T-55A – Russian MAIN BATTLE TANK (War Thunder 1.69 Tank Gameplay)

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MAIN BATTLE TANK ( Tank Gameplay)


  1. Did he said ‘they saw my messing gun’ at 9.44

  2. when fly started saying yadadadada me:yep flys russian 100 percent proven

  3. who else stopped the video and used the search bar after the music ended

  4. has anyone play WOT….. i know the T55A was Russion but a German tank…..

  5. Nightblack Daywhite

    Please use T-34 IT was THE best tanks i World war 2

  6. That tank is really a t54/55 so its pretty specific. not the most produced because you cant lump it in with normal t54 at all. more like a t62 and gun is different. first 5 seconds even though im trashed that bias is so fucking strong. that german rocket is big as hell tho

  7. 4:31 look at left lower corner of game… is there something wrong?

  8. marsel dagistani

    Lets go and kill democracy and freedom

  9. phly can you make a tutorial how to play good in realistic battles ? thanks wkwkwk

  10. 60 year old tank……..still being used in Syria. Holy sheet.

  11. Flackernackle dude

    Really wish I didn’t have to grind through 3 T54’s to get to a stabilized Russian tank..

  12. Guaranteed 100% balanced, historically correct and competitive-ready model.

    Leave WT people, this game is just a scam.

  13. Billy von Werbenyeagermanjensen

    change your name to PholoDildo

  14. András Lőrincz

    T-55A is a german tank.


  16. Just call them HEAT and SABOT, when in hurry. Everybody understands those words, comrade )

  17. Joshua Burkhart

    That reaction at 8:00… priceless


  19. These tanks were used by ZSRR puppet countries like my country – Poland and also in Czech, Hungary, Belarus and many more countries of Warsaw Pact in cold war period.

  20. and this Rasputin on a intro

  21. dog say bark bark LOL

  22. Blyat

  23. best intros are made by phleee!!!

  24. The israelies converted those to APCs

  25. Nc tank Russia Uraaaaaa

  26. RIP Axis
    welcome allies XD

  27. Russian bias

  28. **New bias has been born** 🙂

  29. sturm bias phly stfuuu get triggred)))))))))))))))))))

  30. instant like for rasputin intro.

  31. He didnt hit the machine gun……

  32. m4 Sherman pls….the first version of sherman

  33. 13:50 how is the crew knocked out?? No shrapnel??

  34. Shadowsoul24 as Kai

    Can someone tell me what is the point of having the machine gun when there is no infantry?

  35. You should show us how to play the M41A1 (Japanese version)

  36. Phly when you are playing at the corner down at the left it does a bad effect

  37. The T-55A is used in North Korea to

  38. Something is wrong with that damage screen since the patch Phly.

  39. 3:40 in mid-summer, I hate my country ; . ; moving to Florida

  40. Why the fuck does the T-55A get APFSDS and the Chieftain Mk.35 doesn’t?

  41. I vote for PhlyDaily with T55A VS Slickbee with Leopard A1A1!!

  42. Rasputin I love this song

  43. Mark Jayson Aquino Miranda

    Phly Intro is best Intro!

  44. Song is stolen from 18th century Turkish song “Üsküdar’a gider iken”.
    Disgusting new age industrial music…

  45. we miss Toy soldiers

  46. Comrade Phyl.
    We of achieving some sikret missos.
    Yuo of need da T-55A stallinium tank.
    Flank around zhe Nazi & capitalist dogz, and kill the following targets:
    Heavy Tanks.
    Waken zhe enemy within! Gud luk Comrade, Russia Stronk!

  47. Phlydaily how do you get into top tier with low tiers?

  48. I love the begin music, RA RA RASPUTIN

  49. hey phly try out this new sound mod for top tier jets its just fucking great

  50. President Vladimir Putin

    This Tenk is still great, even tho Its old I USE it in Syria so I don’t have to use my stronker and modern tanks. ( that much)

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