T30 goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Foch – this is not a problem with “accuracy being presented very poorly”.
    This is a problemewith rng being too much a factor.
    And in WOWS, that in 99% of times i am currently playing, rng factor is
    even higher !
    And i am saying that … who likes WOWS very much.

  2. B-but Foch, atrociously wide range of RNG is very crucial to the gameplay,
    it keeps things fun and interesting!
    Also, WG is actively fighting camping and having to sit still to hit
    anything obviously prevents it, just like arty does!

    Can’t wait for them to introduce the crit mechanic. Every Russian stronk
    balanced tenk will have 80% chance to one-hit a puny, fascist German tank.
    For historicity and balance, comrade!

  3. Foch your videos are good but your criticism of game mechanics is spot on.
    If you were in charge at WG, the game would be amazing.

  4. Oh, the T30, the very balanced tank that needed an aim time buff.

  5. Ah, my daily dose of salt. Thank you Foch.

  6. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    I love this raging about WoT. But why dont you give AW a try?

  7. I can’t get enough of ur irony like the moment u questioned who was going
    to be spotted first, you or the IS-3. Keep it coming please. :D

  8. It’s rng that fucks this game…
    ‘Oh you suck at this game? Let’s give you good RNG so you can hit shots
    without even aiming at 600 m, so you’ll keep playing this game and giving
    us money. And let’s make good players miss you so you are happy that you
    didn’t get stomped by SKILL.’
    ‘And let’s give the good players a ton of shit games, with a good game
    every 10 crap games, so they don’t stop spending money on this game.’
    -WG, ever since.
    Good game Foch, love this daily upload thing :D

  9. Oh you’re SO WRONG. This tank is HORRIBLE for new players. Its too OP and
    needs nerfed! Why are you shooting gold rounds?!

    Oh wait, wrong video, kappa 😀
    Dat first comment on the Ferdi video you just put up…

  10. wg does everything thinking how to make Russian tanks better.

  11. wut? It’s been a couple months since I last played. has the meta changed so
    much so that a lot of TDs on the enemy team is a good thing?

  12. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks the accuracy is bullshit.
    Super accurate guns with 100% crew, shells acting like enemy tanks have
    deflectionshields and go outside of your aiming circle.
    Fair and balanced – Foch

  13. RNGeebus mistook your gun for a commie gun thus the un-aimed shots flying

  14. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    The problem i have is the stupid bl9 on is3…
    just the fact that it goes straight in the middle of the circle, every time
    u fire fully aimed…compare it to e75s 128 fully aimed with .38
    and then compare t10s .38 acc gun with e75s .38 acc gun, just do 10 shots
    with each, and see where shells go most of the time…just plain fucking

  15. Fuck this shit. You are the only YouTuber who says exactly what’s on my
    mind considering ALL the ISSUES of the game. I hope that WG will listen to
    at least some of it.

  16. Camo crew/ net IS-6 gud?

  17. play the 112 shitty 122 mm this gun is absolute garbage

  18. sometimes fochu says complete bs e.g. aiming… It’s called rng that youre
    hitting Bad aimed shots

  19. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    I agree with your thoughts on accuracy.. its should be more like aw..

  20. thanks for the daily videos foch

  21. First shot snap into that IS-3, driven by the best player in the enemy team
    and took out half of its HP. The first blood. Then u know it’s gonna be a
    good game.

  22. foch should do an murian accent commentary

  23. Game is made to all guns be able hit on any distance. KV2 500m snipe? No
    problem. Russian heavies with shitty accuraccy, no problem. Good accuracy
    guns will miss at same rate on that distance, but on the paper they got
    “zehr gutt” accuracy and lower alpha, so balance is made…
    This game become more and more dumb..

  24. T30 is horrible foch

  25. where are all the tomatoes? school?

  26. reminds me of your old kv-1s review

  27. It’s always a good time watching Foch shit on people, especially the ones
    who would normally shit on me! haha. Also, as a mostly German tanker, I
    couldn’t agree more! The accuracy needs to count to make up for the lower
    glacias plate and otherwise all flat armor, and for all those times I was
    set on fire back in the day! Buff zee Germans! lol. Nice video as always!
    Foch is proof it can be done! With standard ammo!! lol

  28. My view on accuracy: there’s not a big enough difference between accurate
    and inaccurate tanks.

    The e sports push is also never going to stick with how non deterministic
    so many systems in this game are, and how bad balance in random games is
    and how much worse certain aspects of it make it seem (clan grabass in his
    Heat-54, I’m looking at you).

  29. Don’t like to argue with you Foch coz you’re my best mate, but….. If your
    creeping along in the open in a 500 tonne brick of a T30 and the IS3 is
    stopped behind a boosh then surely you will be spotted first, unless like
    you said it was the afk IS6 ??

  30. World of Tanks – Accuracy Doesnt Facking Matter.

  31. Keep spoiling us with daily videos pleeeease

  32. A track traverse buff (4-6) for the JT would have been better. Ofc you cant
    shake someone off in the middle of the open but you can kill them more
    easily if they try to reduce the distance for circling.

  33. TheFochYou 2.

  34. Oliver Entwisle (RevilO501)


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