T25 Pilot Number 1 review! Is it worth the Gold/Grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. I’m gonna get that tank and sell it without playing any game in it… Daddy needs new tanks! Kappa

  2. Thanks for the review. If you want to buy any tank, I can highly recommend the Ravioli, best money I spent on Wot.

  3. my name jeff

  4. We are number one

  5. Foch saying it as it is! Love you man. . . . No homo

  6. Good honest review. I too feel its a shit tier 8 WG using to fish some money out players. Its a dead giveaway the missions will get ludicrous, when they let you buy mission tokens. Imagine getting into a tier X match on Prokhorovka…

  7. 2 videos in one day , is it christmas already?

  8. That medal is for killing tanks 2 tier higher with a medium tank

  9. i agree this is a shit tank but it is free and makes good credits, also the super pershings armor works against noobs and has pref mm so i love that tank

  10. If they increase the muzzle velocity of the AP shells to 950 (at least) and if they give it the 560 bhp engine from the Pershing (which is the stock engine) then it becomes an ok tank. At the moment it’s underpowered and one of the worst tier 8 mediums.

  11. Well I’m a F2P player without any tier 8 prems so looks like I’ll have to be a tryhard for these missions now…

  12. I am not bothering with grinding this tank. But ! But ! i have to say that IF…..IF they will change something in the game, things might get better for the tank. Maybe…. I wouldnt buy it nor will i play the marathon because CDC is the best for my gameplay. ANd i have Super pershing….and i am kind of stopping the game 😛 so FU WG 😀

  13. perfect review .
    I have same feeling that last missions will be impossible but I have all the time to try and ofc 0 real money for this game,not anymore.

  14. Thank you Foch, for an honest review. On the NA server the missions are a nightmare. Not in themselves, but from the premium round spamming, window licking lemmings that come out for this event. I wonder if that is not what WG is up to… sell premium time, gold for free xp and get people to buy gold tanks to crap on f2p. Genius, until people leave out of disgust.

  15. Any T8 medium tank that has less than 210 pen on it’s regular shells is never worth the gold.
    If this was T7 it would be ok.

  16. Wow, the first person to review it and openly say it’s shit. Thanks Foch for being honest. I have no idea how other reviewers came to the conclusion that it is an OK tank. I mean it is OK for making credits but not for winning games

  17. *half an hour* I’ve been grinding that 20000xp for ages.

  18. It’s like a T20 that sees tier X a lot Yaay

  19. It is basically a fully upgraded T25/2 TD with a better cannon and turret. the pluses are the HP… beyond that.. nothing to write home about

  20. Always love when Foch complaining about himself when he couldnt ace something…can make “ONLY” 7 kills with a cr@ppy tier 8 med at tier 10… 😀 😀 😀

  21. You seem sad Foch. Why?

  22. Wait?! He have acces to the WG accounts when he is so toxic with this game? :DDD How is that even possible. They are so hungry for moneys

  23. 2 videos in one day? :OOOO

    i’m in heaven

  24. 武隈大和*Yamato-kai_2199

    SuperPershing is way better

  25. Ofc its worth the grind..the missions are stupid easy, and you get a t8 prem.

  26. To be fair, these 2 games would have been “Ace Tanker” if the tank was available for everyone on the live server…

  27. That 1235 damage hurt on my balls.

  28. The missions are very easy for now so it worth to get it if it is for free and free premiums tanks are very welcome. ? The turret armour needs buff for hulldown.

  29. I just bought this tank because why not 😀 i can tell u guys one thing the ap penetration is really poor.. i mostly use apcr to go through is3’s and defender’s for the rest i really enjoy the mobility and gun depression.. at the moment its my only tank at 67winrate 😀 but if ur an agressive player dont get it because u really wont bounce any shots even tier 6’s will penetrate you

  30. How does this stack up against the Patton KR?

  31. before i even watch the review or without knowing anything about the tank, i can say this – with full confidence – this tank is shit. if wg is giving something for free, especially so easily, that thing is gonna be shit.

  32. hey, free garage slot and what 2 million credits?

  33. I have a better idea for WG grind missions to get:
    A: A brand new tank
    B: A tank in the premium shop
    C:A Type 59/or T44/100

  34. Jantje van Speijk

    I love you Foch. And the Ripper Patton which happens to sit in my garage is even a worse tank, I’m gonna cry myself to sleep tonight :’)

  35. It’s shitty cuz u can get it for free, not like defender for example 😉

  36. i think the engine power is what kills this tank i mean at least the m46 kr has a monster engine which lets it maintain speed really well and its really good at climbing hills thanks to the power to weight personally i liked the m26 pershing a lot and the m46 kr is a faster version of it so its perfect for me 🙂 (i have a tendancy to talk about the m46 kr a lot because i think its a massively under rated tank especially since the turret armor buff pre buff yeah post buff its a great tank)

  37. Thanks for the `fuck no` =)

  38. Only doing the marathon to get this so I can sell it for creds 🙂 got enough prem meds at the mo…

  39. thank you sir 😀

  40. It’s a……….Pershing prototype. MEH.

  41. So far, the “win 10 battles” was the worst…

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