T-832 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The T-832 is a “Terminator” colab in of Tanks smashing in as a T8 American premium heavy! Here's everything you need to know!



0:00 T-832 Tank Review
0:42 Terminator References
2:08 The
6:26 Crew Skills
7:31 Equipment
8:15 Field Mods
9:28 Game 1
16:02 Game 2
26:21 Conclusion
28:19 Terminator Twitch Drops


  1. Number 5 yayyy

  2. Little detail you missed, minigun on the top is a reference to the one used by Arnold in Terminator 2.

  3. Do NOT buy this piece of kako – let us clearly show WG that we do NOT accept this new, greedy and at the same time lazy approach to marathons. The tank should be (at least theoretically) obtainable without gold (like it used to be in the previous marathons). Yes, I know they call it “Battle Pass” – but we all know what it is all about.

  4. Such a lame and weak tank. Shame on you, moneygaming…

  5. I been waiting for hours

  6. looks like WG wants to dig in to ppls gold resources once again after the christmas event

  7. Just picked this up, and people must be having some insane games, because 1300 base with 3500dmg doesn’t get you more than 50% above people for marking and only a class 2 badge

    • Well new tanks always have extremely high Ace stats for few weeks after release, because the best players get their hands on them at first

  8. More silly gimmicks.

    • There is nothing gimmicky about this tank mate, just a tank that has a single shot gun without any rocket booster mechanics or turbo modes/hydropneumatic suspensions

  9. I thought this was a tank with the machine gun mechanic from “The future of World of Tanks” video.

  10. ⭕️Sexually Active

    *6:35:23** Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many hours and effort he put on the vids!?*
    *It’s incredible, and I think they deserve much more than that!*

  11. Syahareen Sha Rani

    So basically is a slow reload T32 with a better gun handling and great at sniping ….

  12. that was quick

  13. T-832 vs. BZ-176 … something goes definetly wrong … what the heck are these people consuming?

  14. This is what premium tanks should’ve been all the time.

  15. Already seen one in the field – some lazy bugger who decided to fork out 16k gold instead of working for it. Spoiler: it didn’t dominate the battle 😉

  16. fuck vents
    turbo hardening rammer is the way to go

  17. Love QB! The best salesman of WOT.

  18. time forgotten prince

    In other words, the T832 is a T32 that traded Rate of Fire for the ability to 360 quick scope

    • Good trade TBH, 1 round a minute less is pretty much equal if T32 misses one due to worse accuracy and handling. Reliable damage > theoretically higher damage. Too bad this tank costs half a normal premium tank yet you have to grind it like a marathon.

    • @Tomasz Kowalczyk very true, it also allows you to run the turbo instead of vert stabs making you get to positions faster
      maybe even a durability module would work well

  19. Reality Dysfunction

    No Arnie means I’m not going to bother with this. The voice lines are a bit lame.

  20. It is not only you’ll get this tank for 3500 gold…but also a numbers of prem days and money, correct?

  21. t32 dpm better

  22. Wargaming should consider making wot subscription model….and stop these fccking marathons….people should be able to have and life and play a game

  23. Joe vanrey B. Bacuyag

    What’s next will WG do a Rambo tank.

  24. Not worth

  25. Custom crew terminator sounds more like Liberty Prime.

  26. I used to play in NA under “invalid_attack” I’d. Free to play player with 300-500ms ping rate. Killed 12 tanks once

  27. Imagine if you could fire the minigun

  28. Kinda funny that there is people that spent 16000 gold to get this mediocre tank when you can get it for 3500 and just a bit of playing lol.

  29. only 4kish gold?

  30. Can anyone tell me How QB asked that Borrasque for help at 12:21? What clicks and commands?

  31. WG gives u worse T32 and asks 3500 gold for it xDD The game reached its peak for sure…

  32. I like the Guns N Roses nod to the band they did after all do most of the music for the movie.

  33. Or just any better tier 8 american prem tank, if you have mutant (m6a2), renegade, patriot or even a M-IV-Y

  34. Only thing I can say is the iron Arnie is toxic

  35. “Iron Arnie came out” is doing a lot of work. Only if you burnt money on Xmas boxes. It’s not like people could buy it directly.

  36. Wish they would do everything on PC and add it too console

  37. Type 00R Takemikazuchi

    Death to Shittybaby

  38. Better maps and mechanics and console people losing interest and world of tanks on console we definitely need to update like the PC

  39. This is how premiums should be, T32 that trades dpm for gun handling. Not just flat out better than the tech tree variant.

  40. Poor T69 completely out dated tank of the game.

  41. The Arnie voice is so bad that I won’t get the tank.

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