T-55A goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Dukes The Lan Guy

    very honorabru

  2. very honorable

  3. “And look there, a full health T34 sat there the entire game”….hahaha

  4. i found this to be on of your most entertaining games good job and great

  5. GG foch, just like always. ;)

  6. the wasting of shells is really painful to watch but that ending makes up
    for it!
    wp and gg

  7. Great play Foch. Was entertaining :D

  8. Ferenczi László

    Most of the times, if I’m brave enough to go to the hill from the north,
    the enemy is always free to shoot my side from the middle. I would like
    that position, but stupid teammates are making it impossible to play there
    for me…

  9. 11 failed to pen, that’s 3.5k damage, enough to have killed those
    reamaining tanks and likely killing those enemies more quickly to save team
    mates. It’s why 201mm penetration for a tier 9 medium is just too low, of
    course the HEAT is absurd at 330 as well but it’s why I used it when you
    can’t even pen the side of a KV-5 turret. They should make this like 225
    pen with 268 APCR of the tier 10 mediums.

  10. I just dont get why foch is being “honourable” as a good player.

    He could have won the game if he just carried a decent amount of heat.
    Could have killed the kv5, the is3 and the kv4 sooo much faster and wasted
    a lot less shots.

  11. DeathInYourEyes1992

    You, sir, deserve a fucking medal.

  12. Man With No Name

    Awesome game with a fitting ending :)

  13. Hello ladies and mentalgend

  14. Isnt the eye for an eye medal only for killing each with a grenade and not
    ramming? Oh no wait its another useless thing so i guess its ok.

  15. TheMasterGamer21

    kv5 at the start is shrek confirmed

  16. Wow awesome replay, it’s been a while since i’ve seen as good of a replay
    as this one was :D

  17. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    I saw you in a game trying to get this replay! I was the T-10 and you sadly
    died early just like me, so a pretty arty doomed game;)

  18. Just thank your lucky stars you don’t play SEA everyone is red and the
    games are totally fucked with all the premiums floating around with noobs
    at the wheel

  19. honourable

  20. Aroused Squirrel

    “The fat swine”, I would happily have your children

  21. why don’t you ever use premium ammo? you probably would have won if you
    loaded more than 5 round of it :(

  22. “T55A is still pretty solid but not as solid as heat55A and heat54.”

  23. RonniePoleCasper


  24. I call the KV-5 Biggie Smalls because one tiddy is bigger than the other

  25. christina engseth

    omg awesome gameplay

  26. Thomas Lauridsen

    Sucks that you ran out of ammo

  27. very nice, all the ham.

  28. I know that Foch doesn’t really likes gold ammo but those 11 non-pen hits
    probably costed him the game, no ? Now if he carried more HEATs, he
    could’ve penned more shots in the first place which would have left him
    with more ammo for the end game. Because he definitely made the most out of
    this game and there was nothing that he could’ve done more with this ammo

  29. Damn, that team you were on. So many veggies.

  30. The best T 54 A game ever… Lol you faced 3 tanks at the same time ALONE,
    and you killed them all, Is that Any better t9 medium tanks in wot ?? As
    T54 or T 54A ..? … NO

  31. How about omething going bacon? I want some bacon :-(

  32. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I had no idea it was East German. Very nice.

  33. 0:28 would not be World of tanks Eu that we know and love if we did not
    start the match with a troll trying to bait people with a controversial
    political message. :)

  34. Is this the very first loss you have posted on youtube? Anyways, still an
    awesome game and thank you for not letting the clicker click another day.

  35. Foch, please show more replays where you end up in a close loss! Maybe even
    reviews of shitty teams. 🙂 This was a good watch.

  36. Sad that it has that low of a “conventional” (missing a few shots, HE etc)
    damage cap. It’s a terrible balancing feature.

  37. Such sad loss. Without missing so much, maybe a win would have been
    possible. RNG gives…and RNG takes(most of the time).

  38. Why not mid, gun dep? Is this tank op?

  39. Epic ending

  40. So much ham, is there any left?

  41. hmmm Very honorable!

  42. nice ending ;)

  43. Hey Foch, you didn’t get the T-22 yet?

  44. second

  45. First! Who cares?

    T-55A is an awesome tank! First tank of the personal mission which is
    really a reward tank. Not like the useless TDs before.

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