T-54 ltwt Unicum Review/Guide, Best Flanker in the Game?

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Source: Taugrim

I review the T-54 ltwt, a tier 9 Russian tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Fjords and battles.

The T-54 ltwt has just enough armor to bully lower-tier light and medium tanks, and it has the mobility to flank most heavies. It one of the top 2 tanks I've ever played; the other being the tier 10 T-100 LT.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent top speed (69)
+ Excellent agility, especially given the tank has decent armor
+ Good turret protection
+ Upper hull (~145mm effective) can bounce shells from weaker guns
+ Low dispersion on-the-move
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– Very poor accuracy (0.42)
– Relatively low silver AP penetration (208)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. U unicums are all noobs you are only good cuz you fire full gold.Oh wait…you fire 0 gold.How the heck am i suposed to complain about unicums now? Keep up the good content 😉

  2. question,,,,,
    Amx 30B?
    Amx 13 105?
    Batchat 25t?
    I’m now on the B-C 12t tier 8 light and i want a fun grind and want to end up with a good tank, im good with agrassive tanks and autoloaders.
    I want all of the tier 10 tankst eventualy but I cant make a choce on what to shose!

    plz help thx!

    • AMX 30 is excellent, but the 30B is only a minor improvement.

      I love both the AMX 13 105 and Batchat 25T. Can’t to wrong with either.

      The 30B decision is really about whether you want to play a single-shot tank or an autoloader. Then decide between always-on camo vs having a bit more HP/clip potential.
      Show less

      @josh Stocks: I’ve previously review the AMX 30 (not 30B), Batchat 25T, and AMX 13 105 in this series. All excellent tanks.

    • Taugrim thx, so now its gonne be ether the 13 105 or batchat

    • I am the same situation with you .. but I grind BC 25 t first .. right now I am almost 3 mark BC 12 t. 93.45% ?

  3. I play on Xbox but these videos still help, now if only more players would watch and learn. Would make the game much better.

  4. Thanks, Taugrim for the continued video content. I do not play as much any more but I still watch your content repeatedly.

  5. Great replay, great series. Thx

  6. Perpenticular perpenticular perpenticular ?

  7. I love these episodes, and i love my ltwt!

  8. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    amazing games as always taugrim , very professional commentary

  9. Having played a dozen or so battles in the T-100, I’ve come to the realization that I found the lightweight much more fun and effective than the T-100 at tier 10

    • The T-100 LT has even worse accuracy than the T-54 ltwt. The odd thing is the T-100 LT has such low dispersion values that I don’t even use VStab on it, which is heresy for me. The T-100 LT also has a very low profile and decent armor, so it’s effective at rushing and pressuring tanks.

  10. 15th comment

  11. Thanks for the vids! You are putting out a lot of content recently!

  12. Always nice when you get some synergy with a random player in a game.

    • Yes, that ELC EVEN 90 was a big reason we won that Serene Coast battle. He flanked the FV4202 and helped take down the Strv 103 and Rhm Borsig quickly.

  13. I found T-54 ltwt’s gun so unreliable, the shots go in the ground pretty often, and in terms of camo/vr balance it’s a little below average. Of course, good gun handling is worth a lot, and I love tanks with good gun handling, but I found lightweight nothing special, not ultragood, not really bad. Well, there is no comparison between Ru251 and T-54 ltwt, Ru251 is clearly a tier 10 tank without any drawbacks. But T-100 is surely worth it, just an awesome prize at the end of the line

    • The accuracy of the T-54 ltwt is limiting, but oddly its dispersion values on-the-move are good. So I find that it’s an inconsistent sniper but good at circling opponents with its agility.

    • agree, but I didn’t feel the shells falling in the ground so badly in T-100 with its .46 base accuracy. T-54 ltwt wants to kill ground so much :/ but yeah, ltwt has enough rate of fire to circle the enemy and keep ht/td permatracked, this allowed me to get 8k in paris in it

    • T-54 ltwt is fast and has armour one can depend on. T-100 LT is useless if spotted, it’s basically Ru on steroids (w.r.t. camo), which is also useless once spotted. T-54 ltwt can actually stand it’s ground. Just my 2c

  14. Great video. I am learning a lot from your vids.

  15. Nice game, like the thought you put into the replay

  16. It depends how you define “flanker”.

    The T-54 ltwt is faster, much more reliable firing on-the-move thanks to the low dispersion values, and doesn’t have the issue of a long clip reload.

    I tend to use the BatChat 25t to reposition/flex to take advantage of situations, but I tend to avoid driving circles around opponents due to the high dispersion on-the-move.

  17. I haven’t tried the HWK nor the WZ-132, and my experience with the M41 Bulldog was pre-9.18.

    I think the LTTB is more noob-friendly and forgiving compared to the BatChat 12t and the WZ-132, because it has armor.

    I was more effective with the BatChat 12t than the LTTB, but that would not be true for most players, as the BatChat 12t requires a lot of finesse to perform.

  18. Couple of great games, well played!

  19. What was that dolly zoom at 0:53

  20. I’m curious what you think about the T 55A considering it’s substantially lower speed and armor compared to the T-54 and how this relates to using the same bad AP penetration.

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