T20 Review/Guide, Balancing Activity and Patience

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Source: Taugrim

I review the T20, a tier 7 American medium tank in of Tanks (WoT), with of tier 8 Province and tier 9 Lakeville battles.

The T20 is an enjoyable medium tank that can capably fulfill the roles of spotting, flexing, and flanking. The T20 is relatively fragile compared to the American mediums between tiers 6-10. The driver should generally avoid brawling as the tank lacks the mechanics to be effective in that role.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb view range (390)
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Superb camo
+ Premium ammo is
– Very low DPM (1531 base)
– Squishy

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Good video, could you do hwk next? :3 and do you think it could have old SP’s gun with 3 shot autoloader?

    • FanaticoZ _ Hwk is easy to play. So its just like Tau plays the T20 . The reload is better, great viewrange and good cammo but zero armor. Oh and way faster. But playstyle is the same. Stay hidden and dont brawl.

    • Martin every light and medium is easy for me, maybe i should have asked for rhm pzw because after all it is tier 10

    • FanaticoZ _ thats a Bad Tank imo HWK is better than RU and RU is way better than RHM… sadly

    • Martin tier for tier.. It might be, but for me light aren’t ment to have any armor..thats why rhm and amx are my favourite tier 10 lights. Circ thinks the same (watch first 30secs)

  2. Hope you enjoy this episode!

    Vote for which tank I cover in Episode #69 in the community poll:

  3. Nice video, do you have a video on the T-54? Would be intresting to see someone playing it with full “silver ammo” loadout.

    • I reviewed the T-54 in episodes #8 and #9.

      IMO what I said in those videos, particularly in #9, about playing hull-down and managing the poor gun depression, still holds true today.

      I know a lot of people think a 201 or 219 pen gun is brutal (and it’s certainly low-ish), but the T-54 is a tremendous platform and can flex, brawl, and bully in ways other tanks can’t.

      As a last note, I know the current meta is around armor, but I’ve been finding even with low silver pen tanks such as the E-25 that I’m able to do better than I did 2 years ago, in the same tank. Same goes for the T71.

    • Taugrim Thank you. I’ll check those out. I’m currently grinding the T-54 and really struggeling compared to the obj 430. I’m down to 45% winrate compared to my account average of 53%.

    • Chandler Kristoff

      With the Obj-140 on track going on right now i’m thinking of grinding enough Xp in my T-44 to get the T-54, it’d be really nice if the crew xp bonus for tier 8-10 on that line was an xp bonus instead, considering i already have a 3 skill crew.

  4. nicely played. Oddly, the T20 is the one American medium tank I hadn’t aced on the way up that line. I am working my way up the Italian Mediums and the T.43 ter is very similar to the T20 in terms of gun, mobility, camo values, view range, etc. There are small differences, but they seem to balance out. The P.43 has gun with same alpha, better silver pen, but with worse aim time and accuracy. While the T20 has better camo and view range, but slightly worse mobility. I struggle with simply fluffing shots with this gun. The lack of VStab is tough for these tanks (tier 7 meds). Anyway, really enjoy your channel.

    • Chandler Kristoff

      RM Hampel Hey that’s interesting, same here as well, played i think 150 something battles in it, never aced it, 1st class is best i could do, the only reason i can think of is that Taugrim is right, low dpm + pretty long reload = finesse tank that not just everybody will be able to ace, but Taugrim if you’re acing it every ten battles then you must have figured out the secret way it’s meant to be played 😉 also about the P.43 Ter i’m really enjoying it, great frontal armor good mobility nice reload, not a bad tier 7 imo, definitely liking it a lot more than the Bis.

    • > Easier play with 2-3 skill crew than 75% f2p crew (tier 7 tank and most players just go through them without any crew skill

      This is absolutely true.

      Thankfully once you get crew members 100% trained, getting to 70-80% for the 1st skill (which in all lights and the vast majority of mediums should be camo) is easy.

    • > Taugrim if you’re acing it every ten battles then you must have figured out the secret way it’s meant to be played

      I think so, but it took me some time to realize how limited this tank is for any kind of brawling.

      My stats with 100% silver ammo: 80 battles, 62.5% win rate, 1517 DPG, 1.68 KPG, 2.10 SPG, 3394 WN8

      The premium round is APCR, and I suspect that if I loaded and used 5-10 premium shells I’d have a 4K WN8 in this tank. But that’s partly because many players struggle with this tank.

    • Taugrim Its a med for light drivers ?.

    • That is a fair summary of the T20

  5. Nice video as always. I didn’t like my T20 very much because I hated the gun, but I certainly do love when medium tanks with the combo of good camo and viewrange. It won’t be long now before I get the pattons- looking forward to that if wargaming fixes matchmaking enough for me to want to come back to that line…

    • I find the Pershing to be weaker at-tier compared to the T20.

      I was hoping to like the Pershing more but it feels not quite good enough in terms of the blend of turret armor, alpha, and mobility. Hopefully the M46 will feel better.

