T-54 1st Prot. / “Because the world always needs more T-54’s…”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

With all the new French tanks, and the Berlin specials, I’ve rather overlooked another recent addition my garage, the T-54 1st Prototype.


World of Tanks is a free--play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

For more on the Specialist Global Tank Academy clan, check out their website – http://www.sgta-clan.com/

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. T3495M, I have played this game for 2 years and 3485M has never been sold.
    I believe it was an “event” ‘tank, therefore, nobody can complain that
    they paid for it and it sucks. If you got it free, u can’t complain now,
    can you? If the tank has ever been for sale and people bought it, please
    identify the dates it was sold by WG.

  2. I really like this tank… the armor is absolutely stellar and the gun is
    okay if you’re careful about shooting what you can actually pen.. and the
    mobility is good enough to shift you around the battlefield so overall a
    really nice premium

  3. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Rai lyn is your sugar daddy.

  4. Now imagine this with the actual T-54 chassis, turret and gun *shiver*

  5. 120mm sloped frontal armor on a T8 med? Too weak, better buff it to 140….
    Them russian tanks XD

    Unnerved this is the new Type 59 (like it was back before it was removed
    from the prem shop). Even with better frontal armor…

    • +Valivali94 its not that good… the type is way faster and the gun is
      better… the t54 mod 1s gun is mediocre at best…. I still love it though

    • +Shpee Its still a bit too much armor. Lots oof people will be tempted to
      carry moore gold because of this. In the right angle, no T8 med, even
      those with 200mm pen guns, can pen this tank. On the other hand the Type 59
      is the only T8 i can think about right now which has sufficient armor to
      bounce this thing.

    • +Valivali94
      yes but at the same time the LFP is rather weak and not that hard to shoot
      and the turret is weak if you shoot it below the gun as the shell will
      likely bounce back into the tank

  6. just wanted to say i really enjoy your videos. Foch and you are def my
    cheers from southern california

  7. That shot hit the rock because you actually aimed at the roch so yeahhh…
    pilot error

  8. If you had the T-44 with a stock engine you’d get pretty much same
    mobility, so yeah…

  9. “Hopefully the T-44 would be better”
    Unfortunately, NO. It is the worst tank I have ever played. You get frontal
    ammo racked 50% of the time even with wet ammo rack and safe stowage and it
    was a nightmare to grind (You have to grind the tracks, turret and another
    gun before getting the top gun, and the first 2 guns have 2.9 sec aim
    time). I actually uninstalled the game for 2 months because it was too much
    to bear…

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      +Kai Hin Lkh I thought the same but once the grind is finished the T-44
      becomes a very enjoyable vehicle. It great mobility, decent armor and a
      good reload. The penetration is a major issue in tier 10 matches but that
      goes for most tier 8s. The difference is that the T-44 still has its great
      mobility, and while you can’t fight tier 10 mediums effectively you can
      easily outmaneuver TDs and heavys. Overall it is a very well rounded
      vehicle with no disadvantages that can’t be countered by one of its

  10. jedi why would you skip the regular t-34-85? its pretty epic

  11. When i just got this i played a lot in teambattles, it did pretty well.
    Especially because i think many players didnt know how good the armor was.
    I succesfully baited shots from is-3s by sticking my heavy angled front
    plate around the corner. I had games where i blocked 2k+ and even 3k+
    And even in some games where i was firing full gold (vs a heavy tank
    lineup) i still made around 30k profit. (as long as you win ofcourse 😀 )

    So its a fun tank, butreally on the slow side. And especially when you are
    bottom tier in randoms its pen + accuracy can be painful.. You will have to
    fire some prem to not have a terrible time. Bit the same story as with the
    IS-6, only without the pref mm this will likely make less money :P

  12. Thank you Jedi. Keep it up mate. Cheers

  13. T-34-85M has an absolutely crap gun but the armour makes up for it 🙂 If
    you angle and face towards them you can absolutely humiliate
    Cromwell’s…Until they flank you and feast on your tears because you have
    god awful mobility 😛

    Otherwise nice game Jedi!

    • +mynameispuffs Funny how that’s the usual road of the more armored vehicles

    • Jack Beauregard

      +mynameispuffs It seems people are often baffled by the M version. I get a
      lot of shots at my angled frontplate, bouncing off, because the people
      shooting probably thought “it’s only T-35-85”. Not sure this will work
      forever though. And if you aren’t top tier, well it doesn’t work anyway.

      The sudden flood of Russian premium mediums is certainly controversial. it
      serves as a consolation to me that I got to 5*XP my T-54 crew not less than
      20 times over the weekend. 5 tanks times 4 days times 5*XP – brilliant.

    • warisoverdragon

      +mynameispuffs Sounds like a tier 6 superpershing without the gun
      depression. :p

    • +warisoverdragon Its cause it is 🙂

  14. Some Small Fish

    Meh. I don’t think I’ll be buying the thing any time soon. 

  15. I like this tank as a crew trainer a whole lot more than the Matilda IV!
    Too bad your game didn’t show it, I am averaging over 1,000 damage bounced
    with mine. Slower than the T-44, but I like the armor, plus it’s a prem so
    more XP and credits.

  16. klineczproductions


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