T110E3 DEAD or Still BEAST!? | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of T110E3, Tier 10 Destroyer Rebalanced. World of Tanks Big Tank – T110E3 Nerf, but still the best tier 10 Tank Destroyer?

– Background battle replay played by: jacekborycki

T110E3 was nerfed in the latest patch, so today let's take a look at how good or bad it is now.

What do you think?


  1. Gergely Tibay-Papp


  2. LIKE NUMBER 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Stop crying about E3, it is slow, that is enough of nerf.

  4. You almost got his name right, I think one of the first attempts was almost right 🙂

  5. 2:10 I just love how people make an attempt to read PL names. You were quite close.

  6. Same as amx m4 54, still awesome even been nerfed

  7. This make’s me ready for a trip to Poland 😀 . Shout out, GG.

  8. To be hit by that thing is quite painful!

  9. It’s pronounced {yatzeck} 🙂
    Ya like in “hey ya”, zeck like in …
    While i am writing this, i remembered there’s a google translator speech :S

  10. Happy to see TB lives on in memes, miss that man so much ;(

  11. it’s funny, WG says they are not part of the replay system, but i have to use my WG account to log in. WG is passing the buck on most of the bugs this game still has. I no longer play pubs anymore. haven’t in a month… Just advances and skirmishes. when they are done, so am I.

  12. Lul means dick in dutch haha

  13. because i am veteran, i get a large repair and med kit and an auto fire extinguisher, everyday for playing 1 battle. I dont use the auto ext much so they build up in my account. atm I have about 1200 of them… and that is worth a butt load of cash if i sell them. 10 million roughly.

  14. i havent played my E3 yet, but ive played against plenty of them and they feel the same to play against. I bet the most noticeable difference is the -20m view range nerf. It should make it easier to out spot it if its camping on prok or something similar.

  15. I managed to kill from roughly full HP with my Astron Rex yesterday. The view range reduction played a big role, also him letting me clip him in the side to get the party started helped a lot too lol

  16. jajabaka jsnskak comment

  17. To me it feels sluggish and aiming time is horrible compared to what it was

  18. Why the fuck do they nerf E3 now????

  19. What’s written: jacek
    What Dez sees: jsczacsjsek

  20. The nerf is definitely noticeable, The 1 second reload is the the worst. you get shot 1 more time in any brawl. This Match is not realistic. The Hit points where removed because of the new Bond hardening. It would require on average another shot to kill the E3. So basically you take another hit, and shoot one less shell in any brawl. Its a huge nerf.

  21. SppoopyIrishSonny

    idk why ppl r so surprised that the E3’s armour is still holding up….like WG didn’t touch it why would it be worse??

  22. wg should fck themselves for nerfing this tank i just dont get it it wasnt op at all it was a counter against chief and 279e wg should nerf these tanks

  23. Still a beast Dez

  24. To me the E3 feels much worse to play. The gunhandling nerf hurts a lot, and the HP reduction makes you much more vulnerable. It wasn’t OP before and didn’t need the nerf imo.

  25. I judge by what I see when I am playing. The E3 wasn’t seen very often before. And now even less. Used to love it, but stopped long before the nerf. Its a decent tank even now, but other than rng just blessing you, which in this replay rng blessed this player to over 9000. But more often than not, its average at best. And now just a bit lower on the meta measuring stick. Warlaming, well, no idea what they are thinking anymore.

  26. RNG without random, premium ammo as a credit drain and a matchmaker for buy a win tanks.

  27. Already sold it, wasnt that fun before the nerf.

  28. When i watch players like Karel_sova playing the Udes 15/16 I realize I still have hope in WOT

  29. This game turned out fully rng decided outcomes. I am %54 wr player and most of the time my penetration rate is like %20. If you are hitting without even aiming, its not you or your tank, its rng, like in this game.

  30. its a massive crap . nothing else to say.

  31. this shit game is rigged.
    do not play it.

  32. WG nerfed in one patch the three tanks I had a chance vs 279 or Chieftain…

  33. stupid nerf imo, armor is what makes E3 broken and they didn’t touch it… as long as that lower plate will be stronger than maus’s turret e3 will remain on top

  34. Lasse Hakkarainen

    The e3 is a hard tank to balance as making the armour worse is out of the question. Its what makes the tank and if its taken away even from a single spot it just becomes completely unfun to play. In other words it just becomes crap. Also why should one of the tanks that can properly fight 279e and chieftain be made any worse. I say its in a good place now and should stay like it is indefinately.

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