  6. Loved the t20 with ya Taug, the tank felt pretty solid for a t7 medium and that tends to be really odd seeing as most lack a ton. The gun can get work done and the tank isn’t slow at all as I hope people can see. It is peppy enough to get going and the size of the tank isn’t anything silly like the german panther. Armor is like we figured while playing it, it has none lol but vs t5s yeah you can bounce off turret. Back to the gun, with a good crew you can expect to snap shots pretty well so that was nice. Also people know you use only reg ammo, but for other players be aware this tank has APCR that pushes 240 pen, and you can really surprise T9s with that. Let me know when you are down for more games, I enjoyed the t20 grind with ya! We did some Pershing but as you know I havn’t been a fan of it yet. We had some pretty killer games in the t20 I hope people realize these 2 you showed were just a small taste of how well a player can do in this tank! Def 1 Id say look into if you want to have a fun t7 medium to play. You can blast t7s pretty easy with normal ammo and not struggle at all to pen or on the t9 games with stuff like the Type 4, you can use APCR and really be a big part on the team.

    <3 from Spatty_Cakes

  7. Great job, I like the two games per episode that you do

  8. P44 panterra?

  9. 33 camo value reduction in % using max 445m v/r is 445 meters – (33% of 445 =146 (meters).) = 299 meter spotting distance.
    I play a lot of light tanks and they don’t get much past 35 camo value without a cam net..
    That 33 camo value on a medium tank is ridiculously high. add a cam net and you’re talking a 280m spotting distance from 445m. wow. At tier 6 I’d say the avg view range might be 410m, now you’re talking getting lit at 260+-m standing in the open. bushes provide up to a 64% camo buff. At that point if you have a full camo crew and tank they’d need to proxy spot you. lmao.

    Now my wz 132-1 has a constant 510m view range. That’s a 12.75% more than the max spotting distance of 445m. I assume that you can basically subtract that 12.75% from the person you’re trying to light’s camo value. So if a [normal] medium / heavy tank has a 3-12% camo value while moving, I’m gunna spot them if they step into my 445m circle. And basically if a light tank fires its gun anywhere inside that 445m I’m gunna spot them.

    I kinda ran with that didn’t I…lol, I guess I’ve always wanted to play with the math anyways.

  10. Great plays and great vids, I certainly enjoy watching this 🙂

    I’d like to ask you, would you recommend camo (crew skills) on the TVP 50/51? or would it be a waste of skills?

    • Camo is highly underrated. Aside from Sixth Sense, I view it as essential for any medium aside from the E50/E50M.

  11. I cant go where he went on Province anymore. they will spot you from D7

    • I go there all the time. If there is someone at D7, stay in the bush and passive spot while your team shoots them.

  12. t34-1 please

  13. I enjoyed this tank so much. Finished my grind for Pershing in 60ish games. I had a good crew and my view range was much superior in comparison to other tier 7 and lower tanks and as you said it has very good camo on its own.

  14. This tank is something like a light medium

  15. “plateau” is a french word and you say this very good (I am french) GG nice vid

  16. How you play with 30 – 40 fps ?

    • Latency/ping is far more of an issue than FPS for me, so long as the FPS is 30+.

      And the ping on US-Central is consistent so I find it not to be an issue at all.

    • Taugrim Ah okay , anyway you’re stats proove it xD

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Taugrim I used to play on my Laptop at minimum settings with 28 fps and i did pretty well actually hehe, on my Pc i’m now able to play with 58 fps

    • Taugrim I agree, it may be because im used to about 40 fps on minimum but I dont feel like it matters that much, not like in games lie csgo for example

  17. I know this might sound stupid but I don’t think any tank can out T-100 LT a T-100 LT, maybe the trick to driving the Rhm Pzwg well is to not drive it like a T-100 LT

    Rather than running rammer, v.stabs, optics, it might be better swapping some equipment out for binocs and/or a camo net for example a full scout load out of optics, binocs, and camo net to guarantee vision control and make better use of the better accuracy of the pzwg by spotting targets farther out. It’s kind of the old way of playing the Type 64, back when it had to deal with T-54 ltwts and T-54’s without v.stabs, I actually found the tank to perform better without a rammer and instead with binocs and a camo net which gave me an advantage over brawlers but also meant I was encouraged to scurry off after popping a shot which helped dodge arty or unseen snippers. It’s all just a hopeful thought, from side scrapping in the churchill gc to assistance farming in a 105 pershing, the unexpected can be a tanker’s greatest tool, after all, no one expects the Spanish inquisition :3

    • > Rather than running rammer, v.stabs, optics, it might be better swapping some equipment out for binocs and/or a camo net for example a full scout load out of optics, binocs, and camo net to guarantee vision control

      Camo Net is a waste of a slot on any light tank. Go look up VBAddict and see what Unicums slot. No one is slotting Camo Net.

      Binocs is only for ELC AMX, or for tier 4-5 tanks with crappy view range.

  18. I just think province is a bad map because of the way most people play it, and how it’s designed to abuse bush mechanics and camo. It’s pretty silly to me to put one spot on each side a tank can rush up to and use one single bush for the entire game and never be spotted, or only spotted after they fire. It literally makes it so you are unable to do anything if you stay at your side of the map, and aren’t fast enough to leave.

