T110E3 Review/Guide, Frontally Dominant but Squishy Sides

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I review the , a tier 10 American tank destroyer in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Lakeville and Murovanka battles.

The E3 is a curious successor to the T95. Like the T95, the E3 possesses strong frontal armor and alpha of 750. However, unlike the T95, the T110E3 has very weak side armor and so it disproportionately benefits from support and platooning.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb frontal protection from upper hull through superstructure, including the cupola
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Good view range (390)
+ caliber (155mm) enables overmatch of greater than 3x
+ Premium round is APCR
– Side hull armor is very weak (44-76mm)
– Slow / sluggish mobility
– Profile is tall
– Relatively low camo
– Lower frontal hull offers ~240mm effective protection

Recommended Equipment
1. Rammer
2. Vents
3. Optics

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. The Generic Guys

    endingattheedge username
    great video BTW. What is your opinion on the new MM?

  2. Great review!
    NA ign : Aritheo
    Thank you for your good work over the years!

  3. To your point about squishiness and the “no-skill” Japanese heavy tanks: I had a CW battle this weekend and my clanmate’s Type 5 shot an E3 from the front – and did 1400 damage. Incredulous, we pulled up the replay afterwards and realized that the E3 was angled just enough (and RNG was just mischievous enough) that the Type’s 5’s shell nicked the back edge of the E3’s raised engine deck and penned it.

    • I hate tanks/heroes/classes like the Type 5 Heavy in PVP games.

      It’s too effective with too little skill.

      It was the same way with the Warrior classes in RIFT (Champion build) and in WildStar. Too much armor, too much easy damage dealing.

    • +Taugrim Played a healer in RIFT and passed on WildStar – but I know what you mean. The sooner they get the nerfs in (for the FV as well), the better!

  4. NA server Lock_jaw

  5. Hi I enjoy your game support.  Steve

  6. Dude u need to review JgpzE100!!

    • The alpha would sure be fun. The T30, T95, and E3 are the only 750-alpha tanks I’ve played, and the damage is glorious.

      I may do the Italian meds next after I unlock the EBR 105. TBD.

  7. Great video! Ready for a book? I used to think I was really bad at the E3, but I have a 51% win rate in it and I thought I was playing poorly. I now realize that it is just a seriously inflexible tank with little going for it. Anyone good just avoids the lane you are protecting and finishes you off last. It is only really good against muppets that will continually poke you when you have an advantageous position. It has a great gun and great armor, but its not enough. Add to the mix HE tanks like the type 4/5 and tanks with big guns that are willing to load HE like E100, opposing E3, etc and HESH tanks and the armor just doesn’t do it. In theory its a great tank, but in practice it does not work. I have had some success with platooned E3’s, but playing it solo is an exercise in frustration. I can’t tell you how many times my team has died before I get there, but I’m already committed. Add arty to the mix and it is not a very fun tank to play.

    I appreciate the validation that it isn’t the best tank. Thanks for the review. I’d like to see you play the 268 4 and explain why the E3 sucks in today’s meta. 😛 Cheers.

    • Yes, my advice when facing E3’s is the same – avoid avoid avoid early-to-mid game, flank later and kill it.

      The 268 v4 is still problematic even post-nerfs because it has both meaningful armor and meaningful mobility. The E3 is balanced because it has great armor but awful mobility.

  8. Username: raf_RWV (NA)
    Nice review Taugrim. As always!

  9. Really good video. More TD players need to watch. Far too many think TD equals camp and snipe. Some that is the way to play properly, but many it isn’t the right way to play. It’s true of other classes, as well. You mention “tanking”. Far too many heavy players (I’m excluding low tier and squishy heavies) don’t understand their role. Nothing is written in stone, and many tanks play different than their class might suggest, but many people don’t seem to understand when to fit the round peg into the round hole.

    • Exactly.

      When playing a tank with meaningful armor, the player needs to be willing to leverage it. It always makes me sad when I see heavies and armored TDs camping in the back. Even moreso when they whine at their team for dying, when they allowed it to happen.

    • +Taugrim problem I have, and why I quit heavies, for the most part, was after Oprah came on with gold for everyone. Armor has become pretty worthless escpecially with Soviet mediums being able to be light/medium/and heavy tanks themselves.

    • A game where gold ammo exists makes meds much more powerful. Unicums tend to favor meds at tier 10 for a reason, or select OP heavies (e.g. Super Conqueror).

  10. After 30 games at a 27% win rate and less average damage than my t95 or even t28(love those TD’s) I sold it and put the crew in the t28 for frontlines since I find I sometimes need a “You shall not pass!!” tank for fl. The RNG I got with that E3 was the worst gaming experience in my life.

    • Oh yeah, Taugrim some of us work day jobs. How bout you do the next giveaway a bit later huh? 🙂

    • I intentionally published this one mid-day to try to make it more fair to East Coasters.

      But I’ll do the next one later, like early evening PT.

  11. Will continue to grind for the E3 when the stun mechanic / arty nerf hits. Nice work on vid.

  12. Its wallet warriors that keep this game free(Thank god for us)

    • I know, and I’ve averaged ~$24 USD per month playing WoT.

      I was (partly) joking about the Defender, but that may not be evident to viewers.

      These days I’m not needing to spend money but only because as a NA Community Contributor I received 200 holiday gift boxes, which should take me to Dec 2019 without having to spend money. But the game has been worth the enjoyment factor to support it financially.

    • +Taugrim no worries

  13. My second T10 was the JP E100. I quit playing it because everyone would just spam gold at me and the armor did not hold up but I might give it another try. I also got my JagdTiger out recently and had some fun with it. I think i remember liking the JagdTiger more than the JP E100.

