T1 Cunningham Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

*Bonus video* Don’t consider it puppy kicking, consider it the first video on the road to the M3 Lee!

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  1. T1 Cunningham is by far the fastest Tier I tank and quite relaxing to play
    it :)

  2. remember M3 lee IS A City Tank ! it has its gun in the right HULL
    you fight hiding your tumor (turret ) with the buildings and you move
    counter-clockwise! never go hill fighting on a M3 lee, avoid open areas ,
    same ROF of the E-25! good traverse speed.

  3. Maarten Engelhardt

    One must love the T1 Cunningham, an awesome tank.

  4. looooool nice didnt know you played tier 1

  5. Club seals not sandwiches!

    Seriously nothing wrong with occasional seal clubbing. Those new players
    which have brains (some allegedly do) will take the opportunity to watch
    you play and will learn something. 

  6. You make it seem so easy. I almost want to give it a try myself.

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