T-54 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  2. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    t54 –> decent tier 11 medium

  3. WoT Tipps&tricks

    Really enjoyed your stream with Mailand =) was a pleasure to watch

  4. Play war thunder, foch. It’s a much superior game.

    • Asif Talpur What’s good about being fucked by the almighty T-34 and KV-1 in every tank you drive? (both were shit irl)

      Russian bias in WoT is a joke compared to Bias Thunder.

    • Asif Talpur 1) spawn killing is a thing in WT
      2) Russian bias also exists in that game. Remember the data mines?
      3) WT is just as, if not more, grindy than WoT. Having to research a fire extinguisher on your tank? Lmao
      And if he’s defending WG, you’re defending Gaijin, which made Crossout.

    • Suka everything is bias when you can’t shoot properly. Trust me, wot has more balancing issues then war thunder. The tanks you’re mentioning are atleast in their actual, historical state. Not some made up paper versions. So you learn to deal with these tanks in war thunder because you don’t have a press 2 to win situation there.

    • Gaijin is every bit as much of a trash game dev as WG is. I uninstalled WoT last week and I’m honestly just done with tank games in general until one of the existing devs gets their shit together or a proper competitor steps up (basically, what AW would have been back when it started out). I play games to have fun and none of the current tank games on the market are giving me that. Just grief, drama, bullshit, toxicity and greed. Maybe it’s time for a non-f2p tank game.

    • FireShorts I’m already praying for ages that some actually trustworthy developers/publishers make a tank game, but I guess (online) tank games aren’t that high priority in nonrussian parts of the world, given that all Online-Tank games are made and maintained in Russia or at least heavily Russian influenced parts of the world.

  5. So many videos!

  6. Don’t people get bored playing the same maps with the same 25% gamble on every click with arty and premium bs? I left this game 2 years ago I don’t know how it’s doing right now

    • Asif Talpur I left a year ago and have been playing on and off, it’s pretty much only gotten worse. Also NA servers are garbage.

    • Yeah NA is on its way out the door most likely. Servers are trash and they just keep selling controversial op tanks for the cash grab. Like I’m pretty sure they’ve sold the Chrysler at least twice already this year.

  7. You had an extra gun depression with this gun, if I remember correctly. Btw, there is this new OP tank called Summer 2018- I’m 3 marking it right now.

  8. A good and propably fun game with tier 9 mm and no arty? Who would’ve thought

  9. Dam Foch sounds so sad. You ok man?

  10. Can you play the K-91?

  11. HyperionGamer100

    Foch do you think you will ever stream with Circon again?

    • once someone asked him in stream, foch said: “our playing schedules never overlap so probably we wont play together for a while”

    • If I recall correctly Foch said on stream that Circon can’t stand platoon MM

    • because if you remember about the time foch said how stupid wg was with that way op chrysler tank he was right wg gave him a lot of shit over it told him to remove that vid as true foch style said fuck you circon did the same but his vid was about op positions on maps wg also said remove it he said yes sir foch gives a fuck about the tanking community circon does not he likes his wg perks thus he has no balls and no respect for tanking community

    • the lack of commas makes your text incomprehensible

    • in other words he has no ball learn to read

  12. 1:48 Haha, doo doo. I am twelve!

  13. Fuuuuk ! Full tier 9 game ? I haven’t seen that on NA server in 2 months. I’ve seen a few full tier 5,6, 8 and 10 but never 7 or 9.

  14. Can anyone tell me how the Jagdtiger is still relevant? It does literally nothing. Everything pens it frontally.

  15. Im sorry, but the leo pta is in my opinion one of the worst tanks at tier 9.

    No armor, lackluster dpm. And “oh wow look at that accuracy!!” But nope, fk you soft stats

    I dont know about you, but everytime i fully aim the leo, the shell has such a huge tendency to just fly anywhere in the reticle

    • Vokatius Refugees are more criminal than germans

    • “Eh, no, that’s not how sigma works.”
      Alright, I admit it u got me,
      but I`d like to add to my defence that “rate” was not meant in a mathematical way, but in an ordinary everyday way, even though it’s rather stupid and confusing to use it how I did.

