T-V TANK – RUSSIAN CAPTURED PANTHER! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. HERRI!

  2. gamneplay :D

  3. TIS ME!

  4. Oh no!!!!

  5. gamneplane derp hype!!!!!1!

  6. THATS not a TV… that’s a f*cking tank


  8. phly, thanks for all the good videos, the jokes, the epic moments and oh my
    lanta you deserve a medal. Happy Chrismes dude!

  9. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Who’s watching this in DECEMBER

  10. Dank LegoBrick (DankLegoBrick)

    Greetings from Denmark

  11. Merry Christmas Phly

  12. “Gamneplay” nice title kek

  13. you too

  14. merry Christmas phly have a good one :)

  15. Americans should get captured king tiger or super Pershing

  16. Baby phly Jr.!!!

  17. So when are you going to put a pair of tits on your tank

  18. House tour pls good luck with the move Phly

  19. Gaijin should create the Zimbabwean tech tree with full of captured

  20. So, uh, why does the Russian Panther A have a 5.7 BR and the German Panther
    A have a 6.0 BR? -.-

  21. Have you thought about names yet..? ;)

  22. Hugo Fernandez Zapico

    Merry Christmas Phlydaily

  23. PHLYYY it is my birthday :D

  24. Merry Christmas Phly!

  25. PLAY THE Tiii – seriously ive never seen someone use it and only noticed it
    like 2 months ago

  26. oy phly you cheeky scrub ‘ave a decent Christmas m80, drink lots of the
    ‘ome brew tea, and enjoy yourself a bit too much 😀
    keep da great work up!
    have good christmas comrade, da!

  27. lol phly you killed that kobra guy by pulling him upside down underwater.
    he drowned. XD

  28. hey phly, merry christmas. btw you don’t need to put your titles in all
    caps :P

  29. Hey Phly, when is you brithday, there is a 30 in 1 chance that i have my
    birthday on the same day

  30. Merry Christmas and happy birthday

  31. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  32. Happy Holidays Phly!

  33. 7th of January is Christmas for us OCs.

  34. That’s what the Nazis get for stealing there KV-1s. Lol

  35. Is PHG, Power House Gaming??? now that you said, I’ve been wondering :)

  36. how do you get these?

  37. 11:23 that’s what she said

  38. 10/10 get killed by your own team in sim battles

  39. It was my b-day last Friday

  40. Merry Christmas Phly!!!!!

  41. in the first battle u was with the MiG 9 in line-up right ? :))

  42. Will you guys be making videos together again like you used too? I love
    when you guys play together!!

  43. So Germans stole churrchills, m4s and KV-1s!

  44. so basically phly
    u need your privacy to get to work on the baby making bizznizz
    huehuehue :D

  45. Merry Christmas Phly!

  46. How do you get these tanks?

  47. Merry Christmas Phly , thanks for sharing the story too ,hope you have a
    great holiday ,and I hope the new chapter in your life will be filled with
    joy! Thanks

  48. ‘Tis the season,
    To be honourable,
    Merry Christmas,
    You crazy bastard?

  49. how many gold eagles does this cost

  50. grannyragequit survival

    merry Xmas phly!

  51. Phly are you pregnant??????

  52. Phly pls play this tank in sim and see if u get team killed

  53. phly do a video using this tank in sim battle so you can do what you said

  54. Merry Chrismtmas Steve !

  55. Don’t the Russians already have enough premium vehicles?

  56. ohhh Steve 😉 New home new ….. xD

  57. FFS enough with these captured prems…

  58. next update: russian m60

  59. Congrats Phly!

  60. That little story time was actually kind of cool you should do those more
    often. Also I’m the captain and I saw you fly out the P-51a what was that

  61. russian bias? 5.7 br?

  62. “Stuff might happen soon I should not talk about”
    “Laura and I are growing up”
    “Laura and I are having more fun then ever”

    I guess we all know what that means

    Baby Phlys inbound

  63. how much does the T-V cost/ how do you get it

  64. this panther is OP tho because in RB it goes against its own so the shells
    cant be blocked by mother Russia’s own Stalin approved adamantium armor on
    some tanks

  65. didn’t he drown that cobra by putting its “head” in the water?

  66. it sucks that I can’t get any of these rare things cause I’m a ps4 player

  67. V sad u moved outta the power haus but me tinks everyone understands

  68. Merry Christmas Phly dolly 🙂 and everyone else! And happy news years!

  69. it’s not always a good thing to “hide” your tank with other nation decal, I
    used a german KV-1 and got killed by my teammate in SB because I looked
    like a russian , But I also got near enemy tank easily some time, but it
    doesn’t always work because of the german cannon on the KV-1 I had

  70. i wish you a merry christmas phly 🙂
    Greetings from Argentina

  71. We love you phly and support you

  72. Congrats! For having a baby ;D

  73. uhm…so…? so a Russian captured German Television?

