T28 Review/Guide, Brawling as a Turretless TD

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I review the T28, a 8 American tank destroyer in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Erlenberg and tier 10 battles.

The T28 is a stout brawler equipped with an excellent gun. It has good camouflage, but due to its poor mobility the driver needs to stay active with positioning so as not to fall behind the pace of the battle. Don’t be too campy in the T28!

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent frontal armor (254mm upper hull, 240mm effective lower hull)
+ Excellent side armor (101mm)
+ Excellent HP pool (1500)
+ Excellent camo (38+ with full Camo crew, BIA, and Vents)
+ Good DPM (2636 base)
+ Good gun handling
– Very poor speed (22kph)
– Very poor agility
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– Limited gun arc (21 degrees total)

The cupolas are weak spots but they are fairly small and the edges are autobounce.

Recommended Equipment
1. Rammer
2. Vents
3. Binocs

The Binocs provide value on open maps. GLD is not needed as the gun handling, armor, and camo are reliable.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can support me on Patreon, send me gold in-game, donate via PayPal, or simply shop on Amazon:



  1. Dusky Shadowcoat W_f1

    those sirens thoooo, the fun police coming for ya taug :p

  2. I don’t like to comment.

  3. Well done.. the T28 is also quite the beast in strongholds.. depending on the map of course

  4. Great video. Did you play the t28 before the buffs?

  5. Road to unicum Type 62?

  6. Play the Jagdtiger!!

  7. I would disagree with the HE rules. My rules for HE are:

    Big gun caliber for the tier(examples like 75+ at tier 3-4, 85+ 4-6, 105+ 4-9, 122+ 5-10)
    Low accuracy(Bigger than .36)
    Weakly Armored Target(Know where to pen)
    Heavily Armored Target(Cannot pen reliably at mid range, possibly due to lack of accuracy)
    High HE Pen/Damage(Pen higher than 80 like derp 152s or HESH, alpha 150% or more of AP like the 122/128 guns on Russian/German Heavies)
    Ridiculously large ammo capacity(like over 50 shells)

    If at least 3 of these conditions apply to the situations common for a tank, then I load a respectable portion of HE. For instance, I can responsibly spam about half my ammunition as HE in the VK 100.01 simply because the ammunition pool is large and typically I despise the use of gold ammo unless it is absolutely required that I do my full alpha’s worth of damage on a shot, for example, the front of a Type 4. I never, ever carry HE in almost any Russian medium tank because most of them have useable pen and accuracy(only derp guns and A44/T44-122) and need a full complement of ammunition to carry games successfully. Most light tanks are a waste of time to load HE unless brawling other lights is superbly common, like in a t100 LT where HE into another lights ass can cause a lot of critical damage and potentially remove a tank off module damage alone.

    In respect to this video, finishing off low health targets is not always reliable with HE, even if the meme is “H E a l w a y s d o e s d a m a g e” but it is very subjectively up to RNG as the penetration of the HE round has a big part in the damage calculation along with the alpha of the gun firing it.

  8. Playing T28 myself….not enjoying it as much as the British armored TDs. Makes me appreciate the AT-15’s wide gun arc.

  9. Been tempted to play this line, but I played up German TDs and completed the line to the Jagdpanzer E100, which makes me reluctant to play turretless TDs again. Got old being left alone to be surrounded and die…


    i am grateful for you taugrim for continuing this series taugrim….it good to see you keep playing this game,but as for me i decided to give up on this game(even more after QB video).so i hope you continue making these kind of video for us to enjoy

  11. had to read the title twice to believe you’re playing turretless td XD

  12. Really love the t95 that comes after but have not mastered the e3 yet with only 33% win rate 🙂

  13. Hi Taugrim 🙂 I just got the 105mm on my M46 Patton after grinding half of the xp needed and MAN was that torture, free xp well spent, played one battle to test it out and the 3K dpm is awesome.

  14. T28 Prot Vs T28?

  15. Thank you for the code and keep up the great work, you’ve motivated me to reduce my gold layout by over half in most tanks. Focusing on aiming skills much more now.

  16. It is so unlike to see you in such a slow, lumbering tank. Impressive none theless.

  17. We gonna see some Freedom Despenser games? (T95)

  18. You only Die when you get killed

    It’s weird how the t28 is slower than the t28 prototype when the t28 is lighter but has the same engine.

  19. This series/channel is pure class. I feel your advice and videos have had such a marked affect on my gameplay even if only mimicking taking certain positions. Managed to bring up type 61 win rate from 48% to 54% and I chalk that up to medium tank advice.

  20. The T28 was ok… but somehow everyone managed to penetrate my cupolas at 300+ meters with wiggling …. same with the T95 ….

  21. I love your vids!

  22. First off, what is Unicom???

  23. Great work as always Taugrim

  24. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    Do obj 40u pls

  25. 1. I hate this tank
    2. it’s awfull, no speed, no mobility, no camo, no view range, nothing
    3. armor ? on 48 games : 11x pen by T6 with simple AP at +400 meter direct to my frontal armor…

    I finished the t28prot and it’s really good him, the t28 is my worst TD, i’ve T1 => T7 minimum all nations.

    Thanks for review

    • It has 38%/24% camo with full camo crew+paint and bia,thats better than an ISU.Camo is great since it is low profile TD.View range with binocs is enough to see what ever is shooting you or bushspot.If you wiggle they will miss the cupola most times.I guess this tank is a test if you are gonna like T95.Stick with T28 prot and play it like a HT.

