T110E5 HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  2. Wasn’t the cupola smaller before ?

  3. So they just put it back to normal I swear I fucking hate wargaming smh

  4. I never could rely on the E5’s armour anyway, now even more so.

  5. Love it how you say Maus is so OP and yet you did twice the damage that Maus was able to do… even though the Maus apparently carry the game.. not quite..haha

  6. So I made a mad dash along the American heavy line to get to the t110e5. I get 3/4 thru the m103 then the tier ten gets nerfed…..f u c k y o u w a r g a m i n g…..

    No really I want to kill people for real

  7. Im Adolf Hitler And your watching Disney Channel

  8. T110E5 is total crap now. In the game I find the M48 is better in any situation. Same would apply to your battle replay here.

    The extra speed and better DPM more than make up for the pitiful “extra armor” the E5 has.

    I moved my E5 tank crew out to other vehicles. No point using it at all with M48 in garage.

  9. I hate being reminded of how bad I am every time he says the maus is overpowered. lol

  10. Emil : “T110 uninstall game bro” 0.o

  11. he hilarious thung about e5 drivers was they would say “why the fuck would you nerf the turret? it an american heavy tank they all have insane turrets” and my reponse is simple. m103 that tank invalidates their argument completely because if you didnt know id say the pershings got a better turret than the m103.

  12. The T110E5 isn’t really “covered” in weakspots much moreso than it was before, because the only things that got changed were the cupola and a tiny piece of side armour directly behind the road wheel.

  13. So E5 is now how it should be; not OP or bad. Took them long enough.

  14. Type 5 and E5 so broken the pro teams….ignore them. Instead they run TVP’s, Batmobiles, IS-7’s, the occasional Death Star, now the Maus, and 113’s. The only exception was GodEmperorBrett running that Type 5….once.

  15. *Spend a month grinding for a tier 10*

    oh, well now this tank has been nerfed to shit, I guess I’ll stop playing W.O.T

  16. Actually, there are two OP tanks now: the Maus and the Type 5. They’ve replaced one OP tank (T110E5) with two…

  17. Foch what do you think about the new arty changes?

  18. Wotko s Vokurkou

    honestly surprised, you did not get ammoracked by Pilot… 8/10 lowerplate pens on the hooks ammorack me there 😀

  19. The buthurt is strong in the comments. Oh no your favorite tank is not OP anymore. Well its shit now. What a bunch of tomatoes.

    Its still a good tank…now it just has a weakspot that you can hide. And even when you are poking over a hill you still get 260mm of armor on the cupola if you use your gun depression.

    So shut the fuck up. Yes it isnt an IS-7 turret. But you don’t have an IS-7 gun.
    The tank still has awsome mobility and awsome gun. Even the armor is still awsome if you are a good player. L2P

  20. No, Foch, you’re wrong, the E5 clearly has no side armor, that’s why it was so balanced before!

  21. Please say something about Grille 15 after nerf. Aiming, driving, shooting…etc…all…its almost unplayable…

  22. I dont’t know what I’m doing wrong, but for me the games in the new E5 are going way better than the ones in the old op one…also I get way less arty focused than before. Another thing I don’t really get is everyone saying the gun is so great, I’m getting trolled a lot by it and I feel like missing a lot of shots that should’ve hit. Still a kinda fun tank to play though.

  23. Thank you Sir, now I’ll maaaaaaybe be able to to anything to this tank in my E75…. :/

  24. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    a) Why is everyone crying about E5 being terrible and whatnot? It’s still a great tank, just now balanced.
    b) Also, the cupola is still load gold or go home for majority of tanks, which kinda grinds my gears.