  74. Already revealed the “secret” you fertile man you

  75. Thanks for all the content phly. I look forward to your vids everyday man.
    Keep up the good work an thanks. Fuckin Honorable

  76. Phlys mom watches his videos wtf

  77. Are you still gonna play games and stream with Baron and Slick?

  78. Where did u get those things?

  79. Best of Luck to you Phly.

  80. Merry Christmas phly

  81. Russian panther now? Whats next? Russian Maus?

  82. What did kobra say in Russian

  83. Panther and me410 w/50mm

  84. Lol this thing only performs when it’s Russian XD fuck you gaigin

  85. There was also a British one called Cuckoo.

  86. Hi Phly Daily. I am your Taiean Fans,I represent Taiwan War Thunder ROCTW
    team say hello to you ,Your movie make our team stronger ,Thank you also to
    produce the movies I ‘m looking forward to the next game Movies,Finally, I
    wish you a Merry ChristmasPhly Daily. Taiwan~~~

  87. wait the panther is bigger than the tiger?

  88. i think u drowned kobra phly

  89. ImNotVerySexist “ImNotVerySexist”

    Baby? Marriage? Why’d you move out?


  91. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHLY! Don’t get to old Bc you’ll have to stop doing videos!

  92. when is your birthday phly my birthday is on the 28th December.

  93. Get some Tiger I in…for the FATHERLAND!

  94. During the Warsaw uprising the Polish resistance captured 2 panthers and
    even use one of them to liberate the Gęsiówka concentration camp.

  95. You are the best! 🙂
    Merry Christmas Phly!!

  96. play the is2 nxt

  97. Laura Yoko Ono’d Powerhaus!!!

    just teasing, not serious, but seriously, it’s been 4 years, put a damn
    ring on it and get to making CryDaily’s

  98. It was an awesome adventure seeing Phly in the Powerhaus! Good times were
    had by all but life goes on though and a couples gotta have some space so
    we get ya Phly o7. Would of been a fun 10 hour trip with Babas face pressed
    against the window going <_< >_> <_< >_> <_< >_> <_< >_> at everything that
    passed by Meeerrrooooww. Merry Xmas, happy birthday and have a kick ass
    awesome new year m/

  99. To anyone that reads this:

    Make sure to have a great Christmas, or whatever you’re celebrating. Enjoy
    yourself! Thanks to Phly, Baron, Slick, Squire, everyone that helps keep
    the War Thunder community on its feet. Merry Christmas.

  100. At the Bovington tank museum, they have a panther that was made from the
    Skoda factory, I think, when it was captured by the allies. It’s made with
    all kinds of parts, and it has no paint, because they literally used it all
    up. Pretty cool paint job, I think!

  101. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT


  102. Scott Watson (Scotty)

    You better not stop making videos!!!

  103. simple, they wont allow it in sim battle

  104. T44-122 You cant evade it, so play it :P

  105. Merry christmas everyone!


  107. Marry her bro

  108. Panther A in russia tech tree is 5.7 but for Germany is 6.0, apcr is
    bullshit anyway, I really hope a non russian company develops a game like
    War Thunder except for the russsia bias of course,then War Thunder will die
    in peace!

  109. One stupid question: How do youu activate your binocules?

  110. how do you get those tanks…

  111. Merry Christmas Phly love your videos keep up the awesome stuff :)

  112. French logs? whut?

  113. +PhlyDaily when is the baby due haha and merry Christmas and a happy new

  114. Sounded like a very careful way of saying guys I got my girlfriend
    pregnant. Or guys I’m getting married or both, first the pregnant thing
    then getting married since that’s how it goes these days. Either way Phly
    best of luck to you and Merry Christmas.

  115. happy new hanukkah phly!

  116. merry Christmas Ply have a nice day


  118. i remmber when the panther could take hits from the front they all need to
    be drop a battle rateing

  119. Merry Christmas dammit. not happy holidays

  120. DadHYPE!!!!!!

  121. turkish vs russia

  122. Will that tank be in on the PS4

  123. Merry Christmas and good luck Phly!

  124. Merry Christmas Phly. Very Honourable Decision you made! May it end well

  125. fucks sake the one good tank germany had over russia, and russia gets it,
    where is the german captured t-34-85?

