T10 tanks that are NOT worth it in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m giving my opinion on which T10 tanks are NOT worth it!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

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  1. After i get T-44, should i go for Obj. 430 or T-54 ?

  2. 14:38, Quicky had a small siezure

  3. Where is the T32 or Tiger 2?

  4. I was expecting to hear a bit more about tanks that are basically obsolete. Like would you rather play the Rhm Pzw or the RU 251? Well none of them, because they are both terrible and the tier X isnt even anywhere nearly competitive to other tier Xs you will more than not be facing. Was expecting an honest run down of tier Xs that are not worth it, kinda disappointed mate..

  5. I still think the IS-4 needs some buff. Not sure what type of buff, but they need to make it a little bit better. Dont get me wrong it’s not bad tank, but I think it’s not that good as IS-7 and u really don’t see a lot of IS-4’s in battle. Maybe a little bit the front armor /upper plate/ ?

  6. Make a best and worst tank tier for tier video for each type, light, medium, heavy and TD

  7. Fantastic video. I often wonder what to do : buy tier 10 – sell tier 9? keep both? or just cut my losses and give up the branch once T10 is unlocked ?

    My latest dilemma is about Strv 103 B : is it really going to improve over 103 ? if not really, i m contemplating giving up the branch entirely

  8. My first X tier will be T110E5 what a shame xD

  9. Tortoise >Badger. Any day. Because you still have overwhelming RoF to track people, a 152mm side armor because reasons and a strong LFP to push flanks instead of being purely defensive.

  10. I think Leo PTA is better than Leo 1 tier for tier now

  11. What about China?

  12. ST-I not ST-1 FFS! ST-Eye NOT ST-ONE!

  13. Jp e100 has the 3rd biggest gun mate. T92 hmc 240mm, shitbarn and deathstar 183mm, and then the jag e100 with a 170mm. Ya could call it 4th if ya want to technical

  14. Joseph Hemingway

    E 50m because its weak

  15. E75 vs E100. E75 is very strong for his tier… E100… is okayish on T10…

  16. Srsly QuickyBaby, I love your videos and watch them all, but on one side Type 4/5 heavy players are all noobs, but on other side the HESH rounds on FV 4005 are great? Just kiddin or serious?

  17. PickelJars ForHillary

    Grilles down side is that it doesnt have 360 gun rotation. The removed Waffentrager auf E 100, Rhm.-Borsig, and the Waffentrager auf Pz. IV have 360 rotation. It seems stupid to limit the traverse of the Grille.

  18. Great video except the Japanese Heavy comment, especially when compared with comments about the Maus and FV4005. Type 4&5 are so big and slow that they are often difficult to play. You have to plan far in advance and make sure you don’t get flanked. I get penned by every tier 10 TD in my Type 4 and every other tank switches to gold and you’re left with a big slow tank that gets penned 75% of the time.

    Otherwise I agreed with almost every characterization of tier 9 and 10 tanks. Excellent video!

  19. my thought is this, why bothering going thru a long, frustrating and money losing grind to play t10 when almost all t8’s see t10..WG fucked u pin my mind, im not gonna bother even grinding anymore, they screwed themselves in my case point

  20. yup american tree got fucked

  21. Niels Kjær Esbensen

    Love the walkthrough videos raceing up the american heavy and turret td so great to hear your choice for most worth to play?

  22. So you hate the type 4-5? Do you also hate the derp king KV-2?

  23. 12:13 M46 is a beast, 6.66 rounds per minute.
    Well, number of the beast right there, nice wording QB 🙂

  24. The valey push at the beginning was REALLY REALLY usless

  25. I am a real Japanse heavy player and people keep saying that you don’t need skills in the Japanse heavy’s but thans not true! Every single gale that I play in my type 5 people shoots gold on me (or arty kills me ) so manny people do penetrate my front armor so in the type 4&5 you need to angle it otherwise you die really fast, thans a misstake that Many players make in that tank. So i think you stil need Some skill to play with the type 4/5 if it isn’t that than you have the skill to always stay kalm if arty kills you again?
    And i also have the t110e5 and m103 Rhode 2 tanks aren’t really that bad: the m103 had a really good gun, in tier IX you penetrate a lot of tanks with it but Yes its armor is a tricky one its difficult to Use that armor good. (An other thing the 2 tanks have actually a good mobility for a heavy tank) the t110e5 is also difficult to play you need to keep youre copolar safe if you don’t do that you die 9/10, also the underplate is tricky but most tanks penetrate it to stand after Some cover wherry you van hier youre copolar (and you van stil shoot) and youre lowerplate.
    So i hope aftreedt Reading thuis that players stop saying that you don’t need skills for a type 4/5 and that the 110e5 is still a nice (but difficult to play well) tank?
    (Qb the vk100.01 (p) Ausf.B do you think it will be back in the game?)

