T30 Unicum Guide/Review, Glorious 750 Alpha

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I the , a tier 9 TD in (), with a replay of tier 9 and tier 10 Swamp battles.

The T30 meets the standard of “American comfort” with its effective hull-down capability and packs big punch with 750 alpha. That said, the gun handling, low DPM, and lack of mobility require the driver to anticipate situations.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent alpha (750)
+ Solid turret protection
+ Turreted, whereas the majority of its peers lack a turret
+ gun (155mm) provides overmatch opportunities on squishy tanks
– Lowest DPM of its peers, due to long reload
– Relatively poor gun handling
– Hull armor can’t be relied on
– Relatively poor mobility, struggles to flex

Recommended Equipment
1. Rammer
2. Vents
3. GLD

As mentioned in the video, I have experimented with Optics instead of GLD, but the gun handling poor enough that speeding up the aim time and minimizing exposure make GLD the better choice.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to ” full and FAQs:

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  1. Hello, I noticed there’s no Conway on your channel. Is that in some future plans, perhaps?

  2. I just pulled my crew out of my t30 for the E4 yesterday.

  3. Mark_Of_The_Legion

    I love the T30 so much honestly one of my favorite tanks of all time just play it like a heavy with a big gun and go hull down

  4. Please make a video about American Premium T34

  5. Why no HE shells?

    • You can carry a handful if you want. I did carry some previously and have accidentally switched to it, so I got rid of them for this tank to prevent that from happening. I also find AP to be much more reliable than HE.

  6. “heavy tanks tend to have meaningful hull armour”
    *is driving beside a t-10*

    pretty ironic xD

    • Taugrim This is why I first researched tanks with good turrets instead of thick turrets when I started playing WoT.

    • Taugrim T-10’s hull seems somewhat reliable though. Just destroy tanks you know can’t pen and don’t show it to tanks that might pen. Reverse side scraping in it used to work awesome for me, not sure why it doesn’t work anymore, maybe I just haven’t played it in a while.

    • I find that it in many situations, it takes too long to get into a reverse sidescraping position, and I find it confusing with the controls being backwards. But if you can make it work, good on you 🙂

    • Ultimate_Input Is because the ingame cursor’s penetration works on Realtime. Previously it showed you just the Armor thickness and not the effective Armor. Now people can see that they can aim at tracks and go through

    • Sample Text That’s probably why, I do angle sharply though. I’m just not going to try it again and just play it like a medium.

  7. I blind fired cross map on el halluf in my t30 and 1 shorted someone the other day lol

  8. This is my most feared tank for some reason. Maybe it’s just because of what I usually meet it in.

  9. Such a nice tank!

  10. So I’m able to maintain blue recents but I can’t get my wr up to save my life I know all strats and I know whats supposed to happen and what I’m supposed to do but I just can’t get wins any advise?

    • Thanks I appreciate it I don’t really know any unicums I can platoon with and trust me I watch every WOT vid I can get my hands on I watch you and lemmingrush and just about every other youtuber out there and actually my wr is red/yellow at 48% but my recent wn8 is like 1900 last I checked see what usually happens is either my team just melts 3 minutes into the game (not trying to be one of those toxic “noob team uninstall” sort of people) or when I go back to defend I can never do it successfully or as I’m going back to defend some random guy will show up in the most unexpected location and screw me over and thank you again for taking the time to reply and try to help me I really do appreciate it

    • So if your recent WR is at 48% but recent WN8 is 1900, that clearly means you are farming meaningless damage and not contributing during the early and middle parts of the battle sufficiently to help your team win.

      Every player gets teams that just flat-out suck and are uncarryable, but you face bad teams too.

      If you are running into players that you don’t expect, you need to watch the minimap more closely and predict where unspotted opponents might be.

    • Yeah if I saw someone with my stats I would think the same thing but I swear on my life its not true I don’t just camp in the back and farm damage I love to be aggressive I can’t stand camping I find it boring

    • Link your IGN so I can look you up on wotstats.org, I can make some guesses by looking at that.

    • when looking at my stats please take into consideration that I only started taking the game seriously last year and I didn’t play regularly and stayed at tier 6 before I started actually trying which is why I have so many tier 6 battles and most of my tank stats are from tanks I played before I started try harding the tanks I play now which would be more relevant to look at would be the sheridan p.victoria LTTB wz-131 and leo

  11. the mod 1 should have pushed you…… and the pershing should have pushed ahead and spotted

    i WILL push tanks….on a few conditions

    1. im low health, and can do shit anyway
    2. my gun sucks….and i can do shit anyway…but the guy im pushing has 750 alpha and 330 pen

    once the tank gets in position….. ill try to flank, especially if on low health

    pushing can be a good thing……. sure, 8 times out of 10 its stupid
    but their are times when you need to push

  12. Taugrim what software do you use for recording because I’m using OBS and my screen is somewhat choppy at 58 FPS and I see yours isn’t consistent. If you do use OBS what are your settings? Thanks.

