T-62 TANK GAMEPLAY – APDSFS Smoothbore (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

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T-62 TANK GAMEPLAY – APDSFS Smoothbore (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

War Thunder 1.61 News – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/3203-dev-server-opening-with-update-161-road-to-glory/

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  1. What’s you intro song?!!!!

  2. Thất Bình Tôn

    chieftain 120mm <10s reload
    t62 115mm >15s reload
    both are not separate shell
    russian bias? BS

  3. war thunder is a hell of a drug

  4. Does any1 remember when the maus n leopard use to be OP n 2 of the best
    tanks in game n now their jus…… idk ordinary tanks

  5. how to x5 bonus???

  6. German TD

  7. HEAT is the way to go,it rarely bounces. We hardly ever used SABOT in the
    M60A1 and never HEP for tank to tank. Great video.

  8. does anyone know the title of the video he made where he’s playing tanks(i
    think american) and a Russian AA truck comes out of a corner and he pays
    the soviet national anthem. i cried laughing when i first saw it but i cant
    find it.

  9. Could you plz take out the F80, I almost have it unlocked and it is my
    first jet.. So if you could take it out and show us how to operate it that
    would be awesome!

  10. Do you record the Onward videos you do with devil?

  11. Not exactly phly, the smooth bore was used because sabots would spin
    uncontrollably and deviate of target once sabots’ diameter to length ratio
    went beyond a certain point. Hence they used smooth bores to allow firing
    of longer sabots that contained more KE and penetrated more.

    The more you know ===>>☆

  12. B-17

  13. Smooth bore can help with HEAT rounds as well; they don’t work as well when
    spinning; it deforms the plasma jet. Later gen. HEAT rounds were designed
    for rifled barrels by counter spinning the plasma stream, but earlier gen.
    rounds really needed barrels without rifling for the best performance.
    Nice tank though, thanks for the vid.
    – Eddy

  14. The first APDSFS round bounced because it has 119mm pen at 60 degrees and
    the T-54 you shot at has 120mm frontal armor, since it’s the first one.

  15. just thinking, now that the faction with the largest playerbase (russia)
    has an apds reliant tank, maybe solid shot will get a buff

  16. ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)

  17. at first i was pissed and thought it was going to be OP but it looks
    balanced so good job gaijin

  18. They gonna add Gepard and Leopard 1A1 too :3 It was leaked 3 weeks ago. :d
    Leo 1 with actual gun stabilizer could be fun to use. :D

  19. Unless they introduce late 70’s tanks we won’t have any T55/62/64/72
    variants with ATGM’s.
    I am hoping they fill out the line a bit more.
    T-44. T-55, T-55M, T-62. T-62M etc

  20. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    They should’ve added T-64. T-62 wasn’t that good…

  21. I don’t get why they are adding tanks from the 1960s. Wish the game was
    only limited to WW2 tanks. Hate it when I’m up against post war tanks that
    are +1 BR rating to my WW2 armour.

  22. thats why i dont play hightier… all up to 6.0 is ok anything better is
    just bs. same goes for planes

  23. New p47?

  24. Can you do something besides war thunder it’s getting old not trying to be
    mean just want to see something different please

  25. russia definetly needed new tanks ESPECIALLY ones that 1 shot E-100s and

  26. The ATGM on the T-62 wasn’t in service till 1981.

  27. The APDSFS shells seem like they are bugged, i played it on the test fire
    range and the stock apds shell couldnt even pen the tiger 2 front plate.
    They have it modeled to where it only pens something like 200 mm of armor
    instead of 300.

  28. can you do a video covering the new things in 1.61?

  29. how about a vlog with piper and bubba?

  30. guyz how cn I get golden eagles for free??? plz let me know

  31. Best tank what i have seen $$$$

  32. In my imagination why they use smove bord gun is because APFSDS is better
    to not spin
    they use their little fin to stable itself

  33. T-62 don’t have ATGM.Thank god.

  34. can you have a litle bit of fucking m5 a1 gameplay

  35. The T-62 never had ATGMs. They were introduced in the T-64

  36. Not even Op…

  37. TomTom Nicht Navi

    Yey, another post-WW2 tank we don’t need. I hope they stop adding these
    things or at least, make a own class, it sucks to drive against it in WW2

  38. Currently OutOfBusiness/Alone

    really 6AM phly?

  39. Currently OutOfBusiness/Alone

    phly i love the intro song can i get a link pls

  40. Forgot to research Adjustment of Fire?..

  41. Dark Angel Gaming

    Your game didn’t crash… It was bias… bias did it…. they are showing
    their colors!

  42. Viesturs Stašāns

    my father was driving an old T-62 and the conditions in tank were very

  43. Best tank in the game along with the t10m and all the t54s

  44. In real life APFSDS has flat trajectory so you could aim without elevation
    input at 600-700 m .
    I hope M60a1 will have APFSDS in the future . M68 gun could fire APFSDS

  45. Ariq Amsyar Azizul Azmi

    Play the new canadian tank or the M60A1

  46. Review the m60a1, its so fckn hot <3

  47. Wow phly uses Xsplit too I use it on my videos

  48. T34-57-mod 43 and any tier 3 attacker of your choice why because you will
    be playing as a member of the 100 amored division which mision was to
    destroy tigers and panthers so do that, the free choice is because they
    used at least 5types of attack planes so I let you pick the one you want to
    use sorry if my english is not very good I am from Spain

  49. B-but… the Interwebz says that this entered service in 1961.

    Wasn’t War Thunder on supposed to go up to the early-to-mid-50’s?
    If Russia gets this thing, then I demand my English Electric Lightning.

  50. why is the maus even in the game…that thing is complete shit

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