T2 Medium Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Just tank away from the now!

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  1. Wow, 209 views, no dislikes and yet only 32 likes. Fellas, get in the habit
    of liking the video when you first start to watch it, you know you keep
    coming back, so like them. It’s the least you can do. Fair enough?

  2. A full day needed for doing the laundry?? I live alone too, but it will not
    take me more than 30 minutes in total. I wonder what you have to do to do
    the laundry, haha. Maybe you have 50 kg of laundry??

  3. I also like to play on this line and stopped at the Firefly.

  4. Please grab your best medium tank crews with BIA (form the M48 or M26) and
    put hem on your lower tiers! Sixth-sense continues to work !

  5. yay multiple ace tankers in a day osirish you never fail to disappoint keep
    up the good work.

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