^^| T21 – The worst tier 6 scout? (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Worst still…
    According to 9.17.1 it’s better than the t37 😉

  2. 128? Circ, there’s a couple of T6 lights with 112 and they’d like a word with you…

  3. Why do its say x4 for recon on your commander? Does it mean your somehow have 4 recon skills on your commander? All of your vids i see your crew there confuse me.

  4. Wen you play ith no gold amo????????

  5. I see, Circon. Very Clever. Named everyone of your crew Salt, except commander. If I had gold, i would totally do something awesome like that lol. 😉 Cheers on the awesome content fam.

  6. Impressive performance.

  7. Wow, I can smell that tank from here… it STINKS !

  8. Complains about pen – should play 59-16

  9. You should 3 mark this “Amazing” tank. You 3 marked the 59-16, anything is possible

  10. it has better pen than the Russian Chinese and German light tanks at the same tier

  11. I really enjoyed the t21. However that was when the tank was released and I haven’t been back since.

  12. Please 3 mark that shit, it’ll be great banter

  13. I hated the grind through the T21. One of the worst ever, imo.

  14. Seeing the DW2 up there with 1 game 100% and ACE.. I remember the memes of that game like it was yesterday

  15. lol I free exp’ed it

  16. amx’s are worst scouts, fuckin useless.

  17. why have you 1 million free exp and 17k gold?

  18. I’ve never wanted to play this tank, haven’t really given it a though, but now I do.

  19. I just noticed his crew, we have major russell, captain salt x2 and first lieutenant salt x2. LMAO

  20. i got two marks in it and was close to 3 but then sold it to but the O HO lol

  21. I’m sorry for those of you who like the T21, you can like it, but it’s up there with liking the TOG. It just isn’t that good of a tank to me. I fail to see the point in a crappy, stock T20 that loses all of what little armor the T20 has to…turn a little faster and get better camo. I mean, if you’re shedding several tons of armor, you would expect it to gain a little speed from it but nope. If it were faster, it would be good, but as it stands, it is just a bad medium tank. You can’t really scout with it because while you were trying to get to your scouting location, you were spotted by literally any other equal tier light (not even going to mention higher tier lights) who got to his position, grabbed a snack, took a nap, and caught up on an entire season of his favorite show in the amount of time it took you to get there. Hopefully it’ll get some love with the new light tank changes because it certainly needs it.

  22. Omg I just got rid of this piece of garbage last night. This was one of the most stupid grinds I’ve done in this game. Not an enjoyable tank what so ever. It’s too slow in terms of top speed to be a light tank.

    T71 is hella fun compared to the dumbass T21 that’s for sure.

  23. I’d say this is the second best tier 6 light quite frankly, just after the T37.

  24. i have played the T21 one time…. you guesst it ACE

  25. 5:15 start of battle

  26. Alexander Krikorian

    You think the T21 is better than the T20? What? They both have basically the same mobility and MM, but the T20 has the best gun on any tier 7 medium and 2x the hp of the T21, meanwhile the T21 has a tiny bit more dpm than other scouts at the cost of horrible mobility and large size.

    Honestly the T20 with the same gun is better.

  27. CIRCON:worst tier 6 light tank
    ME: 2marked it in 70 games lol

  28. “This tank is shit”….gets TG….nice meme

  29. The T21 is one of the cutest tank in the game with 59-16 :>

  30. hey give me sights please?

  31. Salty crew and comments

  32. Great tank. Did 2 barrel stars easily. Different gamestyle then t37.

  33. Whahahahaha totally KS!

    i love that tank

  34. It’s a slow type 64 with better gun handling and enough ammo to actually carry.

  35. everyone’s forgetting about the amx 12t here, I find that thing shockingly bad…

  36. you want to take the fucking golf balls out off ya mouth when you speak, then you might be understood!!!

  37. the first game or 2 on most tanks like that can have hilariously high mark %’s added, after about 3-4 games it’ll usually stabilize in the 25-30% region and behave normally lol.

  38. when you have nothing to do in WOT anymore

  39. MT is the worst scout, of all the scouts (drop the mic)

  40. will there ever be more 3mark highlights? like the vk16 or the 59-16

  41. I finished my grind of this tank just a few days ago and it was great, I have more than twice the average dmg on this versus the 12t, people severely underestimate it.

  42. cesar the imperator

    Did he ever play other t6 scoot than this? Because it has absolute average pen for that tier.

  43. 128mm of penetration is so bad? Look at the 59-16….

  44. t21 is little bit wierd. I never played it like scout I just make my way through holes in enemy line and try farm DMG from sides and backs or destroy arties.

  45. EU pleb: Tankcommandanten

    the tier 5 swedish td to easy to 3 mark it

  46. that dispersion value though rofl

  47. Worst scout, best medium tho 🙂 (havent watched the video yet)

  48. T21 = Shitty medium , not a scout

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