^^| T30 RNG-GUN. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Oh that gun trolls like that too.

  2. Hi Circon, you should try playing on my account, you’ll get the most
    amazing RNG ever, comparing to those two shots to what I get every day is
    nothing to say the least. Anyway, love your mêmes

  3. MrImmortalityPrince

    I could’ve gotten the T30 a long time ago, but like the that one tank
    before the maus i just said “No”. T28 Prot should be better next patch. Or
    will it?

  4. !artystrike

  5. well, after these couple of replays you put up of t30 now I am sure I dont
    want to grind that branch. its nice in certain situations but at the end of
    this replay I am looking at your crew, and given that its missing so many
    fully aimed shots its not my cup of tea. looks to me that it works like
    BL10, but that is tier 8 so you can oneshot poor +2 bastards in their tier
    6 meds

  6. For the plebs, he is sayin suh dude wich is a meme version of the sup dude

  7. T34 drives on top of the dune and I was saying G.W. E 100 hit incoming
    about 15 seconds before it happened ;)

  8. +1 for replay with Jaws laughing in background.

  9. circon when you slit your wrists, remember: across for attention, down for

  10. MOAR T-30 replays please!

  11. T30 is a beast.

  12. omg please stop saying “suh du”

  13. Ok I’ll say it again…WOW!

  14. I listen to ur good stuff Spotify playlist ;)

  15. Lol time to sell tier X Leo and finally get 3rd mark on PTA
    No, seriously. Leo 1 is now so useless that tank before it is better than
    it xD

  16. Where did you get “å sa du” from

  17. What sorcery is this? You posted a game where sn00ze doesn’t die?

  18. 4:38 close to getting ill :(

  19. That T34 was Turk. DId you seriously though he would play good? Seriously?

  20. why don’t you use the national crew voices?

  21. fuck them sideways :)

  22. Both this and the T110E4 are so painful to play with the amount of RNG in
    the game. I love both tanks, but goddamn.

  23. T30 is my favorite tank to play in the game!

  24. I went through the T28 Proto without a roof and now its getting speed RIP.

  25. Gholy derp! Great gun I believe ??

  26. whats dumb is calling someone dumb in a game where there are as many plebs
    as there are sandgrains…

  27. I still don’t understand what Circon says at 2:18 .

  28. what mod does circon use? can I have the link for it?

  29. but should i still get an e5 though?

  30. Pretty much my love / hate relationship with this tank. Some days you will
    get away with 155mm snapshots that make you love it. Others the gun refuses
    to even hit in the damn circle…

  31. you know what I took away from that video? with bia, 80% signal boosting,
    no recon… this TD has 450m view range…

  32. Quantum Imperfections

    As per the usual: epic content Mr. Circ. ^.^ -Res PS: You’re da bestest!

  33. Dj Khaled’s son’s name is ASAHD LOL, when you say sah dude it sounds so

  34. but, but am I the only crying over the fact the M41 Bulldog is getting his
    10 shot autoloader removed?

  35. I love wargaming… hey let’s make an OP tank better 😀 >~> only took them
    2 years to realize how salty the E5 makes everyone. begone ya stet pedders

  36. That actually is the best kind of RNG you can get with that gun. At least
    that is my experience with about 150 games played in it with that 152 mm.

  37. I am early, time for a joke!

    VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A

  38. Richard Gustafsson

    Holy fuck that was adrenaline pumping

  39. No kills? Jeez, get to work, Circon!

  40. Im going for lonely E-100 with my low-pen T30 gun…better load APCR man.

    Dude why?

  41. What is that he is saying? Some people in chat mentioned it in the video
    aswell. Sounds like “Assad” or something

  42. If the t28prot gets a mobility (lmao) buff I may finally use that hellcat
    crew, rotting for like half a year now.

  43. 7:33 Lets all have a seizure . Whoo!

  44. 2:05 Tier 8 Premium I see…

  45. wow I’m early

  46. I love the T30! Had my best battle in it! :)

  47. anyone else having trouble watching in high def?

  48. German buffs what is this socery

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