T-90A Main BATTLE TANK & MI-35 Chopper Support (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

ϟ -Want GE?
T-90A Main BATTLE TANK & MI-35 Chopper Support (War Tanks Gameplay)

April Fools LIST

2A5: Shield of the West – https://warthunder.com/en/news/46-development--2a5-shield-of-the-west-en/
GM-64: Rotary-Wing Chieftain – http://warthunder.com/en/news/44/current/
Vladimir T-90A: The Armored Predator – https://warthunder.com/en/news/45-development-vladimir-t-90a-the-armored-predator-en/
Mi-35: the Russian Hind – http://warthunder.com/en/news/43-development-mi-35-the-russian-hind-en/


  1. Holy fuck halfway through this video the new anabelle movie commercial showed

  2. The weakest point in the t90 is the bottom right

  3. Binh-Minh Nguyen

    Hey phly can u play the leopard and the chopper on vr? Like so he can see this!!!

  4. Hey for a combo you should do the Pershing with f7f-1 tiger cat

  5. I don’t want a modern war thunder it would ruin the WW2 part of warthunder not many people would play the WW2 one.

  6. (challenge) use the kv-2 and hide or camoflage with bush and sneak to enemies

  7. cool shit

  8. Legend says if you cum early your GF will leave you.

  9. I think the oldest tank with smoke is the Panzer IV

  10. The map reminds me of Syria jobar actually

  11. phly try to do the bush challenge with the smallest tank srry couldnt remember name

  12. looks damn cool. i found out while i was in afghanistan that the HIND-D couldnt fly NOE and that in the 80’s there was bullet broof glass but it had to be flat. the bubble canopies on the HIND-D were NOT bulletproof. that is how the mujahadin were able to knock so many down. that and the help from the CIA and stingers.

  13. what did he say his name was?

  14. T 90A Russian bias?

  15. “Got the loader”. Sounds about right.

  16. The first map; you can camp in the bottom right corner. Found that out from someone shooting at me from there.

  17. This feels like a beter version of armor warfare……Why must this be an april fools? i want this to stay! 🙁

  18. Oh wait Phly. You CAN cap with the heli, you just can’t land, you have to hover over the cap circle.

  19. I hope if thay add modern tanks thay find a way to make realistic sabot shells

  20. Kenneth Fenris Lund

    Gayjin seriously need to get their shit together, now mid war ww2 vehicles are fighting cold war vehicles, and now this bullshit, ofc dont spend time and resources and fix and improve a game thats supposed to be a ww2 game oh no…and ppl still think gayjin only has the hots for money and trying to make “russia glorious” hahaha….

  21. they should add the british challenger 2

  22. Warthunders sounds are fkin bogus.. if this game sounded better it would improve it %50 easy. ALSO go to options, helicopter controls. and turn off mouse flight or aim flight

  23. What’s up sweet cheeks! Lol, sorry i had to! Love the video as always phly!

  24. Karolis Zebrauskas

    im waiting for helis ._.

  25. Viperx40 Viperx40

    they should make a premium of the Leopard 2A6M if I am correct it has a 210mm cannot used by Canada

  26. The Germans are advancing, you must push them back. Take out the T-34 1941 and the Kv-1 L-11. Don’t not let Fritz reach the motherland attempt #1

  27. wtf gaijin

  28. plz cap a zone with helicopter it work I played the game

  29. are all these going to be premium,because i cant imagine how many rp these things will take to grind,consideing how much top tier rp costs are now

  30. I wish this wasn’t just for April fools.

  31. son mods o como le hace par conseguir tanques, aviones y helicopteros modernos si se supone que es un juego de la segunda guerra mundial y guerra fria ??????

  32. Lamberjack Dude??

    Does anyone knows how the things he shot through the rear of his tank named? And how to bind it in war thunder?

  33. I still dont realize how tthe fuck to fly this fucking helicopters >:/ XD

  34. Playing helicopters on PS4 is too hard if they are going to implement them in to the game they need to improve the controls . Please get phly to see this !!!

  35. “Pull out game way strong”

  36. Phly, You should had named this “Syria War – Death of Russian T-90 Tank with GoPro in Heavy Urban clashes HD”

  37. LVTA1 and PBY-5,Giant Amphibious Vehicle:)

  38. Do you still take favorite tank/plane suggestions

  39. Vojtěch Ratajský

    i have a challenge phly: play rb. Make a flat spin however u want to and kill a plane behind u(technicaly even while landing)

  40. pay2win

  41. damit phy daily why you kill me

  42. già can i use the sole?

  43. how can i use the smoke?

  44. When that Leo whips its turret around at 40 degrees per second and Phly gets scared shitless ?. MY RELOAD!

  45. Now imagine this with soldiers on the ground fighting and building to building firefights.

  46. phly am i not good at war thunder? I compared with leo and t90, but t90 was sucks and leo was awesome.

  47. I think the German side is way better, the Leopardo M2A5 is grat

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