T-72 & BMP-2 COMBINED | T-72 Moderna 30mm Auto Cannon

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  1. Banks fever is gone! Thanks for all the kind brrts and thoughts! LOVE YALL

  2. So now i am waiting for Polish PT-91 Twardy

  3. My GF has dubbed your child “Phly baby”

  4. that song was playing in my playlist just now XD

  5. 18:23-18:56 that’s why I prefer to sell high br vehicles from events and buy some low br tonks 🙂

  6. Time to reverse out of here. . .
    *Beep* – *Beep* – *Beep* – *Beep* – *Beep*

  7. 9:07 Tis but a scratch

  8. could you make a video on how to use the A-10s GBU 8s? I’m wanting to get into learning the weapon system

  9. Hey Phly! Why have you never used the commander’s sight?

  10. Anyone else having performance issues ever since the release of the “wind of change” update? i keep getting MASSIVE memoryleak/game engine based lag unrelated to my ping, packetloss or fps after playing about 2 games without restarting the game, it’s made the game frankly unplayable.

  11. top tier Japanese tank combo with maybe the t-1 or t-2? would be dope (day 1)


  13. Day 48: play with any captured tank (E.g. Panther in Russian tech tree or Sherman in Japanese tree) and play as an impostor in the enemy team

  14. Fun fact, there’s one prototype that literally combines the T-72 chassis with the BMP-2M turret, later renamed BMP-T with a new turret design.

  15. Can you play as the Japanese Battleship IJN Kongo

  16. Dat muzic sound like from Homeworld…..

  17. What was the song playing when you were at the A point on Aral Sea?

  18. What was that song called at 8:10?

  19. The Sriker now has APS. I know you like the vehicle.

  20. This tank ruined soviet top tier, swarms of noobs driving around in T72M2 and turms, quit immediately after they feed enemy team SP.

  21. =TRTS= joepappa is fvckn pos radar and aimbotcheating bstrd

  22. 12:20 what is this music?

  23. _ K _ O _ S _ A _ T _ K _ A _ another 100% cheating pos in this game discovered 100% prooved in replay again gay-jiin is a fckn cheater loving russian corp

  24. my country SLOVAK erb 🙂 i love your vids 🙂

  25. Alauddin Alobahji

    Choppers are the cancer of the game . Adding them fucked the game to oblivion

  26. I felt the helicopter pain moments on a spiritual level

  27. I hope i can buy pc and play this game soon

  28. AGM’s really haven’t been working lately…

  29. Is that Slovakian flag?

  30. damn your tank just doesnt die

  31. Kenny Krogh-Ehlers

    I got to ask… Why the music? It removes a lot of the ingame sounds, like enemy engines, so when you say “Oh I hear him” then you are the only one…

  32. It just eats up shots

  33. Yep typical noskilled tanker has to use a chopper off the tank map to get kills muhahahah noskills

  34. Track id plz at 13 min ?

  35. Can we have more Combo videos plzzz

  36. GAIJIN’s RUSSIAN FING BIAS! HERE”S PROOF! GAAAH!!!!!! (00:09:18 – 00:09:28 PhlyDaily)

  37. Animesh Kanti Biswas

    Concern about ammo rack ?
    Say no more *takes only 5 rounds*

  38. Where can I get the Tigor I NEED HIM

  39. Phly, I know a secret of yours.. give me 300GJN coin or real the consequences.

  40. بلبل رايد مشاكل

    He is copying dollar

  41. Day-6 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

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