T30 | PINNACLE of American Tank Stereotypes | BIG = BETTER (War Thunder)

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T30 | PINNACLE of Stereotypes | BIG = BETTER (War Thunder)


  1. TheRealDonaldTrump

    You should have a T-shirt that says “just add more millimeters” in the shop

  2. t30 is only fking garbage troll made in gaijin

  3. Coming into a round with my virgin Sherman M4a1 76 (W) was bloody terrible against the T30.

  4. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    The bane of T30 and pretty much every other tank: RU 251 and those sneaky pizza ovens

  5. Which is better to grind in? Realistic battles or arcade?(note I play on console)

  6. @PhlyDaily

    For weight don’t forget the the T34 has an armour plate at the back of the turret giving it about 200mm of thickness back there. T30 doesn’t have that so I guess it evened out on the weight right on the nose.

  7. Russian bias? Here, take this Murican power,

  8. Looks like a fun tank but I feel bad for all the Tiger II H’s out there. Moving down the Panther II gives germans options but I’d rather the Tiger II than the barely existent Panther II to be at the fore front of late war german tanks. With the Americans and the Russians having 5.7’s that can pen the Tiger II’s front turret and 7.7 Object 120s to delete it into extinction I wish it was given some love.

  9. SHARKIIE 956 Let’s play

    Phly add me on Xbox I recorded a video where an is3 knock out my gunner and I had escape and started to repair my t30 then all of a sudden he pop up I bounce a shot lucky me I finished repairing and took my shot and killed him. It was awesome.

  10. Liked cause……it’a like c’mon it’a Phly!

  11. You know murica, “The bigger, the better”

    Well…probably not on the m22’s case since that thing is a god tank, but you get my point

  12. That sneeze was ???

  13. “we got giggle mcbutt watching my backside” Phly – 2019

  14. I missed this best b-cus the game told me I completed my tasks when I didn’t so I didn’t get my coupons for the first three I had done missed 1 and failt one more then I gave up

  15. Very good vid Phly, but also 1 thing. Dude I bet you would be so cool to hang out with, you got that personality but not in a weird way.

  16. The loader starts off skinny little tanker taking 45 seconds to sling 45kg round, and by ACE he’s swoll and throwing around 45kg!

  17. GiggleMcButt watching the back side XD Probably one of my all-time favorite Phly quotes.

  18. I laughed way top hard at that sneeze lol!

  19. This is cancer to fight against.

  20. Lasse Alexander Christiansen

    Phly could you try out the leopard a1a1 l’44?

  21. T30 is a fucking joke, the kv-2 is way more viable at its own tier. for the amount of grinding for this tank is not worth it at all. dont even start with the premium Fw which is a fucking glitchy mess just like the rest of this dumpster fire of a game

  22. how did you get the t 30

  23. Enemy waiting around corner, hears sound of t30 main gun firing ” relax guys it’s only a 37mm approaching

  24. not exactly sneaking around with them arias are you

  25. I will be fucked in my British tank now 🙁

  26. Bless you !!!!!!!!

  27. The original American muscle

  28. 5:30 to skip pointless claptrap.

  29. Wouldnt it be more realistic if the loader would reload faster while the tank is not moving?

  30. Nice going Phil. How can I get my own logo on the tank?

  31. Love yee Phly

    P.S. Potatoes

  32. Challenger mk 3 please want to see it in action to its full potential befor i finsh grinding for it

  33. attack the d point

  34. 5:33 I don’t hear sound of gun fire

  35. @0:14 “Add more Millimeters”…… That’s what she said

  36. When you’re in a teir 4 match and the americans are on your side

    *fortunate son intensifies*

  37. Lol love the dogshit bias Haigs has for anything anti-American. The P-51D-5 is incredibly underpowered compared to the Bf 109 G5 or the Yak equivalent.

    Funny to me how much everyone dogs Americans, but fail at realizing we were much more viable than these modern cucks realize, or what the propaganda makes them believe. Sad to see.

    By the way, you’re not sophisticated for holding the past against someone, Phly. It’s a really old tactic. Try something new.

  38. Just like your mom, tge T30 is fun to *BEEP* around with.

  39. F THE F WORD

  40. You bounced the shell off the back of the turret from your T34 because it has a reinforced plate that adds a lot of armor to the rear of the turret.

  41. Welcome to American Piercing rounds

  42. Hi Phly, just want to let you know in war thunder, APBC is a much more strong round type than APCBC and others.
    At 60°, it will pen more than APCBC and sometime even HEATFS with the same vertical penetration, if the cannon caliber is 1.2x bigger than target thickness. For example, 120mm gun vs 100mm@60° armor.
    Below to 50°, it ALWAYS pen more than APCBC, HEATFS and sometime even APFSDS, with same vertical pen, and it will still perform better with 30% less vertical pen than APCBC.
    This make them much easier to pen some enemy with high degree thin armor, or multi layer armor like M4A3E2, Centurion mk 10, even composite armour.
    The APBC family include APBC, APHEBC, AC on KV-2, and 120mm AP on M103, AMX 50 Surbaisse and AMX 50 Foch, mainly on russian tanks. You should have a try on them.

  43. Pls play pak puma with bf 109 e3 250 kg bomb 🙂 😉

  44. 3:15 was that suppost to bruce?

  45. I’m so sad, war thunder needs an update ;(

  46. Play hesh man with bigger br

  47. So can u get up ranked in this game
    Cuz i was in my tiger 1 and faced t30 and a foch

  48. T30 only need AP shell

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