T-90A | IF SATAN WAS A TANK (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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T-90A | IF SATAN WAS A TANK (War Thunder)


  1. Is this gray or green
    Answear: or

  2. Who cares what colour it is……..can it kill shit…..?

  3. It looks green but if you didn’t say does it look grey or green I would have said grey.

  4. Vanitioni likes men

    It’s blue

  5. Weird side note but does anyone think that war thunder should make tank AB and RB without planes but then add their own kind of mixed game. Like basically have it so boats are in like an ocean and the tanks objectives are far enough from the boats that they don’t get rekt. But, planes can also fly the sky.

    Basically bigger maps with more players and more mixed than normal tank RB.

  6. Hi phly would you play the F3H-2 Demon at 9.3?. With the 3,000 pound bomb

  7. “Is this grey or green ?”
    You don’t get it Phly, it’s greyn !

  8. Colorshifting paint.

  9. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 116 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  10. T-90 stronk tenk.
    That gun is insane.

  11. I learn more from your vids then going to any forum, or reading wiki.
    02:52 👍🏻
    and it’s greyish-green lol

  12. invaso dallo spirito oscuro

    Abrams is obsolete now😅

  13. 11:02 Poor 2A4

  14. Phly… that’s a sick way to get comments….. Its fkn blue!

  15. Maybe its our monitors settings?

  16. Т-90 is the best tank just because of its camo because it looks like a dead tank

  17. Dear Phly, can you please stop with the shouting In your videos? It wakes up my girlfriend when we’re havng sex. Thanks in advance

  18. I have a question : How can I CANCEL spawning a Plane in Arcade ?? I died a bunch of times because they enemy was closing in on me and I already clicked 7 8 9 to spawn a plane

  19. Hi will he respond???

  20. Other people: is the dress X colour or Y colour

  21. It’s Greyn

  22. The Ruskies always push the performance of there own vehicles….

  23. I see another cursed tank picture again I should definitely go to sleep

  24. Im getting this strange BUG it says Life Time ( name of the tank ) and I can’t do anything I cant see my tank its like Im stuck on some kind of camera mode I cant even quit the game or anything I have to shut it down from task manager

  25. Gabriel Marvi Polinga

    3 months later
    ‘2000 players used to play this tank’

  26. Broo the Mig 21!!

  27. It’s always fun when you’re working the God-Mode stuff and mopping the floor with the other team. the Leopard2A6 and T-90 are an instance of taking something that’s already OP for it’s BR and making it more so…

  28. i dreamed once the t90 on the tumbnail omg this is crazy

  29. bringing vehicles back to the spawn to allow them another spawn would be kinda funny :S

  30. Looks like a crustacean without a shell when the condition is all the way down lol

  31. Both the T-72B3 and T-80U are better tanks lmao

  32. The T90A is Dark Olive Green! Change my mind

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  35. As a colorblind person, I would say this is a nice color for a tank

  36. Mixed between grey and dark green *FIXED* thank me later XD

  37. Looks like a rotting crab

  38. Alaskamasta Unknown

    Hey you should play with Niccaman

  39. 苏德组队英美还玩泥马

  40. Green, I don’t see a problem?

  41. when you put the camo condition to 0 the T-90 looks like a stale potato chip.

  42. Its black, Kappa

  43. Its very low saturation green

  44. The blue grey color of the US army’s old digital camo was called Foliage Green… Just saying

  45. Seth Solomon [Student]

    At this point, this vid isn’t even about the t-90, it’s about towing allied corpses around the map to use a shields

  46. Grey…green…just call it “gay”

  47. nobody:

    Queens in chess: 3:33

  48. whatsup with the thumbnails lately??

  49. I literally was like “oh come on, that’s green” then within seconds I was like “huh… maybe it is gray” lol. That color is quite muddled, it really could be green or gray depending on the eye looking and the lighting.

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