T110E5 Goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. OMG! What`s happening? Pinch me fellas, i must be asleep. Double the salt for a single day? I don`t want to wake up!

  2. whenautismhitstoohard

    This is what happens when SirFoch is sober.

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  4. Oh yeah! You are burning man. Keep uplading videos. We also need another rant video about changing preferantial mm tanks

  5. 22


  6. 2 VIDEOS PER DAY…..

  7. Epic Foch RANT about the broken Object 277 incoming!
    Seriously you guys, quit playing this garbage game.

    • sillybaboy how is a tank that sucks ass against a 5A broken? You have to wait for the release of the tank before wargaming makes their last minute super buffs

    • ZyzztheticsForever

      WG is introducing a new tank ? and it’s stronger than most/all of the existing ones ?
      encouraging players to free xp it (essentially paying money to WG) before it gets nerfed in approximately 6 to 12 months ?
      no way, i refuse to believe they would rely on schemes like that to milk their costumers. /s

    • DasWieselInFlames

      its not even broken… it might be a strong heavy, and I think the premium rounds are too good, but its pretty similar to the 5A in every regard

  8. go to 1:52 and 6:07 to cum

  9. All that comes to mind is that all those tier 8s tiers must have had a lot of fun with the brilliant 3/5/7 MM.

    • Infernal969 the intent is to give you a feeling of accomplishment for paying money to fire premium ammo that still doesn’t really have a great chance to pen

    • Democracy my dude!
      Feels like Poland all over again…

    • i found out that in current MM its looking something like this (in tier 8) : you get like 3-4 X tier MM,then tier IX MM, then again 1-2 tier X games and after it you get top tier (usually full tier VIII MM,if you get lucky you are on top 3/5/7 but atleast with 2 artas). But you know WG said that everything is fine with current MM, only sad tier VIIIs with preferential MM must have face tier 9 you know. Atleast before you get regularly 30% top tier, now its somewhere between 15-20% at the top, and im not even mentioning broken MM of tier IXs. But WG said its all fine guys

  10. dat 22/22/22 hits

  11. Is apocalypse coming or what? SirFoch did you get info that you have 1 week of your life left and try to upload as many videos as you can? What is going on? 2 videos in one day, whats the story behind it?

    Also STOP WHISPERING “e-sports” TO MY EAR ! Its gay 🙂 but to be fair for that 6:45 shot you should get some “e-sports” award 🙂

  12. Wow wtf foch… you ok? you sure you dont need a doctor? this release schedule… we got more vids this week than we do sometimes in 2 months

  13. woah woah woah foch lost his mind!

  14. I’m not streaming this weekend so you guys get extra content

  15. #eSports for our beloved Viktor!

  16. Super conqueror has 12 degrees of gun depression wut?

  17. They should reverse the E5 nerf just to make it competitive.

  18. argsgsgs gnngndg

    1:51 sidescraping arty *CoolStoryBob*

  19. Hello there!

  20. didn’t really had to steal that E1’s top gun in the end..

  21. OMG 2 fochs videos in the same year…. what is this

  22. Woah easy there with the uploads man I’m running out of my yearly internet plan for watching your videos

  23. Back to back uploads. #Madlad

  24. Dang so many videos, thanks Foch 😀

  25. 22 shots 22 penns. … GG

  26. ESPORTS !

  27. Super Conq gets 10 degrees depression, not 12

  28. No 268 v4 tanks
    So basicaly skill matters in this round

  29. Nice teamplay with the E1 !

  30. Thx love the e5 but get yelled at for not taking on super heavies right away . I dont spam heat it takes no skill and I truely believe its bad for the game. Will watch your tiger 2 video next another of my power creeped favs.

  31. Thanks to the nerf the fucking Patriot is better than this thing……………..

  32. Tomáš Chochola

    So many videos on YouTube, are you dying Foch?

  33. No word on PMM changes? did WG finally silence you Foch?

  34. sir foch.. you know you got the following.. keep up the the content and you got a future.. sweet.

  35. SirFosh. please. IS-7+WG rape behavior

  36. Intescy Avenger

    Enjoying the steady stream of uploads. 🙂
    Ofcourse American tank must have a massive weak spot on the turret, not a tiny impenetrable cupola like the Russian ones ofcourse m

  37. Lots of ham on the menu! Awsum!

  38. What would make E5 competitive in your opinion?

  39. amazing corner shot!

  40. T110E5 now is the worst heavy tank tier 10 in this game ?

  41. Still don’t think the E5 should have been nerfed

  42. #eSportReady

  43. Foch i aprecciate your honesty,you told the truth always and your advices were gold for me. thx buddy keep it up!

  44. Krisztián Mátraházi


  45. Corneliu Codreanu

    I’d say the E5 needs a small buff. And, I do mean very, very small.

  46. T110E5 is still very balanced against tier 8 tanks, like the T-34-2 and T32.

  47. #esports

  48. So with an M3 Lee on top it’s a “not very capable tank” and without the M3 Lee it’s overpowering. And never mind the Super Conqueror. I still think the Type 5 and arty are far worse for the game.

  49. DarknessInferno15

    I appreciate the extra videos recently.

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