T-50-2 and Millions of Credits FOR FREE!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Wargaming are giving all veteran tankers rewards in World of Tanks including the -2 and millions of credits!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I hope we can turn off the Beta badge on our name, cuz this smell like a huge arty magnet. I get fire focus by arty often enough, I don’t want more.

  2. I have not played in about 2 years now and decided to see how the game is…. what a complete and utter waste of my time. This game was crap before and now it’s official: 1000000% trash now. Sure I was rusty but fuck me, I take 1 hit to the gun of my tank and suddenly the aiming bloom is fucking full screen and takes more then 15 seconds to reach bare minimum, reload of 5 seconds jumps to 15, turret and hull traverse also hikes up so high I might as well be a stationary target. I finally get a target fully aimed on, fire and the shell goes so far out of range just to hit a team mate and ignore then enemy!?!? What the fuck is this shit!?!?!? Worst part of all any and ALL damage and (all deaths) were made by Russian tanks. 10 fucking games and all 10 games I was damaged and killed by JUST Russian tanks! That is so fucked up! I also noticed that all the tanks I took out were beyond slow. It was like they where nerfed with a cerebral palsy bat. While the enemy was flying around the whole map with pure impunity. 10 matches. Bottom tier, 1 kill….nah go fuck yourself WG.

    Everyone complains that Armored Warfare is just a rip off of WoT… which is funny as all fuck considering that in the game the vehicles can actually fucking move! And holy shit get this!!! Armor actually means something! In WoT the term tank or armor is just an alias for Russian bias. I mean this game is just so fucked up. Cromwell’s running around eating shells from Tigers, yet punching holes through their armor like it was not there. While Russian ANYTHING blots players out with 1 or 2 hits. Yet anything German has to sit there aim and then hit targets(if the RNG does not want to fuck you) 5 to 6 times before the target gets killed.

    Nah fuck WoT and fuck WG. They can keep their shitty credits. They won’t be seeing me again!

  3. How do I find out when did I register???

    • You can log on to the game and look at your profile. Towards the bottom of your profile should have you “Account Created” date. You can go to the World of Tanks web page and log into your account there. Go to your profile and find the Account Created date also.

  4. Lol i actually registered boxing day 2014 I get the tankkkkkkkkk yaassss

  5. Hello mister baby 🙂 just last week i completed the mission that gave a butt load of free xp. so i got those unlocked a few days ago with the extra free xp convertion to some 150k free xp now 🙂 not alot to you but alot for a small guy like me 😛 now i only need the credits to buy my next tier tank! luckily i’m a 6+ year player so the credits will just come by it self now 😀 what a great time to come home after 3 month on the sea!

  6. 2011 Ill get a lot 😀

  7. Been playing since the game came out in Vietnamese server back in 2011-2012 and kept playing until 2016. This would be an opportunity to come back to WOT.

  8. Holy

    Wot, you’re getting reinstalled.

    I unlocked the T-50-2 a few days before it was removed. I’m so hyped to get it back :D. I

  9. Lol. First game, 13 T-50-2’s on both sides… This is not the stealthy speeder scout you were looking for…

  10. Pity i started playing on xbox 360 xD … registered pc year later so missed a chance on a free tank

  11. how do we claim the gifts

  12. I lost my original account wich was registered in december 2012. F.

  13. You know what sucks, I made an account in 2017 that I still have the password to but i dont use anymore and just made a new tank thus year a couple months ago. So basically I may not get any of these rewards.

  14. Is there a way to check the exact date of when I registered?

  15. Yikes going back through email account created 21/10/2011 I’m 18 now hahah dad goes back even further

  16. Well, i just found out i was a beta tester lol. Didn’t know that!

  17. There was no beta tester badge…Even my WOT profile says I’m a beta tester but I only received the 7 years reward…

  18. Wait, so as someone whose account was made in Feb 2015 – can I just wait until Feb 2019 to log in so I get the reward tank as well, or is December 2019 a typo and they meant 2018?

  19. world of tanks BETA 2008

  20. As a closed bete tester I am judging you quicky! 😀

  21. The T-50-2 was my all time favourite! I was so happy that I got it back that I literally CRIED from happiness. THANKS WG!

  22. Christian Hernandez

    Is this only for pc ?

  23. When you miss T-50-2 by a day

    Joined 1 Jan 2015.

  24. Shame on me,I was alpha testing on my brothers acc but made my own in 2012 so yea.At least i will have the sweet sweet t50-2…merry xmas dear friends

  25. Whaaaaa started playing in July 2012 Im a happy tanker ?

  26. Now if i could just remember my password…

  27. 2012 Acc and just 7,7k battles. I guess i took some brakes 😀

  28. Why exactly do you think it’s not worth it for new players?

  29. Hey QB, you kinda left a duplicate recording of the 6+ year players bit at around 4:45

  30. Wow… I registered at the beginning of 2015 in January. RIP.

  31. Damn it I had account since 2013 but all because I forgot my password I had to make a new one in 2017 can I get a oof boys?

  32. 07:52 I can’t believe you missed tho opportunity to say”and with that quite literal bomb shell…something, something…”ala Jingles style 🙂

  33. Just realised I registered on March of 2012… oh boy! 😀

  34. why so grouchy ?
    just be positive

  35. Finally theres something I’m gonna get

  36. Gah!! Been playing for three years, but on the NA server. Just moved over to the EU server this year. 🙁 No toys for me.

  37. The long wait is OVER!!! I got back my Fave T-50-2. 6 years 5M creds and 5k bonds and Great its PREMIUM now.. 🙂

  38. Lol I had made the account 2013, yet only played the game for like 2-3 years so yasss xD

  39. is this the case for console players.

  40. I registered my account on the 2nd of January 2015…

  41. Made my account on 10th of Januar 2015. Well no T-50-2 for me because of these 10 days. But 3 million credits is nice too.

  42. T-50-2 was epic at the time. But now with new physics and the power creep. I don’t know. I don`t think that is enough for me coming back.

  43. Hmm Unicum Guide maybe?

  44. well i joined 07-08-2010 in closed beta and didn’t get the beta reward, thx WG

  45. makiz the Macedonian

    19 of April 2011; 7 years Baby

  46. Just a simple gamer

    Godamn i got kv 220 t now this.

  47. Hurrey what a pointless reward

  48. How do the badges work and how can I equip one? An old player coming back 🙂

  49. I just checked my email and….this aint it cheif.
    “Youve created your account!” 1-2-2015


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