    Stuff like that shouldn’t be stuff they should encourage as much. The map is also very symmetrical as well. While there is more you can do on the map that doesn’t mean most players just aren’t going to sit at base and have a camp fest because of the way people learn. If an average player leaves base and just gets shot at camo 10 feet from their spawn their normal reaction is just going to be to sit at base behind cover because there’s nothing they can do about those tanks. Rushing that spot you did in the beginning often has a player on the other side sitting there spotting as well. It’s very difficult to break someone out of that position because there is also a bush. Not saying your gameplay was wrong, or bad. I just remember being on this map against one of the Object Russian rear mounted tanks with no arty, and nobody could pen him, or hurt him. If you don’t have the camo to not get lit when poking the bush without shooting you basically can’t do anything if you get stuck there. I’m just saying from experience even in a really fast tank someone can just take that spot and make it literally impossible to cross just by camping next to spawn.

    Overall I would say this games map design is terrible. Map design in this game always says screw at least one tank type, player, tier, etc. Making it so someone is unable to play the game is just a huge flaw in game design. The amount of factors you have to take in from tank type, tank tier, crew skill, player skill, if the tank is fully upgraded, camo, view range, tank composition, where the team is going, etc. All these factors basically mean it’s going to be very difficult to play the game for some players. This type of map design doesn’t encourage creativity, isn’t creative aesthetically, doesn’t support most types of play, or allow low tier tanks/low pen tanks, etc. to play reliably in most scenarios. More importantly it’s not fun (subjective I know).

    Anyways great videos as always. I just never really liked any of the maps in this game. They are tolerable at best and unplayable/redundant at worst.

  19. VERY interesting, i’ve this tank and… awfull for me.

    Mobility is not bad, view range is POWERFULL.

    but no armor, no good reload, no alpha, turret is VERY bad.

    It’s medium/light.

    my last game, 1x IS-3 circle me (full tank, crew 100% + 2 skills) and my tank are completly useless VS this slow heavy tank.

    • The T20 is unforgiving of mistakes. It’s squishy and has a long reload.

      That’s why I posted this video – you have to put the vision control and mobility to good use, not engage in head-on fights you will lose.

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Lol i have that same problem, but its usually because i run up to brawl heavies in my mediums instead of doing the smart thing and running away

  20. reload could be better but good tank. seems like usa meds are good all thru the line 🙂
    tnx for another great video

  21. Great video. Love you content. Impressive play!

  22. This tank is all about view range and snapshot

  23. Thank you for reviewing this very underestimated tank. Actually its my favorite tank and I return to it, everytime the love for another is ending. The T20 is such a usefull tank on the battlefield, especially with a decent crew. The T20 is not spectacular, , sexy or a blast, but just that misleading aura of boring mediocracy and discretion gives you such an adventage. Love your vids Taugrim. Keep them coming!

  24. Very nice 2nd game

  25. Chandler Kristoff

    It’s decent at ramming, found that out when it hit me in my Comet and did 200dmg haha

  26. hey taugrim Whats your opinion on the changes to pref tanks by increasing their pen for standard ammo.

  27. Always informative, rarely condescending. Have an upvote.

  28. MMMM T20 is gud tonk, and top notch commentary and advice, sir!

  29. Sub and sharing to others,great info. Thank for your time and effort.

  30. Tier 7 really seems to be the last hurrah for vision based paper tanks with poor DPM. Once you hit 8 the base view ranges on tanks combined with average players getting second skills going just seems to mean every tank has roughly similar view ranges, so paper armor becomes a nightmare. (Also t20 is one of the tanks I think separates good from great players since it doesn’t really have a crutch to abuse to win, but has so many small “comfy” American features to help win)

  31. As I understand it, trees knocked down only provide cover from the direction in which they are pointing. So the tree knockdown here didn’t really do any good, as it was pointed back towards your base. I use the trick a lot in Paris. I take the second “spoke” from the base, knock a tree down on the corner, and use it to keep eyes on early sprints to mid.

    • Knocked-down trees function the same as a bush. Go into a Training Room, knock over a tree, drive into it, and pan your camera to look at your tank.,

      I’ve been using this trick in a ton of battles, it really helps me get the 1SA (1st Shot Advantage).

    • I was under the impression that tree camo was uni-directional based on the angle of the fallen tree. In other words, I thought if the tip of the tree was pointing north, you would need to be south of the tree to receive camo from it. But a little digging today through the forums and Youtube shows my impression to be wrong!

      My confusion may have been that it just doesn’t work as well sideways because it may not cover all the visibility points, since one side of the cover will generally be shorter than the other (ie, what was previously the top of the tree).

  32. Great video. My last several battles on Lakeville have seen the majority of our heavies try to push valley and get held at the mid point. With insufficient tanks in the city we get rolled and then the tanks in valley get flanked, assuming that haven’t already died. I have been playing lower tier tanks as I have finally broken down and started working up the Soviet line towards the 268 and the Obj. 140. The SU-85 is just painful, at least with the stock gun.

  33. nice video i like that tank as well

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