it’s (engine) repaired, the acceleration is so bad”. As far as I know, HP of the module are restored to the max after repair. There are two states of engine damage – “red”, when you are completely immobilized, and “orange”, when you can move, but rather slow. In both situations, after repair those states go “green”, when everything is ok. Hence the acceleration is the same, as it was before. Correct me if Im wrong

    • He’s talking about situations where the engine damage is red and you are completely stopped until it’s repaired by the crew. If you use a “repair kit” everything is repaired instantly to max capacity, but if you just wait for the crew to repair the engine, it just goes from red to orange unless you use a repair kit. I believe that’s what he is talking about.

    • @Sage Lucas Correct. Even after an engine is repaired by the crew (i.e. the tank is driveable), the engine performs really badly in terms of acceleration until you burn a repair kit to fully repair it.

  17. I recently re-purchased this tank to grind the Object 430U line, as many of you have asked for a review for the 430U.

    It’s been 5 years since I reviewed the T44, back in Episodes #4 and #5.

    It’s worth revisiting this tank for several reasons:
    1. The meta in the game has shifted towards more armor on tanks, especially heavies, and players have often asked how to deal with that in tanks such as the T-44 that have lackluster silver ammo penetration
    2. The T-44 received meaningful buffs in 2018 to the turret armor, engine, gun handling, and silver penetration (+7). The first two buffs meaningfully impact how this tank can be used, especially for spotting
    3. I’m a much better player now than I was in 2015

    • T-50-2 when?

    • Awesome replay and commentary Sir!

    • Already reviewed, Episode #76:

    • ​@Taugrim Awesome videos man! I’ve been watching all your videos since Episode #1 and I’m really impressed by how you can handle the situation without gold ammo. I have one request, if you have time for it though, would you be so kind making a video on where is best to use the free XP as a non-premium account player. Personally, I’ve been using it to get sixth sense on commander when I started new lines or to research guns, on very bad tanks, but mainly on commanders.

      What do you think about that?

  18. This is the tank i am currently on as I grind to the 430U so nice to see this.

    • You’ll love the 430! I’m halfway to getting the 430 u and I can tell you the 430 bloody dominates. Tier 10s usually have to spam gold if they want to pen me lol.

  19. You state in the video that you are using the top gun which implies top TIER gun and you are not. You are using the “better” high DPM pen tier 7 gun rather then the high alpha “top” tier 8 gun. Not a big deal but new players that are watching this might be confused and the 2 guns have a VERY different play style. Also with FL out right now this is a REALLY good tank for the F2P players in frontline. Especially with that 100 MM gun.

  20. I don’t rely on the turret at all, given how in Frontlines last year I just got penned through the mantlet multiple times by Progettos and the like, so I’m paranoid about relying on it too much.

    Otherwise, thanks for the video! I’ve gotten my 1st mark on it, and will try the tactics covered while I grind for the T-54/430 and see if I can maybe get a second. Currently I’m playing it with the mentality of using the DPM as much as possible within reason, mostly because you’ve said multiple times to keep the gun hot but do it wisely.Your voice is kind of there (along with a few others) in my head while playing lol.

    Thanks! Stay safe!

  21. casual silver ammo ace tanker…this guy!

  22. The close games are in my opinion the most gr as gratifying when you win but the most frustrating when you cant pull it off. Good job on that game, sure wish they’d repair the matchmaker to prevent all the one sided slaughters that seem to be the norm now. Just my 2 cents worth!😉

  23. now i’m going to recrew mine for fun and profit.

  24. For a moment I almost tried pinging the minimap on your video to warn you of the Skorp G.

  25. Great video and great timing as I’m getting ready to get the T-44.

  26. When I first got this tank I very very quickly mastered it like in my second time using it which lead to me considering the Russians tanks being OP. I’ve recently revisited this tank for Object 430U and confirmed my original thoughts either this or I’ve got really good at this tank. It performs pretty good in it role as a medium tank, but I’ve used light tank tactics as well as medium tank tactics and heavium tank tactics and Tank Destroyers tactics and it does perform them all pretty well some miner problems here and there, but nothing it can’t overcome the only one it will never perform good in is that of a heavy tank role other than that it’s good all rounder. Oh thanks for tactics overview you gave me I’ve got my first 15 kill in this much over looked and over rated beast and I was using the much hated 122mm gun Lol. Thanks

  27. I really like that you dominate not because of super human aiming or super natural gold ammo but just by playing like us normal people. I think it’s your thought process that brings you out on top. Really appreciate the video.

