T-64B GAMEPLAY: When BIAS Is Not BIAS Enough ))) (War Thunder 1.77 Update)

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T-64B GAMEPLAY: When BIAS Is Not BIAS Enough ))) (War Thunder 1.77 Update)

Thumbnail CREDIT – https://live.warthunder.com//711700/en/


  1. The Russian Bias hasn’t ended yet, top sekrit paper plane has been being tested and will be introduced in update 1.77)))))))))))

  2. AgentMooseMan 007

    Russian bias confirmed the Russian T64B also doubles as a transformer and can become the box plane

  3. New Leo next please 🙂

  4. Hey phly, last game with the Abrams its looked like your shot hit right under the gun breach and just above the top armor and hit ammo. Pretty lit if you ask me

  5. Does he do plane gameplay anymore????

  6. I called it before this fuckin video. I said in a lesser channel where the Abram’s uproar was happening that everybody who believes the Abram will be better will waste ALOT of time, money possibly on getting an inferior tank. They all scoffed at me. 650mm of pen, 480mm upper plate, a quicker gun, a lower profile vehicle and along with that, stupid slopes and angles contrary to the boxy Abram’s. I’m so glad I always choose Russia. Then again, by the time I get the tank, it’ll be either nerfed to shit, or there will be higher battle rating tanks which it must compete with. Currently just need to finish the T-64A grind, and then the bigger boy awaits

  7. lol plane bug body

  8. Bug should be deleted:
    NATO tanks can kill a T64

  9. I think what alot of people don’t realise is that the Abram’s you all glorify is not the model of Abram’s that’s all die hard mode. In all honesty, even historically, the original model 1 Abram’s wasn’t superior to its counterparts like the T-72, T-64BM, T-80 etc.

  10. The russian tanks are so biased in this game especially with their bullshit armor and negligent bullet drop when in reality t-64 and later are fucking trash and abrams rips through them like butter. This is coming from experience being in an abrams crew and knowing many people who have destroyed all types of russian tanks even t-90’s. Leo’s and abrams also have very little bullet drop even at a mile or two so the reticles definitely shouldnt be have more disparity than russian tanks since in reality they are going faster.

  11. All the crybabies in the comments …it’s glorious

  12. where is leopard vid

  13. T-64Bias

  14. Are you 27 years old Phly?

  15. Alexander kjellberg

    Didnt this thing get rekt by abrams in the gulf war? Or what am i missing

  16. WT > WoT

    You get to go from WWI to modern day, WoT can only wish that.

  17. GUYS! M833 has been found in the files! It has 475mm of pen. I am happy.

  18. mujtaba Sarfaraz

    *PHLY IS 27*

  19. Russian got “Jumbo”, how does it feel fighting the “Jumbo” american tanker ?

  20. Doesnt matter it itf one shot kill or 2 or more because with no reverse speed u cant retreat anyway… not like western tanks. Same reason makes smoke grenades useless. Only way out is forward…

  21. LOL look at all the cry baby’s


  23. I’m too drunk to be drunk. Like if you drink to drank in a tank

  24. Leopard 2k pleeeeeeeze!

  25. When does this come out on ps4

  26. Only in war thunder where soviet tanks can penetrate western chobham armour while western tanks can’t penetrate soviet made tanks that been destroyed by the Israeli during the seven day wars and by the allies during the desert storm

  27. “Muh Abrams armor”

  28. The sounds of the rounds bouncing and fly past are amazing

  29. The thing is, NATO tanks were built to shred russian cold war Russian tanks. Hence why gaijin doesn’t include the correct shell types or armour packages, they only do the bog standard model. Russian bias? Maybe. NATO nerf, definitely and unfortunately. Wish they’d keep the vehicles historically accurate and instead balance team numbers and rp/lions gained

  30. poor abram

  31. How on earth are you from 1991? Fuckimg hell dude you are 6 years older then me and you look like you could be my dad.

  32. PHLY



  33. Russian bias at it’s finest.

  34. stop iverhyping the m1 abrahams

  35. KTG aerial movies

    Upon closer inspection, you will see that the center of the upper plate does not have the full thickness of the armour in order to house the driver, making it a rather easy shot when encountering one 🙂

  36. Phly go with USSR 5.3 Combo: SU-85M & Su-6 (M-71F). Attempt #14

  37. パンツi luv 白


  38. Sad thing is I’ll never get to play as any of these tanks because it takes too long to research.

  39. Not outright calling the T-64 complete bias is absolute bullshit.
    Challenger got an APDS round it never had because the rounds it should have gotten would have penetrated the T-64 too easily.

  40. Flip_ Fluitketel

    Still better than the challenger.

  41. Give it two months and “oh sorry we accidentally put too much armor on the T-64B”

  42. Dev server is closed because of those T-64B, M1, Challenger 1, and other new vehicles performance in game.

  43. please play Challenger next

  44. Good day tank daily

  45. Phly, the t-64B you killed in the Abrams video was killed by a shot in the upper middle of the front plate, and if you look behind the first plate, the rest is U-shaped to make space for the optics. That could be another weak spot.

  46. not the T64 Bravo tho
    It’s T64Bias

  47. woh phly…you the same age as me…feb baby?

  48. how to open xray view in game?

  49. For people who are butthurt over the bias:
    This is a dev server. Changes are bound to be made. The very reason they have testers is to TEST the game, and report any balancing issues. My guess is that they thought the weak points in the armour would cancel out the amazing gun on the T-64B, but they were proved wrong – a fact that will no doubt lead to balancing changes.

  50. Russell Fernandez

    Attempt #1
    A-20G Havoc

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