^^| T-54 ltwt.Replay Cast. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. yeah please do a review on the new light tanks. would appreciate your
    honest approach to the changes/buffs/nerfs. WG should have some one like
    you in their development team

  2. Ye…. pen+acc will be joke when they move it to t9. First data show 13
    90most accurate? Pen 170.. other lt pen like 180ish/230~250 and then we get
    wz132a with 215 on ap and 265prem?!?!? Like what the fuck is that???

  3. Please do a video on the new scouts, gonna love to hear what you say!!!

  4. Love to get your take on the scout changes.

  5. please do a tier 9 and 10 scout round up with your thoughts

  6. Loving the replay casts!!

  7. Love the replay casts… Much better than just watching recorded games from
    your stream. More please!

  8. Play full APCR 13 90 with binos and it will become quite obvious why they
    don’t want LTs to have good pen. Bulldog is another example of “what
    happens when LTs can pen things from the front”.
    But I agree that ~170 is not enough. 190-200 would be more adequate and
    enough to pen sides of heavies. WG clearly doesn’t want snipping LTs
    because it would be “deadly bushes” all over again (back when TDs kept
    their camo while shooting). All new LTs have really bad accuracy so you are
    kinda forced to spot in the early game and brawl in the late game –
    basically how you play 13 90 right now.

  9. IMO a big mistake in removing the ALL CHAT.
    No more sweet tears of the enemy :(

  10. countryirishman irish

    hey sircircon please make a video about the new scout tanks and what you
    think about them, thanks

  11. Nice to see you investing more time into your Youtube account Circon! I sub
    to your twitch periodically, however work makes it very difficult to catch
    you live, so this is great to see….cheers!

  12. Great tip on just popping just your cupola above ridge lines. Laughed out
    loud as you then drove on top of the ridge line and laughed at yourself –
    good stuff;)

  13. So if we’re getting tier 9 and 10 lights does that mean no more scout
    matchmaking? If they kept that then tier 10 lights could only be in tier 11
    and 12 games which on NA would be nigh on impossible.

  14. loving these replay-casts circon :)

  15. Hans_von_Twitchy plays World of Tanks

    I much prefer this style of video: a replay with dubbed commentary of your
    thoughts about positioning, tactics, etc. It is less amusing than most of
    your videos, but is much more educational and useful.

  16. i saw you in a battle ^_^ in my mutz

  17. Thanks man, good vid

  18. Please make a video about the change from tier 8 to tier 9 of current lts
    and your opinion about lts going up to tier X. Btw they made the 13 90 even
    worse GJ WG.

  19. I would def like to her your opinion on the IX and X lights

  20. yeesss

  21. is-6 still has 175 pen on standard shell. gross.

  22. very high quality video circon! awesome!!

  23. ik wil wel een video over de tier 9 light tanks

  24. I actually like more all these vids where you talk about what you think
    about various things rather than just show us a replay or a cut from your
    streams. I would like to watch the vid about new t9 and t10 lights, see
    what you think about them and perhaps also how would you do them
    differently and why, if you have own idea of balancing them out.

  25. with the ap on the light i took a potshot and somehow penned a e100

  26. Thanks for the great content. These videos are so helpful. I would love for
    you to do a video on the lights.

  27. Auto aim is something everyone always uses when they start playing and then
    are told not to use it, but now that i’m a much better player i use it a
    lot more especially against lightly armoured tactics because it just moves
    the gun faster than i can do with my reactions

  28. Your replay casts are awesome, I have learned more about light tank driving
    in the last week than I have ever known. Keep them coming Circon.

  29. Saw this on circons twitch. Circonflexes plus Russian scout… oh boy

  30. Light tanks shouldn’t have enough pen to just derp through the front of
    tanks (~240+); A lot of their gameplay comes from flanking which should be
    rewarded by having enough pen to at least be confident they can shoot side
    armor (~200+).
    *EDIT: Saw your pinned comment…
    UDES 03 6.5k damage:
    http://wotreplays.com/site/3254786#murovanka-sonicpune-udes_03 SP1C City
    Map Top Gun : http://wotreplays.com/site/3185957

  31. Hey CIRCON, Tx a lot for all these beautifull videos in which I learn a
    lot. Just one little request: could you sometimes speak a little bit

  32. what difference does it make on the pen its not going to change anything,
    Tier 8 moving to tier 9 is going to be the same matchmaking as it is right

  33. T_T they are all getting nerfed hard… t-49 is losing the derp gun. 13 90
    is losing a third of its DPM. the RU’s speed is going down from 80 to 70
    but getting more view range. only one with insignificant changes is the
    t-54 lightweight with its accuracy going from .35 to .42. I was so excited
    for nothing :c nice memes wargaming. also if I remember correctly the pen
    on the guns is staying the same ._. all the tanks are getting is about 200
    extra health. you’ll still get one shorted by death stars and Jageru’s so
    not much of a buff… nerf the tanks that need that wargaming. like the O-I
    experimental and the E5. make world of tanks great again lol

  34. Hoi Circon, yes please. Lights are my fave tank in WoT. They’re now
    going to move it more to a “light-medium” class, for the tier 10. Which
    is obvious given the corridor maps (Redshire, Sand River, Prokorovka
    etc. exceptions)
    Uhm anyway, in the tank museum in Soesterberg, there’s an AMX with that 105
    mm gun (used by the dutch army).
    They also have a (cut-out) T-55, much smaller than I expected (compared to
    the huuuge Centurions etc.)
    Thanks for the content, dude. Not playing WoT for a while myself (need a
    new PC, no time because of work) but I do still enjoy the videos and

  35. but the mm wont change at all so changing the pen because of it wouldnt be
    the right thing … there has to be sth mediums do better then lights i

  36. 1390 should also be able to mount a vert stab

  37. Yes! They finally did something with my favorite light the 13 90!
    What’s that? they bumped up the tier and lowered the clip size? *flips

  38. it will have the same MM as now. besides that I don’t think the lights
    should be invisible snipers.bad accuracy and pen will make you have to
    i’m more worried about the lower tiers for sh and cw. i guess it’ll be
    bulldog time.

  39. Tbh when moving the t8 LTs to t9 WG don’t really need to change the
    characteristics as the MM will be effectively the same as it is now due to
    removing the +3 MM. So far we only have seen the stats from the supertest.
    Let’s see what they end up with on the public test.

  40. Circon u sound like Kermit the frog

  41. If you have time I would like too see a video on the new teir IX and X
    light changes coming up Circon. GLHF….

  42. Really good information and education in this one, keep it up Circon :)

  43. i’d watch a video about your opinion on the light tank changes. im
    interested to know what you think of the accuracy nerfs

  44. discussing the upcoming tier 9 LT is futile in my opinion. all is still
    subject to change. we dont even know if they are introducing new tanks
    (alot of people point to the USA light tanks which have a couple of
    candidates) or simply copy-paste, add some hp and introduce them (much like
    the IS-6B and T-34B). almost every tank in supertest at least got 2 things
    changed on them before they were introduced on the live server.

  45. Please make the video on the lights. The more people that speak about the
    pen values the better.

  46. WG: “You want high tier LT? Fine, but we’re going to make you have to carry
    premium rounds to do anything. You spend $, WG wins even more.”

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