T-54 prototype – Sacred Valley (encounter, west)

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Source: Zeven


  1. I prefer Admiral Ackbar’s ‘It’s a Trap!’ sixth sense. It’s more manly.
    Not that you lack that, though. Anyway, interesting and educational video.

  2. Helpful video again Zeven – appreciate your coaching and demonstrating
    effective use of the T-54…. Which hitlog is that by the way?

  3. Zeven, your ability to downplay things is what keeps me coming back.

    “Our Caern lost to the artillery, which is … unfortunate.”

    “Usually people who go South aren’t very… super awesome.”

    Hilarious wit.

  4. Best sixth sense sound and image was when you had simple red light bulb and
    “tu-du” sound :D.Please come back to that and your videos will be even more

  5. it would be more helpful to show videos where you are not top tier

  6. Frederick Schulze


  7. 6:45 if you had no need to press him why are you there? there was enough
    tanks to deal with him so that was unnecessary at least in my opinion.
    could of used the time elsewhere either way you did make sure no one died
    and that the t34 was dealt with.

  8. Holy crap, that sixth sense, I really want to watch this video. But holy
    fuck man.

  9. Dat sixth sense…. Zeven pls :P

  10. That new sixth sense noise is kind of annoying.

  11. I used to go to that spot where you were after the start but always seemed
    to end up trapped & usually dead. After a while I gave up on assault &
    encounter mode too.

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