  126. This Panther looks awfully similar to a Panther we Englishmen captured.

  127. Try to play it in sim battles!!!

  128. Any BabyPhlys…?

  129. Phly play the Caernarvon

  130. Anyone know the ETA on the E-100? They said December right?

  131. You might get team killed a lot in sim battles too


  133. phly at 1:20 that looks like something i saw on the space shuttle near the
    cockpit. google it plz

  134. um how do you have this?

  135. Sounds like there is a baby phly on the way. Merry holidays.

  136. merry Christmas phly

  137. fuck this game man. Remember when it was free to play? it’s still “free to
    play” sure (up to tier 3-4) and then u get stuck in the fucking grind and
    the only way to avoid researching a vehicle for 3 years is to buy a bloody
    premium account/ GE…

  138. my son got his girl pregnant

  139. Happy christmahanoquanzika

  140. so much bad blood between you guys

  141. audio repeat at the minute 3

  142. Hey guys. I hope you ALL have a great Christmas. and to Baron, phly and
    slick and everyone else whose helped make this year a fun and entertaining
    one, and made me keep my sanity (war thunder B.R changes) thanks :)

  143. merry christmas from australia phly

  144. Best regards from Russia Phly!

  145. My girlfriend’s name is Laura too?

  146. Oh yeah world of tanks Xbox have got archer don’t know if it goes backwards

  147. Glad to hear of your progress phly

  148. marry xmas and I’m getting the Stug tank destroyer I love those

  149. Phly,your videos are the best thing that could happen to YouTube . Merry
    Christmas Bro! 🙂 Btw. I vote for next combo(if possible) :

    Leopard & Ho 229 (ap rounds) ! Show Russians who’s the boss!

  150. Im glad you guys did what you thought was right,good luck for the future!!

  151. “Stuff might happen soon.”

    Baby Phly confirmed everyone!

  152. Learn to cut phly lol, it sounds stupid on the Videos.

  153. Hey Phly, on the day a week away from New years, you should do a full 24
    hour Charity stream with Baron and Slick (and maybe Bohica? :D)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. I hope this year’s a good one!

  154. its been 3 years phly 🙂
    nice knowing you man

  155. 12:00 He didn’t give up, you flipped him on his turret in that water and
    killed him xD

  156. How can u get this tank?
    is he in ingame store or on web site?

  157. Wow want this so bad. finally a Russian tank with decent armour at that br

  158. Phly, the simulator problem you mentions with the panther is already in the
    game. Every team has Shermans so it can be hard sometimes to tell if it’s a
    friendly Sherman or enemy.

  159. товарищ Дены

    Its funny how the famous players are getting T-V,RBT-5 etc. and normal
    players with dog tags are getting sh*t…

  160. Merry Christmas Phly and Laura ^^ Damn, a 12 hours drive?! Hope Baba didn’t
    get too mad during that time ^^

  161. xD Phly you drowned that T34-85 when you pulled him over on his

  162. Please play the comet with sabot rounds, it’s OP as fuck

  163. Did you drown Kobra? D:

  164. Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ •。★Christmas★ 。* 。*
    ° 。 ° ˚* *Π____**。*˚★ 。* 。*。 • ˚ ˚ •。★
    ˚ ˛ •˛•*/______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛★ 。* 。*★ 。* 。*
    ˚ ˛ •˛• | 田田|門| ˚

  165. I absolutely love how Phly tried to help that T-34 but instead drowned the
    crew <3

  166. Bat Blood

  167. Phly is my favorite out of the War Thunder YouTubers.

  168. im proud of you phly i hope you and laura have many happy years together

  169. Стенли Морган

    Nice help)

  170. Merry Christmas Phly! If you want to so much then play the T-5 and the

  171. merry Christmas to you Phly, miss Laura and Piper!

  172. Should’ve done a simulator battle and tricked the enemies (if they were
    tigers and panthers) that you were on their team :P

  173. Serguei Tcherkassov

    5:35 game play starts. Just in case..

  174. Phly is pregnant!

  175. Tank rb – T-V and Yak 9

  176. Merry Christmas Phly

  177. This tank makes me so angry. Why do Russian’s get all the captured
    premiums, when in reality Germany had tons of Russian captured Premiums.
    Where’s the German KV2, T-34-76, T-34-85, Su-85, Su-122, ISU-152, even a
    freaking IS2? Where are the German captures of them?

    Gaijin totally has a bias when it comes to who gets the premiums. They have
    no problem taking other nation’s defining vehicles like the B-25, P-47,
    Spitfire, Panzer III, Sherman, ect. But when it comes to giving their
    defining vehicles away to other nation’s they only give a few.

