T25/2 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Starting up the TD lines again and second game in the tank

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  1. i believe this video is fake, i mean , lets face it, who would get a
    Mastery Badge in the T25/2 :P

  2. I’d like to see more mid-tier (5,6,7) since that’s where I’m currently
    playing. Thanks. Oh yeah, and, uhm, unicorn.

  3. Ave ep in my t25/2 over 600, hellcat a little under 500 (did not play it in
    it’s glory days), play it like a medium with poor gun handling and always
    try to se the gd, have the proto, like the t25/2 better, oh and unicorn

  4. I’m finding 25/2 quite good too. Who cares what those purple unicorns think

  5. I enjoyed my T25/2, Finished with good stats Unicorn in mine. Don’t know
    why people Unicorn don’t like it.

    1AR, ASIA Unicorn Server.

  6. Excellent game there. I’m with you on this one. I thoroughly enjoyed the
    T25/2 and actually did pretty well in it.

    That reminds me… I need to go feed my unicorn.

  7. So this one time I saw a unicorn…

  8. Armando Marques

    unicorn, unicorn, unicorn.. Ireland rulezzz, go West Meath

  9. What’s with all the talk about unicorns? :)

  10. I like unicorns but you should try unicorn on the cob some time.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +FLYBOY805 Yeah it’s called a joke? I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of
      them, they’re quite interesting…

    • +Brian Koelling a unicorn is a horse with a birthday hat on…(no key for
      me )

  11. Unicorns? LOL

  12. Damn it! Now I am going to be thinking of unicorns for the rest of the day!

  13. I have horrible memories of this tank, at the point the T28 prot was a
    salvation (yes, at this point), but in your hands, it looks pretty good.
    Anyway, I will never play it again, never ever. :D

  14. I’m not that fond of the tank. I already have it in my garage for over a
    year. Someday I want to reach the T95 and that’s why I keep it.
    And btw, it’s not T25 dash 2 but it’s T25 slash 2… just saying 😀
    And you did great!

  15. I had some nice trips around Scotland actually – and those funny unicorns
    around the Wick area in the north totally caught my attention ;)

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