T18 HMC Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Low tier æ WoT fun!

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  1. T18 with comfortable indirect fire mode? Well.
    It’s still quite mobile and has reliable armor vs noobs.

  2. if you’re tired of missing try the bishop or the stock gun on the birch
    gun.(birch gun puts the combat car to shame)

  3. Finally the t18 was changed

  4. [No Game] I play mostly tiers 4, 5, and 6, so I really enjoy watching low
    and medium tier games. Thanks for remembering that not everyone plays
    E-100s and T57s.

  5. Is the T82 not a TD anymore? that was my favorite US TD.

  6. With regards to low tier games being over too quickly, I agree. A while
    back I watched a twitch stream with Circonflexes and he commented about
    that, how low tier tanks have very few hit points relative to the guns of
    the tier. Many tanks are able to one-shot or two-shot /clip most other
    tanks at this level while it usually takes 5 or more shots at higher level.

    I think it would make good sense if Wargaming buffed the hit point pool of
    the lower tier tanks so they’ll last longer. That would have the added
    benefit that new players would be able to learn the game better because
    they are not instantly killed. It would also be more fun for new players
    meaning they wouldn’t give it up so easily. WG should buff the HPs all the
    way up to tier 5, although more for the lowest tiers.
    (no game)

  7. Ah yes, the new, lobotomized T18. It’s sad to see it like this. Terrible
    aim time, terrible reload, terrible mobility… everything is bad about
    this thing.
    (no game)

  8. sad that this ain’t a TD anymore

  9. So its a t18 at tier 3

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