    • I use Nvidia Share (formerly called ShadowPlay) to record, and I have it set at 30 FPS. I use OBS for recording things like tanks.gg.

      You also need to consider what program you’re using to edit/produce videos. I used Adobe Premiere Elements 10 until about 2 weeks ago, and I just switched over the past 2 videos to PowerDirector 16.

  13. Nice video. This tank is the reason I started playing game 🙂
    Need ur advice. I have 5000bonds now. I wanna invest in my Batchat. Should I buy Improved Vents or Improved Vert Stabs?

  14. How the “BLEEP” did u 2 mark that in 9 battles??? (sheesh FFS!!)

  15. I’ve already mastered in the T30, but I did do very bad in beginning before I got the hang of using Peeka-n-Boom and go hull down! I do love the speed and mobility and the accuracy of the 15.5cm and just recently also got a ace in WoT-Blitz! I didn’t know you could snapshot, I’ll try it next time

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to advocate snapshotting in the T30. It’s really terrible at it, due to the poor gun handling and especially long reload. You should aim in whenever you can. I get skittish about exposure sometimes, or a tank is about to pull back into cover, and in those cases, snapshotting may make sense. Just don’t let an opponent bait you into firing so that they can then farm you during your reload.

  16. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    I never thought about it but can you call someone a unicum based on their recent stats? I’m teal, almost blue, but I have 3.4k+/62%+ recent WN8/WR, does that make me a unicum or what? I fucked up when I started playing so my overall stats are garbage and it’ll take me a lot of time to improve that, especially WR.

    I don’t really care about it, just got curious because people usually talk about unicums but never specify if someone with many battles who just started to improve could be considered one. I don’t chase stats but I’m liking consistency, something that used to be really hard for me.

    • Recent stats are a reflection of *current* skill level, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

      Having a Unicum WN8 for the entire account IMO is really about bragging rights. It’s a nice goal to get, and it does lend credibility, but the recent stats you listed mean you’re playing at a Unicum level now.

      Some would argue you benefit from “XVM camo” because opponents running XVM will see your account-level stats and you won’t get the kind of attention that account-level Unicums get.

    • Being held to your overall is a dic thing for people to do. It has no reflection on how you play now, or the things that you have learned. I have several impressive things to brag about, so when someone calls me a trash noob I just laugh. I am a good player with great recent and decent overall. Unless you re-roll, you should be proud of your overall regardless of how bad you were to begin with.

      This is unpopular, but I hate XVM with every fiber of my being. You are judged solely on overall, and tons of prejudice and discrimination happens purely because of the XVM stat horses out there. XVM is largely negative to the community and has become the only way to evaluate how someone plays. No one cares to see a replay of a recent game or watch you play a battle. XVM is bad unless people stop using it as grounds for hate and discrimination.

    • Tomás Turbando Pinto

      I didn’t think about it this way. So basically I have the advantage of making less mistakes on average than I used to, while also not having the annoyance from being focused because of my overall. Sweet, in this case I have nothing to complain about. haha

      I have to thank you and other great players for helping me improve, the experience with this game feels much better when you have easier control over the battle. I think simply knowing how to stay alive longer and when to engage is what made me improve so much compared to how I played before. People who use excuses like “playing for fun” when they don’t want to improve don’t know what fun really is until they start winning way more often than they lose.

  17. That gun hits a ton!

  18. Just bought it! Nice timing! Thanks Taugrim!

  19. echogameadventures

    buckle up for the LTTB, that thing flips so easy it’s crazy. if basically only rolls around corners on its side.

  20. This thing currently holds the record of my most dmg done at 9604. Never went above 10k dmg but this is the closest I’ve had.
    That 750 alpha gun is really something to be afraid of. Might not be the best TD at tier 9 but I still love it. <3

    Someone else posted the replay on YT if anyone is interested.

  21. Thanks for a good video Taugrim . I’m going to get this tank on ps4 . Regards Wampyricus on ps4

  22. Pershing wanted to be helpful? LOOL, they just wanted 3 kills for BiA with you. Nothing noble at all.

  23. I’m really amazed you don’t carry any HE. I always take a few for the opportunity to take out low HP (heavy) tanks. Can make the difference in a close game. Tank’s got plenty ammo.

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