  26. Update after update, the game has become better, but I and my friend stopped playing. Somehow, this game is no longer enjoyable, it’s become too unrealistic, that’s all

  27. Grille 15 was a big disappointment for me especially I was grinding the waffle panzer when it was removed

  28. Commando Quackers

    I truly agree with QB on Type 4 and 5! I got a type 4 and ripping 700hp from front of a T 10 and Amx M4 51 is just bad. I got to clean myself afterwards 😀

  29. Good video QB, but I missed some statements about the overall balance between the nation and maybe in tier 8 to tier 10 in general.

  30. I’ll give my thoughts on the Arty IX’s vs X’s… but a bit of a disclaimer, the reason I play so much artillery is because I have nerve damage in my hands, so it makes it difficult for me to play twitchier vehicles like lights and mediums (Yet I still manage over 50% winrate in them). The much more methodical Heavy and Arty playstyles have always suited my issue best. Anyways, for arty…

    France… BC 155 55 > BC 155 58. Don’t get me wrong, I love the autoloader on the tier X, but given the issues that the French 155’s have with shell trajectory, I feel I lose a lot of opportunities due to the 50 second clip reload of the 58 vs the single shell reload of the 55. On some maps, I feel the superior hull traverse of the 55 also allows it to get around a lot better than the 58 does in spite of the 58’s better speed and specific power.

    Germany… GW Tiger < GW E100 . the X has 4 degrees faster hull traverse... on some maps, this makes the difference between getting to live long enough to actually load a shell, and dying in the first 30 seconds of the game. Ask anyone who has scouted aggressively on Ensk at high tiers how often they've spotted and killed German GW's right at the start of the match, sometimes before they've even finished turned to the side to get away from the train tracks. That terrible mobility of the German 21's really doesn't allow you to work around the fairly flat trajectory of the shells like the French or the Object 261 can. In my honest opinion, stop at the PW Panther. The German VII is amazing and everything past it is shit. UK... FV3805 < Conq GC. It's all about that Shell Trajectory. It pens more frequently, it snakes shells over cover much better, hits everything in the same post code as the shell impact, and it is straight up cheating. Honestly, I may be an Arty Enthusiast, but I never defend anyone for playing the Conq GC. I refuse to even grind the full line purely because of how dirty I felt playing Bert the Avenger. US... M53/55 > T92 HMC. The M53/55’s got a big enough gun to be a threat to anything it can be matched up against, has semi-turret gun traverse arc, has medium tank levels of mobility, and from my experience, makes for a fairly competent rammer, especially if you can impact a target with your very thick tracks (Seriously, I’ve survived ramming Heavy Tanks to death with this thing, in once case twice in the same match). As long as you are willing to make use of that mobility, this is a vehicle that has a very easy time surviving into the late game and remaining a threat even under catastrophic circumstances.

    Soviets… Object 212A = Object 261. The flat trajectory of the 261 hinders its ability to shoot over cover, and thus has a negative impact on its early game. The 212A does not have this issue, having a trajectory that goes higher than the M53/55’s, and a bit lower than the Conq GC. But the 261 has great accuracy and great mobility… like the M53/55 it can move around in response to changing conditions on the battlefield to remain a threat throughout the match, and it makes for a fairly competent counter-scout artillery, but its 900 alpha makes it very difficult to one-shot enemy artillery with splash or a non-pen hit, something that the 212A has less issue with. The 212A also never has to worry about its ammo count (stores 40 203mm shells, but the most you’ll fire without adrenaline rush is 30), while the 261 frequently runs into this issue if its driver is on the ball.

  31. Important video for those of us who are relatively new to the game and don’t have all the T-X tanks. I’ve got the Maus & IS7 and now working to the T-100LT. Thanks!

