T-62 NEW RUSSIAN TANK – Sexy Smoothbore (War Thunder T-54 Gameplay)

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NEW TANK – Sexy (War Thunder Gameplay)

Info – http://warthunder.com/en/news/4160-development-t-62-in-keeping-with-tradition-en/

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  1. If we’re gonna get to modern tanks, im just gonna pla armored warfare.
    Almost to the abram. ??

  2. It was also the 1st tank equipped with an autoloader out of factory. Older
    tanks from US had auto loaders but they were mods during cold war

  3. Not enough Russian bias, must give more!

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  5. I’m going to get rekt my name on war thunder is masterhater

  6. T-55AM2 HYPE

  7. Why not the T-55? or T-59?

  8. 7:10
    *One! Two! And Hes Out of Here!!!*

  9. As someone who is an avid German tank player I feel like Germany is lacking
    a good top tier tank because we just have the Maus witch is slow as hell
    and easily flanked/out reloaded and the leopard witch sure it has a good
    gun but it cannot take a hit what so ever but the Russians have the t-54
    that of witch is both good and manoeuvrable and great armour same with the
    t-10m it has the same as the t-54 except for the reload rate and gun were
    it can tank multiple shots and still keep going and it’s the same all the
    way down to the is-3 and t-54 1947 they are all good

  10. Everyone’s complaining about a new Russian top tier tank and I’m just
    sitting here waiting for Japan to get it’s full aircraft tech tree. Maybe
    one day…

  11. will they gonna put a new leopard in the next major update?

  12. Phly, can you do the challenge where you get a kill using your feet? Set
    your speed on your mouse and maybe change controls if you wana

  13. WT need more Tier V German Medium Tanks!!!

  14. Hey Phly, for change of pace do a trip to some cool war museum and do
    compare the legendary artifact there with gaming footage… it will be

  15. i actualy have a book about the Leopard 1 sitting next to me and they also
    talk about the amo it uses, one beeing the APDS the other beeing the APFSDS
    and it says

    105×617 DM13: (APDS)
    Penetration: 260mm at 1000 Meters
    Muzzle velocity: 1478 m/sec
    Velocity dropof: 100m/sec at 1000 meters

    105×617 DM13 APSDFS: (Fin Stabilized)
    Penetration: 360mm at 1000 Meters
    Muzzle velocity: 1450m/sec
    Velocity dropof: 44m/sec at 1000 Meters

    i can take pictures of it and upload it as proof if needed. the book is a
    german book called “Typenkompass KPz Leopard 1 1956-2003” by Rolf Hilmes
    from Motorbuchverlag

    high tier non rusian=X[

  17. the T62 has the long reload because it has a Shell ejection system which
    worked prety slow in reality and didnt work all to good, they had it
    implemented because the crew compartment and turet space was to small to
    have shells laying around int he compartment, and back then the 115mm
    shells where still made with a metal casing, the self combustable casing
    got implemented with the T64 since it had a fully automated loading
    mechannism and the amunition had to be split into 2 seperate parts

  18. El Canal De Spina

    Back to World of Tanks

  19. Oh cool, another reason not to play this game. Y’know, besides the fact
    that the CEO of Gaijin plainly told the community to report YouTube videos
    that showed bugs in WT, or had any opinion other than “Gud game yey.”

  20. anyone else get the cringy youtube music add?

  21. The Totalitarian Cheesecake

    before anyone complaint that the T62 will be too modern,
    the Leo 1a1 is a 1965 tank
    M60 – 1961
    Cheiftan – 1966
    T10m – 1953

    the russians kinda need this one to work at T10

  22. So America is at the top of its tank food chain and there isn’t much of
    anything besides the basted child prototype we did with Germany. Might get
    the M60A2 with its ATGM but that’s about it unless we get into the
    artillery guns but that’s doubtful at best

  23. Javier Vargas (CalcosPR)

    0:26 Lol, you must be joking. Like, reaaaally joking.

  24. When he says the russian faction is disadvantage when half of the time
    people ragequit war thunder due to russian or german tier 2-3-4 tanks

  25. Heinz prepare ze PzKpfw Viii Maus!! Russian bias is coming!!??

  26. what happened to world war 2, next thing you know people will be raging
    over a T-90 whilst an f-35 lightning flies over head. can’t they at least
    give us our classics, like the bristle bulldog and the sopwith pup.

  27. The standard T 62 cannot fire ATGM through the barrel. The T 62 M and the T
    62 K however had an external ATGM mounted to the turret, the same ATGM
    system as the IT 1 if I’m not mistaken

  28. soo war thunder is going to become new armored warfare

  29. Average Coffe Cup

    can’t wait to get anal raped by this tank

  30. Not worth the rage, piece of shit tank

  31. @PhlyDaily It will in fact be the first true smoothbore gun in the game as,
    IIRC, it’s the first gun in the game to fire what are called Submunitions,
    that is rounds that are smaller in caliber than the gun itself. That’s why
    it’s going to have APFSDS rounds. The sabot widens the shell out to the
    size of the barrel and creates a better seal. This imparts a substantially
    higher muzzle velocity than comparable rifled guns using the same amount of
    powder charge.

    The Rheinmetall l7 105mm rifled gun on the Leo and the license-built copy
    mounted to the M60s isn’t going to be as good, and the l11 on the Chieftain
    is probably going to be the closest thing to it. Expect the T-62 to utterly
    trash the competition in terms of gun performance.

    Personally, I’m expecting them to lower the BR on the T-54s as well. Not
    that the T-54 really needs it…

  32. How do i activate this binocular Mode like in 7:53 ?

  33. favreu fadel putra ramaditya

    will they add xm1 abrams

  34. I have a challange for you:
    Start a random battle and go in cockpit view and without HUD and get some

  35. they should add ww1 tanks in war thunder
    like if you agree

  36. You baron and slickbee all take out the rakjpz 2 for german

  37. What’s the scout button on tanks

  38. War thunder is eventually going to have a T90A!

  39. T-62 did not have ATGM, the first with missiles was T-64B from 1976

  40. war thunder should add the m60a2 starship and the m1 abrams

  41. 4:45
    Sorry Phly. Did I hear you say Russians and disadvantaged in the same
    sentence? That’s a joke right?

  42. ii think the war thunder is going in future tanks!

  43. Panzer IV G and the Duck for the Vaterland

  44. Bout time they insert T-62. If the British and Americans can have Cheiftan
    and M60 respectively, then there is no reason not to include T-62.

  45. Michael Satrio Wicaksono

    will the leopard 1a1 be added?

  46. M103’s cannon was smoothbore

  47. How to build custom hanger?

  48. Yeah. :(

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