T-72B3, T-72B (1989), T-72A, T-72B, T-80U, T-80B, T-64B, T-64A (1964)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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T-72B3, T-72B (199), T-72A, T-72B, T-80U, T-80B, T-64B, T-64A (1964) ( )


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  2. Now, it could just be me, but has anyone else noticed Phly’s graphics settings recently? the tanks themselves seem to be perfectly fine. but everything else is blurry and muddy. it’s only when he stands still for a few seconds do the textures start popping in. Considering he has a FE 2080Ti, i9-9820X, 32GB 3200 Trident Z and a 970 2TB EVO. This doesn’t seem right. As my game looks *significantly* better than his, and i’m running WT on a EVGA-SC-1070, i7-7700k, 16GB 3200 Corsair Vengeance and a 500GB 860 Evo.

  3. Phly: Comunism is the best!
    Whole US country: *Points finger* Yes, right there officer.

  4. Be prepared for the Challenger to receive a nerf because Gaijins statistics show it doing well, since Brit players will sit at the back waiting for Russia to over extend then get a few kills before being over run or bombed.

  5. Time to call facebook to buy War thunder

  6. Lol russian bias just imagin if they added all the abrams prototypes

  7. Da comrade very cheeki breeki no gulag for you today.

  8. Communist Blitzkrieg

  9. I wonder how long your queue times are. Do you have to wait like 5 min for a match on top tier?

  10. Phly is endorsing T series in the ending 😧

  11. Russian bias :/

  12. Malaysian Nationalist

    where PT-91 Twardy… a modernized polish T-72 >:((

  13. Aw the guitar play at 14:15 was awesome.

  14. Before long time ago phly said
    “To play russian you gotta be relaxe ”
    Now thing has change

    Edit : when against USA

  15. 😃sounds fun.

  16. I’m still waiting for the T90 to get implemented

  17. [18:58] when the shell leaves the rear of the turret it yells “WHOOHOO” in a very high pitch noise. Love that. Phly, DO MORE THINGS LIKE THAT IN UR VIDS!

  18. My leo 2a5 win rate has dropped to negative recently.

  19. Not gonna lie the rock thing is funny

  20. Watching that t80’ask for repair so many times and get ignored hurt to watch

  21. I expect master of russian bias video 🙄 with Putin memes, riding the bear with balalajka sound, instead of this i got ….🤷🏼‍♂️really? No memes?

  22. Драгунов999

    If you play in war thunder, you are a good boy

  23. Me when i am the only german: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT IS THIS SERVER

  24. There was an era of the Abrams/XM1 plague…

    That era has ended…


  26. Suraditfcf Pengsaeng

    *Soviet Red alert.mp3

  27. Communism is the best thing. Says the guy, who lives in USA. Nice.

  28. In my experience, you win by throwing ikea furniture at them. Very few survive that.

  29. The shell ejecting was the best darn thing I’ve seen today

  30. “Volumetric my left nut” had me f rolling on the floor 😂 imma use that thanks phlee

  31. I see what you did there. But why in lower case and unnecessarily stating a singular letter, Mr. 1010000 1101000?

    edited bcs of typo

  32. 3:34 , i can’t believe you just left him alone and didn’t help for repair ….
    there is a message pop up and told you someone you can help , how can you keep ignore … 🙁

  33. For that i Blame the damn community that keeps paying gaijin for a game that’s unbalance like war thunder and then wonders why they keep adding OP premuim vehicles

  34. “Volumetric my left nut” ~ i died =D

  35. 14:14 i need more of this music

  36. But you forgot about the ninth reason Russia is dominating top-tier BIAS

  37. Just an update about the T26E1 Super Pershing video where Phly was looking at the added armour and wondered what parts came off the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther tanks. I can confirm after watching The Chieftan’s video that, only the gun mantlet of the Super Pershing was made from re-used Panther plates and that the extra hull armour was the first addition to the T26, with the “ears” being added most likely to help stabilize the turret’s center of gravity after all the extra weight added onto the front of it.

  38. According to WT there should have been no way for the Soviets to lose the Cold War, and yet here we are lol.

  39. spartan with a cowboy hat

    You should try an early t34 linup (1940, 1941, 1942)


  41. Russian Factory presidente: Comarad how many tanks you wanna?
    Putin: Yes!!!!

  42. Russian Zerg Rush LOL

  43. How many russian high tier MBTs there is? -Yes.

  44. Taking my lunch break rn watching this good work man keep it up 🙂

  45. Nobody:
    Me: how did those tanks teleport to Berlin 1945? Did they make a time machine?

  46. i-i-is that? could it be? Has NATO made it to war thunder? have my eyes deceived me?

  47. soo, I dont have any of the Russian tanks, but i added together all the repair costs for them, and it totals out at 33250 SL so iguess at max 40k when fully researched.
    my Sweden lineup is 67374 to fully rep. and thats only 6 vics. vs 8. thats stupid, why must it be so expensive to play this game. also the strv alone is 20k witch is the same as 3 of the best Russian tanks.

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