    • Whenever a tank is feeling super derpy, I play something truly derpy like a T30, ARL44, or IS-2, it helps put the gun and my tactics back into perspective, ultimately if you’ve been playing and obj 140 or T62A then you’ll be inclined to fire prematurely more often and you might put yourself in a bad position for the PTA as well, it’s a patient hunter tank, essentially a pub jaeger

    • Vokatius it’s the soft stats. The leopard is ONLY accurate perfectly and fully aimed. Turret dispersion and hull dispersion values are garbage. That’s also why the STB has the worst gun at teir 10 despite the listed stats. An obj 430U can outsnapshot and out gun you with .4 accuracy. Let that sink in…

    • Leo 1 is a highly mobile platform for shooting filmy stationary. Its quick so you can spend more time being motionless in order to have enough time to aim at something, because If you dont aim fully, you are going to miss.

  16. You Dont Get This Game

    137 likes 0 dislikes

    enough said

  17. I use the other gun, no premium. Get on my level scrubs

  18. Probably the easiest tank to go ham in…

  19. pretty nice game, no premium rounds fired, only 405 hp lost , no consumables used …. and without premium account still only fucking 20k profit

  20. u lose -1 degree of gun depression if you use higher pen gun too…
    My choice is definetly more dpm gun, you lose about 10mm of pen but you gain dpm, accuracy is not problem because it’s russian tank comrade!

  21. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I prefer this gun much more. Mostly because of accuracy. Too bad you lose one degree of gun depression with it.

  22. A worse version of obj 430.

  23. Ah 3 marked this baby and sold it after, kinda want it back again 😉

  24. this 705A is so stock that it doesn’t even have an A in the name

  25. Gonçalo Henriques

    where is the option to put that mark of excelence percentage?

  26. Gotten a couple of ace tankers using the dpm gun and it was mostly with ap, good hit ratio does make it easier on the credits. I occasionally make credits with the T-54 not that matters and going to sell it before too long.

  27. He was a poopoo head, im still laughing at that!!!

  28. My breakfast whiskey had not enough salt, then I watched Foch’s video… Done ?

  29. what if i told you… i use the dpm gun without spamming full heat, and get decent games with it.. it’s possible

  30. PTA better? Whut o.Q

  31. Gun shit, turret ok

  32. I found this gun (even tho I use it) is far worse than any onther Russian gun when shooting on the move. On top of that, obj 430 I now what t54 used to be. Not as fast but can ding a lot and gun is as good if not better

  33. Looks like we’re due a leo pta video haha, awesome seeing more of your videos on youtube!

  34. Nice farming

  35. Mihajlo Lubisavljevic

    Foch you need to make new arty duying intro in hd quality with same music

  36. The fuck why would I need to choose between 2 guns when one fucking gun did it all fuck off WG’s.It’s called a fucking nerf not a gun choice fucking bullshit.Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining gtfo here.Fucking Russians are the dumbest white people on earth.The T54 is still the best tank in the game though in spite of WGs BS.

  37. Super player. No gold spam – fantastic.

  38. Hey Foch, im starting to grind the t-54 and i want to get the obj. 140, should i get the heat spamming gun that leads to it or first get the gun you use?

  39. how to get that mark of excellence stat?

  40. YEAH, why did u put this on youtube?  enemy team was full of shitters.  anytime you can sit out in the mid like that – and live – tells you they suck…

  41. Two yt videos in a single weekend? It’s christmas???

  42. I remember the days where you’d wonder if you’d ever ace this thing, needed over 1450 base

  43. Master Chief 00117

    I love spamming Heat in my T-54… As War Gaming loves to see fit you bounce lots of it…

  44. Love your channel but could you play arty would like some tips on how to play arty. Na im messing with ya nice video showing that you dont need to spam gold to do well you can out play your enemies not out spend them .

  45. Hey foch could you do a video highlight of the conway with the big gun. No one plays it with that gun and you dont have to shoot hesh i mostly use ap 99 percent of the time.

  46. Does the pen really matter though? The t44 at tier 8 had 10 less pen and bassicly has the same mm with the current mm.

  47. I use the same gun and my top damage game (5200) was only 217 credits in the red, so not bad. I had a game though where I shot a lot of heat and almost none of it hit or penned. Well thats RNG for you. Anyway that game was 57k in the red.


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