T-54 first prototype – Ensk (encounter, southeast)

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Source: Zeven

More highlights of the upcoming Russian medium premium tank.


  1. got here to see 54 prot gameplay, i will sub since you have a unique
    perspective, always nice to find a good WOT channel. this is probably
    racist but the way you cleared that cap was very…asian! very calculating
    and deliberate, leaving little to RNG. i can definitely learn a lot from

  2. Great insight yet again. Well done. I noticed an interesting thing about
    the hitpoints of you and the lorraine at the end: 321 and 123. THAT’s why
    your symbiotic cooperation worked at the end ;)

  3. sociopathicpotato

    hey zeven, do you think you could maybe pop into a training room and do a
    video focusing on 1v1 or 1v2 brawling micro?

    • +sociopathicpotato There are too many variables involved. It depends on
      what tank you are in, what tank you are up against and where you are on the
      map. In general, you want to maximize exposure if you have an advantage
      (health, dpm, etc.) and force them to chase into you if you are at a

  4. How often do you misread the map and run into a couple tanks and die? I
    try to read the map, but with pubbies it is really difficult to guess where
    they’ll mass sometimes.

    • +tonster181g All the time… 🙂
      Part of taking strategic positions on the map involves risk. You get better
      at reading it as it develops as you practice it more though, so you get
      “surprised” less. Always try to have an escape plan as well.

  5. Great video, thanks for sharing Zeven.

    I’m considering getting this as a Russian med crew trainer, but I’m worried
    that it’s weaknesses (speed, pen) will really stand out in Tier 9 and 10
    games, and its strength (usable armor) will be nullified. Care to comment
    and/or post videos of Tier 9 and 10 games? This would help me make my
    decision. Thanks!

    • +BB-8 Munroe Yeah, it does struggle against tier 9’s and 10’s. I would not
      recommend it as a credit grinder (any of the preferred 8’s will do that
      with less stress). I do think it is a good Russian medium crew trainer
      though. I am averaging around 1100 experience (with premium) per game
      playing mostly solo through about 80 games. Do not forget that you will
      also get a 50% crew experience bonus on top of the 10% bonus experience.

    • I’m still deciding on the US or Russian med lines. I’m at tier 7 on both,
      and looking at crew trainers/credit grinders depending on which line I
      choose. What do you think of the tier 9 and 10 tanks in each line?What are
      your thoughts on the Super Pershing generally, and as a credit grinder?

    • +BB-8 Munroe i do both those lines, currently at t69/m46 with murica and
      62a/ 416 in the russian tree with an obj 140 coming soon. 800+ battles in
      the SP as well, 2 gun barrel marks.

      generally russian meds are considered better than american, i would say
      it’s mostly true. they are definitely easier to play well but i think suit
      a more focused playstyle and less all-rounder. if you favor
      brawling/assault and armor then russian will be the way to go, americans i
      find work best as light/med quasi-scout hybrids. it’s a more difficult
      playstyle but rewarding, imo.

      the super pershing can be competitive with a good crew and some prem ammo,
      but the learning curve is steep. makes credits and XP fine. i would hold
      off until the HD remodel as they are reworking the armor at the same time.

  6. As usual, fantastic commentary. The tank, though, will REALLY struggle in
    battles with a good number of T10 tanks. Low pen, even for the premium
    round, slow aim, and just sluggish overall…..without pref MM….nope!

    • +griphos5 Yeah, I note that a bit in both of the highlights we have done so
      far. Still, as far as the non-preferred tier 8 tanks, it is one of the
      better ones (the AMX CDC is good as well, but has similar limitations).

  7. does this tank make bank?

  8. Thanks for the video. My main issue with this new premium is the low speed.
    It’s going to make Tier 10 games very hard.

  9. You rock Zeven… one of the (or maybe even THE) most educational channels
    out there!

    • +Golem WoT My thoughts exactly!

    • Definitely! And he’s the only one really giving relevant tips for good
      players who have already mastered basics like side scraping, camo
      mechanics, etc. Zeven is the only one focusing on general strategy and
      (re)positioning instead of local battle tactics.

  10. Thanks for the vid. Usefull info ahead of the intro of the tank and I like
    the walkthrough of the tactics during the game.

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