    • Exactly. I’m not gifted with aiming. This is a game of smarts, and what I do should be repeatable by my viewers.

    • Taugrim i mean i can imagine that you’re a humble person but don’t sell your aiming short. You’re as unicum as can be. But yes i couldn’t agree more. If its not reproducible like most other Unicum content creators (at least i cant recreate what they do n I’ve been playing since 2013) its of no use to the viewer.

      However you do it like… an average person could use what you’ve shown us and use it to really improve. Did i say thank you 😁

  28. OMG, that shot @ 9:25 should have been an auto-bounce

    • I just checked on tanks.gg and given that his turret was slightly angled, the effective armor was ~195mm. So it’s a reasonable penetration.

  29. Must admit watching these new videos has made me slightly twitchy to start playing WoT again 🙂 last time I had this urge was when the Polish tanks came out and my clan on mass decided to come back only to all quit when we go to that mid tier gold or freexp section. So basically great videos but for my piece of mind can you do a bit worse of a job 😉

  30. Love this tank, still enjoy how it plays…

  31. henry bob swillikers

    Great review,thank you.

  32. Taugrim,
    Enjoy your videos over the last few years. Thank you for your commentary.

  33. Nice timing just got this tank


    you will love the obj 430u, i guarantee it. im an inconsistent tomato can and its hard to not do 4000 damage

  35. The T-44 was my first tier 8 tank and boy is it one solid tonk. its the tank that taught me how to play along with the T-34-85 and it will always have a special place in my heart.

  36. How do you leave those 206 notifications in your exterior tab? Holy hell… I could never let it get to that point… lol.

  37. Mhike Karl Burlaos

    Very good timing. I’m currently grinding this tank to 430U.

    Please confirm if this is the correct upgrade path, Top Engine then Top Radio? (These are only the remaining upgrades to be done)

    I’m using the top 100mm.

    Regarding the Crew what skill/perks you’re going to advise?

    Currently I’m training repairs for all of them.

    When I can reset:

    Commander – Six Sense, train repairs?
    Gunner – repairs, train concealment?
    Driver – Clutch Braking, train repairs?
    Loader – Safe Stowage, train repairs?

    or you can kindly include crew skill/perks on your next review for OBJ 430/U because I think I will carry my T44 crew until T10 🙂


    Keep safe and Healthy

  38. ah, T-44, probably my favorite t8 tank overall

  39. Wow your comments are refreshing. Thank you. You just got a new sub. Don’t change and I’ll stay as sub. Cheers my friend.

  40. T-44 plays alot differently than 430 & 430U but not because of armor because you have turret armor and when angled nice upper hull but because of the alpha damage 250 is quite low for trading but amazing for keeping tanks tracked with low reload time which cannot be done with the 430 & 430U so you will miss detracking tanks alot i think if you are used to it

    • 430 and 430U are vastly better at sidescraping than the T-44 at-tier because of the ridiculously sloped side hull.

    • @Taugrim i sold my T-44 because i have the T-44-100 that thing racks up so much combined damage game it is insane only have the obj 430U left because i don’t like the gun on obj 430 its to trollish for me |frustations when brawling up close and missing shots because your aim circle is that big even the Ruski Numbers Generated cannot safe you sometimes

  41. Sibille Bubelhuber

    For the love of god, I cannot get this tank to work. I got the T-44 yesterday, managed to grind out the top 100mm gun and thought after the crap gun handling of the 85 and first 100mm gun, I’d do better.

    Nope. I average maybe 1 – 1.5k damage in it after about 40 battles and cannot seem to get good with my first real medium after the T-34-85…

  42. I’m about to play the t44 up both tier 9-10 branches, really great commentary and I’m looking forward to your content on both Tier 9-10 branches!

  43. Ty T😎👍👍👍👍

  44. Glad to find you posting regularly again. I’m about to unlock my T-44, and this has been exceptionally helpful.

  45. Can you do stb1 as well

  46. honestly from fighting the t44, it does not have much turret armor. You can sometimes pull of bounces, but never really against higher tiers.

  47. T-44 has been buffed several times, it is a very good medium. nice video 🙂

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