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That gun, by the way..
Upload your replays here: http://circon.-record.com/ !


  1. At least its not the T 31-1 with its equally bad DPM and atrocious gun handling.

  2. #Circonflexes I love every fucken one of your vid’s ! But what shits me is most of the game play ones are too short !!!!!

  3. I actually like this tank…

  4. Still a better gun than all the other shitty tier 7 mediums. Truth is that the tier 7 lights have better guns than the tier 7 mediums (look at the T71 and WZ-131 guns compared to this).

  5. Hey Circonflex damn you should make a CD with that badass rap song you got woot woot “CIRCONFLEX in Da house” T-20 Gun in Da house what what T-20 Gun BTW hey hey hay…lol

  6. The T20 is one of my favorites, when I saw the title I was expecting a long awaited buff. Lol. Not.

  7. T20 was my first tier VII i think. I planned for it to be a keeper after reading forum posts, but this video perfectly illustrates why I ended up selling it, when I finally aced it after a gazillion games.

  8. This gun reminds me of Patriots gun. So annoying :/

  9. How can you not make this tank work amazingly? I am a decently above average player and I love this tank so much. Maybe the t20 to you is the t29 to me.


  11. Exactly how I feel every time I drive my m48.

  12. The t20 would be op with a better gun.


    Best tier 7 tank after T29, I love me some T20

  14. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    just grinded this tank, man it’s painful

  15. Love this tank! It’s view range make’s it a little beast. My 1st 3rd mark was with this and imagine i hated it in the very beginning!


    T20 haHAA

  17. That was a nice meme but it got f’ing annoying by the 6 min mark. I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and go to take a shower, and as I’m standing there buck naked waiting for the water to warm up I’ll start humming that shit

  18. Is amazing you get so many times the top tier, i dont have that luck 🙁

  19. Just finished grinding this tank as a new player and it was a real slog. There wasn’t anything good about the tank other than mobility and the gun was indeed terrible.

  20. I don’t get the reference when he does that little jingle.

  21. I’ve used the Panther and KV-13, solid armor, good guns, loved em both. T20, not so much..

  22. That needs to be remixed into a song, it’s actually stuck in my head already

  23. us tank tier 7 say no more.

  24. If you shoot the gun mantlet area on the front of that T-34-85M, you will pen every shot. It’s very squishy there. Shooting the angled upper hull will cause you to bounce even with 160 pen. I just aim at the turret front center and pen even with my 145 pen guns.

  25. T20 kinda feel like a slow light tank without the camo bonus for me.

  26. The Circonflexes Album, dropping just in time for Christmas! Featuring such classic hits as:

    – T20 Gun BTW
    – Eeeuhhhh (Old Man Soundtrack) ft Snooze & Aimless
    – Ayyyyyyy Arta
    – What the fuck is this team doing?
    – Assah Duh
    – Pogchamp
    – Nice meme
    – And finally, just an audio recording in which you can feel the 1000 mile stare Circon gives the camera after something in credibly stupid happens.

  27. roemer schoenmakers

    T20 is one of my favorite tanks! Its fast has a great gun and nice camo and viewrange

  28. I dont know why, but it’s my most successful tank, 60% win rate in it so I kept it (sold Pershing as soon as I was done grinding). I think camo + view range is the key for this tank since it is small, fast and don’t have armor, so it is a great spotter and opportunist.

  29. 03:45 T-34-85 btw, BITCH!

  30. Got that tune stuck in your head now don’t you

  31. t 43 need buff .144 pen .

  32. The T20 is decent, but holy fuck is the Pershing bad. Its like, take the T20, but make it even bigger and slower, give the player a false sense of security thinking they have turret armor, then give it a worse gun comparatively. The Pershings gun is like the T20s gun, except that it doesnt have the great pen for its tier. It actually has awful pen for its tier. The Pershings gun is so fucking bad its not even funny. Its accuracy is garbage, and if you even think about firing before fully aimed let alone on the move you may as well turn the barrel around and point it inside your mg port.

  33. Got to the Pershing using the 76mm on the t20 actually worked pretty well, good rate of fire but a bit low on pen especially against T9 still found it more enjoyable then when I used the 90mm

  34. The T20 was a HUGE disappointment for me after the Shermans. I was so glad to get through it quickly. Not a bad tank, just not fun for me.

  35. Mornin’

  36. Despite the fact many shots fly totally elsewhere I aimed at I like the T20.

  37. play t43 or a44

  38. So does the T20 have awful pen or is Circon just not sacrificing enough dissidents to the gulag?

  39. T20 the American cock roach. I played like a cock roach, stealing kills, spotting and running, and most of all like a vulture finishing damaged enemy tanks. One of the most nightmarish stock grinds i ever had.

  40. The T20 is the best tier 7 med tho

  41. also not being able to pen the angled upper front of a 34-85M isn’t a T20 problem, it’s a 34-85M problem. people jack off over the comet with 12mm less pen and comparable mobility but at least the T20 has usable alpha and gold pen for the 95% of games where you’re bottom tier. 34-85M is just a joke from the balancing team

  42. I felt like the T20 was a weak Hellcat in terms of raw performance. It’s basically a Hellcat but with less DPM. In any case, it’s unremarkable in every way and if you lose control of an engagement and someone with more DPM yolos you, it’s sadly gg because of the weak armor. It’s decent as a support tank and the APCR is really nice but it doesn’t have power anywhere else.

  43. I kind of like the T20….

  44. Could you please pay the T32? Trying to get an idea how to play that tank and make some exp. Thank you.

  45. i have played the american td and med line the t20 gun was tough but i had to play the t 25/2 first and that thing teaches you where all the weak spots are on tanks cause a tier 7 td with 170 pen is well less than spectacular for 240 alpha.

  46. t20 is a very good tank, I really enjoyed it. Did my “3k damage to tds” mission in it

  47. Didn’t see anything wrong with the gun or game for that matter, it’s how literally all my games go in any tank

  48. Critical hit !

  49. Ok, that is not very encouraging since I will grind my way into the Patton (currently at tier 6)…

  50. And this is why I loathed the T20 when I played it, no effective armour, potato gun and a bit slow as well.

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