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ConeOfArc VID!


  1. *For the history and finding of the tank check out ConeOfArc vid!* – https://youtu.be/DgZo_Ac00jc
    ALSO download the mod – https://live.warthunder.com/post/923771/en/

  2. Need someone to make the ball tank the Germans made for Phy to play.

  3. speaking of custom missions, ACE THUNDER ZERO just releaced

  4. BB-8s Soviet Cousin, BlyatBlyat-восемь

  5. The video sounded really cool, I never opened my eyes back up cause he never told me to

  6. The Panzercycle

  7. Am I allowed to open my eyes now?

  8. All the italians that died in world war 2….from both sides.

    australians: alright mate.

  10. U should play the french leclerc with the jaguar A jet funnnn time

  11. Imagine having this and still losing WW2.

  12. Phly play Ace Thunder Zero a mod that turns War Thunder into Ace Combat Zero

  13. It’s good to know that my Grandfather likely contributed to that memorial.

  14. am i the only one who hates the anti-climb update

  15. The TONK strikes again!

  16. Okay. I swear to freakin’ God! I saw a renditioned model of that thing as a sign in front of the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, Virginia! That is so freakin’ weird! And such a coincidence!

  17. Йцукен Сын

    Because the tonk is real it must be added to Italian tree

  18. The TONK is an memorial for Italy’s World war 2 soldiers

  19. You will delive a pizza

  20. Its in the front of mondo sport saviano Italy

  21. Lloyd Martelle Zaldua

    🙂 *T O N K*

  22. Lloyd Martelle Zaldua

    this is what i cal a…. *STRONG T O N K*

  23. I want to see this go up against the bob semple tank

  24. Tha 2 wheel motorcycle with tha gun

  25. Malaysian Nationalist

    is it me or it reminds me of that children show that I watched called “Jungle Junction” and theres this pig with two wheels…

  26. Gee phly you watch cone of arc

  27. I can’t find it is it an early access thing or something i guess

  28. I get why people think BF5 is a disappointment but I reckon it’s fun

  29. Phly in video : DONT LOOK ITS A SUPRISE.
    Also Phly: lemme just put it in the thumbnail

  30. Take the tonka out into battle

  31. still no Ace Thunder mod video..?

  32. April fool’s Moon battle where everyone’s driving tonks on the moon

  33. Watch my video on finding the Tonk

  34. Well done TONK ehehehhehehehe

  35. if you get the tonk you get stonks

  36. waiting for kv1 with man hull to come out as user mission

  37. 9:26 those guys are waiving for help. they are stuck in chair

  38. how did you make your own tank?

  39. Phly when will you do an account giveaway :/

  40. Tell whatever DEVS of WT you know to fix this game since the Update Russian vehicles have become a complete cancer and way 2 overpowered now with volumetric shells. The matchmaking has more russian vehicles in queue than all the other nations combined. That clearly shows the game is Broken AF on the russian side.
    Historically Russian vehicles were some of the worst of the war just they had 1000s to send to slaughter. Militarily throw enough steel at a wall some will eventually brake through..and that was the russian tanks.

  41. How long have you had that myspace link for?

  42. “Hey Phly are you ready to go to the mall? Oh! I see you’re playing with your little tonk again” ☺

  43. Who really closed there eyes lol

  44. Well this thing has an AA and an ATGM variant too.
    So more Italian memes.

  45. Physics: “Am I a joke to you?”

  46. DO ME AT TOP TIER :^

  47. The Maus is big, the Tonk is small, now, they shall crush them all.

  48. I have no words *-*

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