  25. i never noticed that mirrors actually work in wot, like at that mutz around the 6 minute mark and before

  26. how about 113 its fast has same dpm as E5 acuracy is irelavent aim time is bit worse on 113 but is compensated by higher alpha and armor is much better (atleast the turet). shouldn’t 113 get a nerf too cause its fucking OP

    and there we have mediums with 270 pen mobility armor and no one is complaining about them

  27. strange, is-3 and 252 are tier 10 heavies at tier 8, now e5 a tier 8 med at tier 10
    if only guys like Foch did not whine so much about not being able to sit in front of a heavy tank in anything and snipe the same small unimportant part of the tank over and ever to kill it.
    tier 10 heavies should be bullies, not useless shit

  28. riight e5 is balanced now since even t7 can roflpen it … there are mediums with more reliable armor while having better gun and more mobility…

    whatthey did was nerfing SLIGHTLY overpowered tank into piece of garbage that has no advantages over mediums…

  29. I like the intro music.

  30. I have started to grind this line but after E5’s HD model came to life I have decided to stop the grind right on the T-29 what is great tank and I’m fine with that. I may try to say that M48 Patton would do the same job. I mean I know E5 is still going to keep its armour but those days of frontline brawling’re gone for this one. At the end mobility of M48 will beat E5 in terms of more friendly playstile because its not that sluggish as E5 and with current state of the model many people is going to try to play it as a medium because you’re not that badass brawler (puking your shells and penetrating everything while others can not do you any harm at least frontally) anymore so M48 Patton is better choice.

  31. common man maus is not so good if you play whit ap only u struggle to pen type5 type4 e100…

  32. IMO they should have nerfed the lower plate, but left the cupola as it was. Going hull down with a strong turret was always the american heavy thing! Now majority of the tanks can shoot you and pen you when you’re peeking a ridge before you can even return fire, which is no fun at all.

  33. Yes, as long as HEAT will pen Maus turret 100% time from tier 10, Maus old 240 turret front will be fine for him. Like E5 never bounce 240 mm armor on old Maus.

    And how much WG can nerf HEAT ? 30mm, 40mm to 300, wont change nothing.

  34. E5 is still too good.

  35. I find the Russian mediums will be redundant/useless now that the tier 10 LT’s are on the test server. Why have 320 alpha and some armor while you can have 390 alpha with less armor and be quicker?
    I personally like the T-62A.

  36. Well now it doesn’t fit my play style anymore because it can’t tank shots as well as it used to…back to the e75 I guess

  37. Personally i don’t think the E5s cupola should be a weak point, the entire gimmick of the U.S heavies all the way down is there awesome turret amour why the hell should the top tier lose that. they should have just lessened the angle and armour of the hull, and if that isn’t enough bring down the dpm

  38. lol the Cheiftain on Xbox plays like this……….but on steroids, with better gun handling, speed, and NO CUPOLA. Totally OP when hull down lol.

  39. Just unlocked the E5, and id the M103 is any indication, then its going to be a fine tank.

  40. E50/E50M review post buffs soon?The gun depression changes and slight armor buffs made it so much more fun to play.

  41. Love my E5, my first, still my fav.

  42. lmfao emil1, whenever my teammate idiots rush into that dip with enemies on top of them, they expect you to cover them when they’re rushed.

  43. Gotta love those people saying that since the E5 is not the hands down, practically undisputed best heavy in the game nowadays that it’s not worth grinding. Makes you wonder if the only other tanks in their garage are the Obj 907 and Maus

  44. can you translate me “ham” in french pls ? i don’t understand what’s mean

  45. TheBlackStoneRanger

    all murcian tanks aint shit in this game. same goes for the british. best tanks for players like me (2800 wn8 3180 recent)are at least for now the tvp aka czech machine gun, t62a and amx 30 and amx 50b which is in skilled hands the best tank in the game

  46. hey what do you think of the e-100 nowadays?

  47. 4:18
    Two thousand five hundred *and two point eight six*
    NOT 2586

  48. I went to my friend’s house and he lent me to play E5 for one match in this patch.
    First badge in city map with the first game.
    Not showing off but just to tell you it is still effective. Like Foch said, still a great tank.

  49. Well at least the E5 can spin a Maus; otherwise I kind of hate the E5, but I just got it and am still getting used to it

  50. Ya Wg make you chase after a tank. So when enough people got the tank. They change the stats, making it weaker. And at the same time buffing other tanks, so you want that one. And again when enough people got it. The bait n switch tactics….

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