^^| T25 Pilot 1 Mission Marathon starts today! (World of Tanks)

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I ran wiht this set up: http://.gg//t25-pilot-1?c=2.4.1;e=5.21.30;k=0..
facts: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/special-offers/t25-pilot--2017/


  1. Thanks for fixing the audio Circon 🙂

  2. It has a bad hp/t but the terrain resistances definitely makes up for it. Still not going to spend money on it lol

  3. A big plus for this tank is that we poor plebs can actually have it. I desperately need a tier 8 premium tank for credit grinding. I have my HT No. IV as the current highest tier premium tank. I wouldn’t really mind the tank being a bit shite.

  4. The SP shits all over on this tank.
    Way better armor(spaced so great against heat). Pref. matchmaking. 😀 The only downside is the mobility. So yeah, i will try to make the missions, to get it free, because free shit is cool. But this tank is worse than the SP, IMO. 🙂

  5. does it have higher xp and cred return or just regular train ur crew here tank?

  6. The mantlet is as thick as M46 Kr’s one (minimum thickness 203mm) so it’s acceptable in mid to long range against 212 pen and below

  7. Why was the original video taken down?

  8. like always…tanks with less than 200 pen and shit turrets

  9. Definitely getting this one, looks like a lot of fun!

  10. We are number one

  11. Actually the gun mantle is good against tier 7 and low pen tier 8 it’s at the lowest 200

  12. How much would it take on average to get this tank? what I mean is, will I have to burn 100 hours to unlock it…

  13. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    what you feel about the gun circon?

  14. Mihail Angelo Stet

    Very helpfull .Many thanks Sir!

  15. Day 13: Set a tank on fire by ramming. Stay unspotted at the moment.

  16. I’ll try to complete the mission marathon. Even if it is not the best premium tank, but I have no premium tier 8 so this is so much welcome chance, I just hope the missions will not be too hard to complete

  17. Get it free, then sell it and wait forthe Patton KR to go on sale 😉

  18. So is this actually a premium tank(exp, silver modifiers) or a reward tank ?

  19. the tank is horrible so i wont even do the missions, its just a moneysink from wargaming to make people buy tokens and use gold to get the missions

  20. i’m gonna miss 5 days

  21. OMG, I was that Panther 8,8 in that replay :O
    I didn’t even realize it was ciron
    HA Ha

  22. I can barely stand playing this game for one day, let alone two solid weeks.
    I will just watch you play, Circon.

  23. the first mission is too easy – its suspicious! the others will probably be too much

  24. Its basically the T25/2 with a better turret and ammo.

  25. I greatly appreciate your YT content Circ, I work long hours and no longer play the game (32k battles 61%) but I do like to watch videos occasionally as streaming is just too time consuming for real lifers to watch, thanks for these bite size videos of great battles, keep up the good work.

  26. MalaysianFirePotato

    I wonder how this compares to the M46KR

  27. please notice that since this is a 1 mission per day marathon, every mission should be able to complete within 24 hrs. this goes to show the ‘difficulty’ to complete each mission

  28. This always comes up when I am banned for some players that drove in front of me just when I tried to shoot an enemy. FeelsBadMan

  29. So, kinda sorta play it like an Easy 8 Sherman

  30. you keep saying how the patriot is better than it, but I think that applies to basically every tier 8.

  31. is this a money-making premium or a normal premium?

  32. Thank you for relaying the info Cir!!

  33. This tank is really only worth if you finish 6+ missions, then it will be a really cheap tier 8 prem. And it can get cheaper depending on how much you play or wanna play for this tank.

  34. So this is Super P whithout armor …meh no tnx

  35. just think that this tank is free, so it shouldnt be as good as the other meds

  36. LOL what was QB using for his tank when he was playing? He made the gun look like a potato.

  37. Last mission: grind 100.000 xp in 24 hours

  38. Why is everyone keep comparing it to the Patriot that is a HT. HT guns usually packs more punch on the pen. This is just a downed KR that actually is good on the gun. As this don’t have crap shell speed vs the KR. But then again like most 90mm medium guns. Ammo is dirt cheap. So if it’s anything like the SP on profit. It won’t suffer to badly as a “free” income tank.

  39. Clorox Bleach Army

    I really need a american premium tank. I just hope war gaming doesn’t make this tank extremely hard to get

  40. So it’s like a T20 but at tier 8 and premium? I have the T20 and Patriot and they are my favorite American tanks so I am famaliar with them. I use optics, rammer and vstab on mine. My Patriot has almost 2400 dpm with that but if I swap the optics for vents and run food I can still have max spot range and dpm will be over 2500.

  41. If you’re intending to buy a small amount of gold, then buying the tokens & receiving the gold compensation would be a good deal. 1 token is cheaper than the cost of 500 gold & you get it converted in to 600 gold.

  42. I don’t trust that the later missions aren’t gonna be garbage crap like “light two tanks on fire”.

  43. Funny strategy WG bring more free to play players to high tiers so the p2w players (patriot, liberte, defender, skorpion g) can be feed.

  44. WalletWarrior252U Lol

    “‘Object 252U is completely underpowered tenk The lower plate is massive weakspot with only 218 mm of armor. Any tier 8 medium can penetrate it with slightly high penetration rollIf it gets hull down, the cupola armor is only 150 mm thick can can be easily penetrated by tier 6 heavy tonks. Just learn how to aim LULAnd why are you even shooting it it from the front? Just flank it LELIf you cannot penetrate it from side or rear then you should probably stop auto-aiming, nub. Aim under the spaced armor and above tracks The gun is also bed. The DPM is so low, why it has only 1700 DPM when IS-6 has 2000 DPM? So unfair, IS-6 has preferental MM too, that is OP tunk!It has 440 alpha, but tenks like Skorpion G has 490 alpha and loads faster. ISU-152 has 750 alpha! I think Object 252U needs a alpha baffAslo did you see that accuracy. It is 0.44, I miss everithing and then I have to wait for long reload. So bad!Gun derpresion is terrible too. Why T34 has 10 degrees and this has only 6? Where is balance??? It has terrible camo rating, the “Defender” camo does not halp at all!It is blind as bat too, OP invinsible medium tunks kemp bush and shoot me, I cannot even see them! Unfer plane!!!!Bat the worse thing is the horribly slow speed. How can AMX 50 100 heaavy tonk go at 51 km/h when this can barely manage 35 km/h? Object 252U is the worst tier 8 tenk in the game right now. It is so bad even when top tier, in bad MM I cri everi tiem and drown myself. It needs serious baffs!!”  – Sincerely, your average tomato player

  45. and teams last night, jeez, all the games I played well in the team folded, and then the games I sucked in were wins!

  46. Idk man, I think it can get a better engine or preferential match-making. Whadya think?

  47. Mantlet is 200+ effective they updated the model.

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