    • +Kanivalos80 i’ve 34% camo (after 3 sec) + 426 meter view range (not using binocular cause no turret).
      My SU-152/ISU-152/T28 prot, i’ve +2700 win8 for all… my T28 = -1100 win8…

    • +seb4771 You are a 2700wn8 player and using a camonet on a T28?

    • +Kanivalos802700 ON the tank, i’m just noob with 1800win8 (2200 7 days), 1000 on the T28

    • camo is good on T28, but yeah mobility is too bad for how armour is unreliable. View range is average.

  26. Great video. I have mostly played the lighter armored TDs that you, more or less, have to camp with. I did play up the German heavy TD line to the JP E100 and found that the armor was much less reliable than I thought. The combination of my inexperience with heavily armored tanks and the fact that most people will spam gold at you in that tank led to a lot of frustration and, ultimately, that tank being a permanent fixture in the garage. My issue lately has been the unreliability of the gun on my WT Auf PZ IV. 276 pen yet somehow manages to not pen a lot. I’m not talking about heavy tanks either. If I fail to pen the front of an E100 I get it. My issue is when side shots on heavies or shots on lights and lightly armored mediums don’t pen. I had a close game the other day where at the end it was me and a really good IS3 player against another WT, Skoda T50 and a light. All where on low health. Where were in a city. The IS 3 took out the light and I managed to catch the T50 looking town the wrong road trying to catch the IS 3. I had an open side shot with time to fully aim. I was maybe 100 meters away and he had about 300 HP. I lined up up on the side of his turret knowing that there is nowhere on the side of his tank that has anywhere near 276 armor fired. I tracked him and did no damage at which point he turned and clipped me before I could reload or get back behind cover. If this had been an isolated issue or even a rare one it would be briefly frustrating but ultimately no big deal. Unfortunately, it keeps happening. I have had games in that tank where I have scored multiple non-penetrating hits against lights and mediums. It is hard to maintain enthusiasm for a game when that kind of thing keeps happening.

  27. Weak lower plate and it’s a tough behemoth

  28. its interesting what that T10 is saying in chat…..

  29. GlassesGirlsIsMoeeee

    SirFoch : “This thing is PoS”
    Taugrim said that he’s frustated to play it.

    Now that’s a testament on how bad this grind is

  30. @Taugrim

    Hello, and good day! I would like to ask if you can spare little of your time and effort to do a unicum guide with the T-10/E-75 heavy tanks. I would like to see your thoughts on these tanks. Much love, I appreciate your reviews Taugrim!

    Now, I know you may never get to read this but if for some divine reason that you do, just know that I cannot thank you enough!

  31. personally i did enjoy the T28 i didnt mind the speed and the gun is pretty good (i played it post buff) and i finished the grind with 65.5% winchance (Eu server) i angled mostly inbetween shots and it still bounces stuff like E50M’s or sometimes gold shells from russian meds because they think they can auto pen all tier 8 tanks
    i almoust every time i play most tanks agressive i like to bein the action instead of camping
    i mostly camp when im low hp (basicly 1 shot) or im a lightly armoured TD on a campy map

  32. T28 is awsome unitil enemy fire gold, all Heavy and Heavy Armored Td’s are obsolete when enemy press 2. it’s sad.

  33. Oh wow, perfect timing. I was thinking of firing up the game again to grind for the T95.

  34. looks great, when im driving mine I get nothing but gold ammo fired at me or jap derps

  35. Marco Antonio Vieira de Oliveira

    Great guide Taugrim, now gimme some tips against arty party in this big thick box. Thanks and keep up the good vids!

  36. Wish console would get the model from PC for this. Looks so much better then before and seems to have good armor too.

  37. Thank you for this! I just started this tank with the hopes of tryin out the T95 🙂

  38. I started this line a while back. I like the mobile turreted TDs (up the the T 25/2). I have had the T28 unlocked for a while now, but the slow turretless playstyle is just off-putting for me now. Maybe I’ll get to it at some point, but the idea of the grinds through the T28 and T95…blech.

    Anyway, great video as always.

  39. Another great tutorial. Thanks for the redemption code.

  40. Oh my God, you finally put me on your video. I am the Russian light player that helped you on hill. Your nice words made me feel so good this morning. I was honored to play with you and even more Honored to be in videos. If you ever need any help what so ever .

  41. most often it is not the lack of W-pressing (though that is important), it’s the lack of staying together while doing so on a city map. The fast tanks have to wait for the others to move up every now and then. That’s what killed the west push, soft tanks rushing up front alone and then getting stomped by their counterpush. It’s easily as much their fault as the t-10s, though he should’ve moved up earlier.
    Even one corner can mean a separation that allows enemys to rush you on city maps so … STAY THE F**** TOGETHER people ^^.

  42. Thanks for the CC code. An unexpectedly cool thing. Thanks for the good vids too. I have been in a few battles with you on the same side, and was happy that I felt I could trust a team player. Only lost one because we got capped out, such is life. But it was by their very few remaining tanks.

  43. I ground through this tank before the armor buffs, and actually kind of liked it. Since the armor buffs it’s a lot more like a tier 8 T95.

  44. if you never seen premium chinese TD you can think T28 is ok tank. But oh boy it sucks if you tested WZ. Also first battle was so lucky cant even

  45. I thank you for all your videos it was a great joy for me to watch. But now it’s time to disabo, In the last years I lost my complete interest in WOT.
    Thank you and goodbye!

  46. Plz review E50/E50m

  47. Wow everyone here is respectible i love it. Im not giving out the secret in this video im sure you guys know about it though. Well its not exactly a secret

  48. Where do you add the code?

  49. Thanks for the code. I hope to see you on the battlefield and look forward to your next video.

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