  32. 13.30 Oh Man quickybaby u know if u play world of tanks blitz on mobile u would definitely say the T62A. It has been buffed so much to the point it is better than the Obj 140. It has just stupid gun stats now. Depending on that equipment slot u take it has an aim time of 1.12 seconds or if u take the other slot which decreases dispersion it goes up to 1.22 seconds. Crazy aim time. Oh and ur dispersion with that slot which decreases a already very good 0.272 dispersion to 0.258. Oh and it has 1535mps shell velocity on its APCR.. basically a snap shooting Monster. T62A is now a real beast in game. Only down side is the penetration as it has just bad penetration at only 245mm pen..ik in blitz there was a nerf to tier 9 and 10 medium penetration. Which is kinda good. It made the tier 10 heavies stronger and mediums cant HEAT spam anymore which is just nice.. but the T62A can hit the heavy tanks weak spots and it doesnt need to aim with its stupid short aim time. So T62A is definitely a tank I’m grinding up to..on the T54. fyi to those who think wot blitz is a joke then they should seriously try it.. There are certain downgrades like smaller maps and less time per match..But it’s not a crappy game. Pls try it quicky would be amazing to see u play it. U can also play it on a PC if ur not used to mobile controls.

  33. Marcin Żórawski

    I feel so focked up by WG when they switched vk4502b successor from maus to pzkpfwVII . Ill have to make another branch to get to Maus, coz pzkpfw sides are just sooo weak 🙁

  34. Good video well presented covering a subject not often looked at. Kudos to QB for doing so.

  35. Tomáš Chochola

    For german:
    Wt (with 750 gun) > Grille
    E75> e100
    Mostly due to better mm

  36. It’s kinda funny saying type 4 and 5 are for noobs while you have the 268 v4 out there. 268 v4 wins games easy. type 4 and 5 lack so much mobility, cant win games

  37. As usual no arty comments… i know you play arty QB… we know you have a few tier X arties…

  38. Loved the video. Great idea. Keep up the good work 🙂

  39. 30b no upgrade? You drunk bro :)?

  40. Top 10 uncoming tanks

  41. I felt so bad selling my T30 but i had to in order for me to progress in the game.. f2p sucks but oh well

  42. @12:51 QB is not from this planet

  43. 6:50
    funny thing: I much preferred the T9 Bat-Chat 25t AP to the T10 Version… I just had much better games with it.
    I can’t really explain why that is, but maybe I am just a mediocre player that can deal much better witch T9 MM than with T10 MM.

  44. Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    I remember how disappointed I was when I realized my new IS-4 was not an upgrade over the ST-1. I haven’t really played it since. That was when the IS-7 was being heavily criticized for its weaknesses. How I wish now I’d gone for the IS-7 instead.

  45. Disagreed on the tier X Chinese TD. It’s a brutal monster with Russian accuracy – bad on paper, great in the game. It also has pretty good mobility for such a well armored vehicle.
    Regarding the Foch B: I still prefer the F155. That brutal pen and alpha is incredibly intimidating.
    AMX 30 > AMX 30B? Lolwut? Dude, think over it. The cupola on the 30B is not a big deal since you usually won’t sit still long enough to get penned there. The 30 on the other hand has bad turret armor, making the entire turret a weak spot. And then the 30B has the highest medium tank dpm in the game.
    E75 vs. E100: E100 literally is one huge frontal weakspot and very situation dependant. The E75 is a very well rounded vehicle: Great armor, good mobility (incl. hull and turret traverse), good gun. Imo one of the best tier 9 heavies and I definitely prefer it over the VK 45.02B.
    STB-1 is better than Type 61 … but it is still crap. The gun is totally unrealiable, and the turret armor isn’t that good either.
    Emil II > Kranvagn imo, because for the tier its turret armor is just as invincible as the Kranvagn’s, and the pen is better for the tier. The Kranvagn should really have gotten higher premium round pen.
    T110E4 was overnerfed a few years ago.
    Obj. 268 vs. Obj. 704: 268 has better mobility, better camo, and the better gun. For me it’s the better tank here.
    Obj.268.4: Yolo Wagon FTW! Nuff sed …

  46. MattL600's Technic

    IS4 is trash compared to the ST-1

  47. MattL600's Technic

    IS-4 needs buff

  48. well, to be fair, t57 is a heavy, t54e1 is a med

  49. 9:18 XD. True True . Nerf jap HT line .

  50. conker has 10 deg GD ???? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

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