    • Yea the tier 9 is more powerful at-tier compared to the tier 10.

      That is true for a number of tanks, including:
      Ru 251
      AMX 30
      Skoda T50

    • Stare What Stare

      Same same. I regretted selling my jagdtiger after getting my jpe100. Everytime I tried to fight any tier 10 Russian medium, I always get out DPM and rushed by them.

  14. Pls make obj. 705a or 705

  15. Still the best and most informational guides out there. Keep up the great work!

  16. One point tho, even tho I agree on pushing the flank in super heavy td’s e3 is much better at it than jpz. Fewer weakspots and in general not even gold will work on e3. Jpz on the other hand has that commander hatch that fv hesh can pen and front is cheese for heat. Punchy gun yes but rather derpy

    • That is fair. Also the JPE has a large lower plate (~230mm effective). That said, the cupola on the JPE is not that big and can be protected with wiggling.

    • +Taugrim nice review btw. And well timed. This will be my next tier 10. Always hated to meet the thing in the batlle, so I thought if u cant beat them join them

  17. You’ve improved my gameplay a bit. I mean, I’m an average player at best, but still. Server and Username – NA , bwirth1999

  18. IGN: pickpocket293

    Hoping for the swede!

  19. IGN: OhMyMatt Server: NA

  20. Haha u one of these guys who spams the chat. Jk, great review, I could really learn a lot of your videos.

  21. Can we take a moment to appreciate those skins for the Is-7 and T57 heavy. Why can’t we get more stuff like that? I would love to pay 10-15 dollars for something similar on my 113, T110e5, T62a.

  22. Phone Call!

  23. Dorin Maciuceanu

    Love you videos!
    I’m learning a lot !
    Now I’m struggling to do the marathon
    I don’t have an NA account.. Only EU..
    My ingame name is : dorin90

  24. Prevenge na. Me first, gimme tank. Gg

  25. Ign. Royal_Warfare

  26. Wasn’t the HE rework only in regards to Arty?

  27. Did you leave OTTER?

  28. can you do super conqueror? thanks

  29. can you talk slower? i have to actually concentrate to listen to you jesus.

    • LOL I’m a super fast talker IRL. For years I’ve gotten feedback I should talk slower – and in some contexts I do, but it’s part of my personality.

  30. An excellent video – thanks. So much better than the T110E4 which badly needs a buff.

  31. Great video! I only just found you somewhat recently, but I enjoy all of your content!

  32. Derek Thamkruphat

    Oh boy. I got it and I wanted to like this tank, but so much gold chucking at my lower plate. I just had more fun doing the doom turtle dance towards an enemy in my T95. Maybe I should give it another chance. Do you prefer this tank over a Badger? Both need to hide it’s lower plate and sides. – VonHeimlich NA

  33. I don’t want to name names, but there are WoT youtubers with tens of thousands of views that are basically just average players with average videos. But this video here, that is giving you great information has 1100 views. Youtube you suck.

    • There are a lot of YouTubers who work much harder than I do. E.g. they publish multiple videos per week, they got started with WoT earlier than I did, etc.

      I also wanted to wait until I was meaningfully knowledgeable before starting this series, and I’m a far better player now that I was @ 13k battles when I made RtU episode #1.

      Lastly, I don’t try to get views based on personality (I’m hilarious and the life of the party IRL) nor by stirring up controversy for clicks. I’m here to give my honest opinion on things, like I have on this channel since I started it.

  34. Excellent games and commentary! I always learn something here. flea1951 NA and yes that’s the year I was born. lol

  35. Mile WorldOfTanks

    mile2006 EU server(yes i have 13 years xDD)

  36. Taugrim, do you think you can do a guide on the M48 patton? I have more trouble playing it than even the STB-1. I used to do 3.6k avg dmg, but now it’s gone down to 2.8k. No tank that i’ve ever played has ever dropped this much in dmg. Do you have tips?
    NA IGN: DeadNachtEliteForce

  37. Hi! And if i was yet suscribed? 😛
    Great work with this videos buddy, i see un in battle!

  38. very entertaining video, greatt to watch :). please make more (suggestion E100)

  39. I agree with you the T95 is better.

  40. Another great video. Your descriptions of both the tank and map tactics are incredibly helpful. I subscribed; I hope you reach your goal! Keep the awesome videos coming!

  41. Skill waaaa, skill WAAAAAAA.

  42. IGN Boarhunter454 awesome video. Thanks for making them.

  43. I think the moment Type 5 showed up, you should have fallen back immediately.

    • In hindsight, absolutely. I was not expecting to take 500 damage on an HE hit. It’s ridiculous when I’m in an ultra-armored tank.

  44. So… E3 vs E4?

    And, discuss.

  45. I think the Type 4/5 where a good counter towards hull down Russian tanks. Those are a pain to deal with and require virtually no skill. Find a rock and you’re all set.

  46. niteowl na server! 🙂

  47. I never touched my E3 since Type4/5 era. What’s the point of driving E3 when those bigbois just can slap you in the face with 500-600 damage and get away with it?
    After nerf I might play it again, but might as well just play T95. As you said, the speed boost you get in E3 is negligible after T95 buff so there’s really no point in getting the tier X. E3 imho need at least HP buff so it could soak up more HE rounds from derps and arty.

  48. @Taugrim could you do a 60tp review?

  49. Thank you for the review Taugrim, this is my second favorite tank in the game after Hellcat. Got 53% winrate and 78% MoE. A formidable Weapon.

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