  178. Can’t imagine living with Baron. I bet he eats pepperoni pizza every meal
    of the day and won’t stop offering you some.

  179. Merry Christmas, happy new year and happy b day

  180. Is that tank a premium, also if its not is it in the german or russian tech

  181. yeah c’est bon ça ! joyeux noël phly !

  182. Go and get that baby made comrade!!! Da!!!

  183. Steve when’s the baby ? :p merry christmas !

  184. Don’t go phly! We need you in war thunder! :'(

  185. Not with your family? HOW DARE YOU!?!?

  186. Hey Phly , hope you and Laura Have a Very Merry Christmas. ! and congrats
    on moving forward in life that is making you feel great. All the very

  187. ‫שילה אברהמי‬‎

    phly he didnt gave up, you drowned him!! :/

  188. Jesus Christ, Gaijin… stop with the captured crap…

  189. Why cant they fix the problem the German panther has with its fucking 6.0
    BR rating,Gaijin listen to your fucking community for once and fix the
    problems you already have instead of making more?

  190. Hope you have an amazing Christmas Phly! Also all of his subs!

  191. Will you two separate or are you going to marry ?

  192. Play the best Panther, the F model, (it stands for F*cktherussians)

  193. Phly junior HYPEEEE :D

  194. Merry Christmas Phly and good luck with your life change, I wish you and
    Laura all the best.

  195. Damn, phly you too, check under Laura´s sisters bed i am there 24/7

  196. su-122 54
    teir 8 soviet derp guns FTW! heck, it has all the rangefinder gear, bind
    that up and do it in sim if you can!

  197. Merry Xmas Phly, Happy Birthday to you (I’m the 26th and my daughter is the
    27th) and may you and Laura have the best New Year!

  198. gad damnit i wanted bad blood :(

  199. btw phly….you said the reason why you wont be with your family…but you
    havent even said it!!!!
    now im just gunah get curios as hell

  200. I hope you and Lorna have a good time ?

  201. Daddy Phly soon? merry xmas you and Laura.

  202. you have grown up ……

  203. They grow up so fast

  204. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Yuuup Panther’s 75 received a reload buff. Gaijin smoked something for

  205. Anyone ever look at the premiums? The Russians have more than any other
    tank nation In game ( excluding Brits because they’re new)

  206. Merry Christmas to you all

  207. Fly what part of North Carolina

  208. Ps:merry christmas

  209. happy holidays phly, and what would you imagine if the panther were
    equipped with the Kwk 42 L/100 ?

  210. i think the t34 that you trying to help, is drowning XD

  211. Philly, who is that dude Royal which you mentioned at 3:32? Does he make WT
    videos? What is his channel on YT?

  212. MR.PooMan The Grate

    Phlydaily take out the panther D and the pe-8 do it for Russia .

  213. Play the new American teir 5 light tank

  214. Dimitri “TheJollyBrit” Mason

    is this premium

  215. +PhlyDaily now do the captured mixed rb battle, the T-V and the Fw Dora 9
    ?. Plz ????

  216. Have a merry Christmas Phly. Life change is all was stress full keep your
    hear up my good sir it all will come together keep up the good work.

  217. booooooooooooooooooooooo

  218. Phly I think you drowned that guy. You tried to help but turned him on his
    head and blop blop….that’s when he died. I don’t think he gave up.

  219. Disable Resample.

  220. Lol phly drowned Konrad on accident

  221. Best wishes for you and your partner and where ever life takes you! Love
    the work Phly keep it up!

  222. you sound different phly, the change sounds like it might be good for
    you/the right descision

  223. Now all we need is the phlydaily sex tape

  224. Phly you’re a legend, just keep on trucking dude. and Merry Christmas

  225. gotta be careful assisting people in water. if they get flipped they drown

  226. Виктор «VarVarith» Тюрин

    That Kobra didn’t gave up, his crew drowned.

  227. hah, hi didnt gave up, he just died becouse of water

  228. Phly you killed that T34! You made him drown :(

  229. Is it me or you just repeat yourself in the first few minutes in the video
    ,like you start saying the exact same thing you said when you start the

  230. phly why u no put the 2 vids of game play in as well? I was in two of your
    matches in the centurion lol

  231. We call this: life happens (as you rightly said so). Have fun you two and
    enjoy christmas together :)

  232. Dont worry Phly I understand why you felt like moving out! Way ahead of ya,
    I’m almost 37 and stopped partying on a regular bases years ago! btw. Merry
    Christmas to you and Laura and have a wonder holiday you two! :)

  233. Aslak Storaa Tvestad

    Use the tiger h1

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