T34 AMERICAN HEAVY TANK – Funny Moments & Gameplay (War Thunder Tanks)

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– Funny Moments & Gameplay ()

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  1. the convoy song is by C.W. Mccall, the gta version is shit

  2. You should make a video with a bunch of T34 and T95(I think thats what the turtle is) in Battleship formation on custom battles, vs maybe smaller tanks
    And include the Convoy song lol

  3. Wasted ammo challenge.
    Take out the Type 60, but play without the HUD and without optics.
    Get an ace.
    Attempt #8.

  4. Convoy is gta 5 song phly

  5. anyone catch the “A day to remember” reference??

  6. Legit convoy is the best song ever

  7. Hey Phly, beast combo. 😀 Use the Maus and the BV-238. 😀

  8. World Of Tanks Blitz

    convoy is the song used in a movie called convoy its a 70s movies i think

  9. royalhermitgaming

    gta san andraes

  10. royalhermitgaming

    i love u and devildoggamer playiny together its great

  11. i like it when you do the funny editing lol

  12. convoy tune was a sound track to the film convoy, an epic trucking film either late 70’s or early 80’s, i loved that film when i was a kid, breaker 1 9 rubber duck we have a bear in the air you copy, lol, i had a cb myself my dad drove trucks we used to go to a cb club, my handle was apple jack,

  13. The Weapon Collection

    SMH… the song convoy is from the movie convoy….

  14. Congratulations on passing Baron on subs Phly!!!

  15. Thank you PhlyDaily for stoping Tiger II abuse at 6.7

  16. Native American Prince David

    Phly, got advice on playing the Panzer III (B)?

  17. 12:05 lmfao “alright im gonna back up here”

  18. Phly and Devildog is some of the best shit on youtube right now. Doesn’t really matter what game

  19. “Our AP against a 251 does nothing” >HE loaded
    GEE PHLY maybe try that one? lol

  20. Phly what are your thoughts on the Yak-7B

  21. oryg1n was trying to talk to u but u had chat off

  22. video shows oswind killing a t34, germans be like, omg americans op…. really?

  23. tank for down kids

  24. I was just thinking how awesome Napalm would be.

  25. While I do complain about tiger tanks and similar, it helps when team mates don’t pussy out.

  26. Francisco Guerrero

    Song at 9:50? 😛

  27. I love war thunder .. but damn the community can be toxic . so many of you argue like little girls back and forth about the same shit over and over and over again … you folks know what the definition of insanity is right ? just play the game and if it’s truly making you so mad maybe try something else or do something else … it’s unhealthy to be so mad about a game. seriously some of you guys are straight up drama Queens. Arcade mode is just hillarious how much people get mad about lack of team work, it’s arcade mode it’s meant to just go ham and have fun play the way you want … your going to lose when you play online random battles it’s as simple as that.

  28. love the vids Phly keep em rolling.

  29. Maybe when you are versing the RU251 you should use high explosive rounds like you would use if you were trying to kill an SPAA.

  30. 29-K and IL-2

  31. The convoy song is from a movie called convoy with kris kristofferson it came out in 1978. Good movie too on he’s Mack truck instead of a bulldog he has a mean looking duck.

  32. leukste filmps aller tijden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. That was so entertaining and hilarious to watch. I’m laughing my ass of at work.

  34. Hate this tank

  35. ive just started high tier tanks and i love your vids more than ever cause they help me show what the average tank player uses and where ammo racks are on stuff i dont yet know

  36. And the Oscar goes to….

  37. also id give my soul to play a game with you. but i suck ass lol

  38. Rbt-5 and the yak-9k

  39. you two should make more of these. I love that I’m subscribed to both of you.

  40. challenge time take the m22 locust and take out as many tank tracks as you can at br 8.0 to get to the SBD 3 with the 1000kg bomb!

  41. Let’s go British, let’s play the Tier 1 Beaufort Mk VIII and Tier 5 FV4004 Conway

  42. JOB DONE

  43. yesteday they make t 29 and now is 6
    uninstall this stupid game.

  44. some people say that the T34 is op, buy the T29 with its non explosive APBC has more pen than the AP round of the T34. And the T29 reloads faster.

  45. rip this video. it’s gonna get copyright striked bc of that song lmao

  46. Hey phill can you be my friend on war thunder

  47. Phly, i have a challenge for you. Take the Polikarpov PO-2 and land it into the tank battle. Avoid being spotted by enemy tanks and try to get a kill by shooting it from the PO-2 gunner. GL & HF ^^ !

  48. Play with devil more you guys are so entertaining

  49. Phly Please Play Simpleplanes and Please Check My Creation User tiger1

  50. i though this is slickbee video xD

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