T110E5 SMASHES 13,000 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Smalich will show you pure domination in World Tanks playing the American T110E5!



  1. His loader will have sore arms for a week.

  2. WOW what a game in one of my favorite tanks!

  3. Christian Alboroto

    What an absolute lad.

  4. what server do Israelis plan on?

  5. His teammates doing their best to sabotage his great carry, as usual.

  6. That was the best game I’ve ever seen

  7. Shot after shot after shot. The guy is like a machine!

  8. wow. The best Ive ever seen.

  9. I said this before, QB first time getting over 10K is gonna be in the T110E5

  10. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Sweaty nerds play super con but unicum play e5

  11. Complaints Department

    I despise gold spammers.

  12. Uhh… he only put in TWO rounds on the Scorpion- 2nd caused a fire that killed it. NOT 3 rounds

  13. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    When super con vs e5 face of 1 vs 1 e5 mostly win that super con need more support from it allias to be more effective

  14. the last enemy tanks aim was really bad, they could have finished him off.

  15. WG rigged the game play. There’s no way he won that game without their help. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

  16. I also have broken 13k damage recently too

  17. this guy is cracked

  18. That is the best round of WoT I have ever seen

  19. Milan Bulatović

    What a player..very good job

  20. perfect gameplay

  21. Ahhhh yesssss, why I subscribed so long ago. Featuring games like this. This guy did 10,000 dmg and team was still miserably losing. Incredible plays by this guy.

  22. Wargaming trailers be like

  23. OK i gonna buy my t110e5 back after 5 years hahah

  24. insane totally insane

  25. This guy is a bloody great heavy player.

  26. So simply “pay to win” Most opposition shot normal AP and as you said this tanks Pay to win Round ignores armour. This is NOT a game you should be promoting its just a decent player taking advantage of being top teir and Farming Gold round. Yes the E 5 played really well but if he didnt have pay to win pen rounds then it would have been a “FAIRER” game for all and he would have at best got 4 kills, did anyone lower than teir 10 get a a fun game no, only this guy.. How about promoting a game option QB “No premium rounds”

  27. XD this dude just annihilated the enemy team XD

  28. BAD ASS !!!

  29. Starting to think QB is breathing through his skin

  30. E5 in blitz has no capola and is busted give pc the blitz e5

  31. Yeh people underestimate the E5 I think, same scenario a Super Conq just dies there, not only is it’s lower plate weaker and the sides less troll, it’s a much bigger more awkward size compared to an E5 so its harder to hide and easier for people to just auto-aim or snap shot it’s giant hull, whereas against the E5 there you saw a lot of the rushed shots bounce. The E5 is also more agile, it turns and accelerates better so you can re-adjust to threats quicker. Super Conq of course edges it in those static battles but the E5 is a better active brawler.

  32. well done but hes playing against bots

  33. Such a skilled player …. Why so much gold …

  34. He didnt had to pull ultra instinct for that poor ebr

  35. Wtf is this GG

  36. SuperSpartan3000

    Have to admit if this was a loss, I’d have stopped watching you, QickyBaby.

  37. this is one of the best games of world of tanks ive ever seen i have to admit

  38. Well WOT plus has launched , and I am finished with this game now after 10 years GJ WG sheer pay to win greed. Thank you QB for years of great content , but I am done.

  39. -T8 Mm
    -almost full gold
    -enemies dont spam gold

    Pretty easy scenario I would say. Not much skill needed.

  40. What a low standard quickybabs. The pretty much full gold spam against the tier 8s. Well done.
    I also do well in all my tier 10 tanks against the tier 8s? Wanna see me sealclubbing too? This was rng fiesta. Right spawn, right players, right map, nobody else on his team doing all that much.

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