T34 Featuring JustforlolzFYI – World of Tanks

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Great T34 replay featuring WG EU’s Hungarian Community Contributor, JustforlolzFYI.

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  1. Kemp Destroyer..nice one =P

  2. Am I the only one that notices the Serbian dude going full retard in chat?

  3. camp destroyer

  4. Wow great game, I have never had that good of a game in mine. And on a x5
    weekend,,,, lucky him, I hate x5 weekends cause all I get is fail teams and
    fail games.

  5. i have an is6 replay with 6kills and 2v5 interested?

  6. Who’s this handsome gentleman in that tank? 🙂 Thanks a lot, I truly
    appreciate it! (Btw, I rarely play my T34 for the exact same reasons…)

  7. @ 7:55 “and as we know with the current meta in world of tanks, slow tanks
    are at a bit of a disadvantage, especially with the type of maps we’ve got”
    I’m not sure what you mean here AgingJedi. I might be missing something but
    isn’t your opinion usually more along the lines of the current meta being
    bad for LIGHT tanks because they are “all corridor maps”? Those two
    opinions seem contradictory, since slow heavies should theoretically thrive
    in the “corridor” maps (even the T-34 which is more hill dependent with its
    strong turret as opposed to Russian/German tanks with their stronger side
    armor) where the light tanks aren’t the best suited?

  8. I see you have the hit log and dmg log but you dont have the statistics
    loaded…I would like to know how you did that? perhaps you turned off some
    components or something but im not a master modder…please tell me how in
    the reply or make a video

  9. Another prem tank that has the potential, but for 1 reason or another, I’ve
    never had that “monster” game :(

  10. Hey Jedi. curious to know what you think if the T34 got a buff to it’s
    Reload down to 14secs, Turret speed to 24 and it’s aiming time down to 2.7
    Think WG would go for it?

  11. 1:00 god is serb :D

  12. Currently haven’t got a tier 8 premium, but a tier 3 (rekt) cos costs, but
    if I was to have 1, I think I would get the t34-3

  13. actually the T34 looks really good at x4 speed, perhaps you could ask WG to
    quadruple it’s engine power etc??

  14. this thing never always seems to roll for 350 around me…
    it’s cursed.

  15. i have two t34’s

  16. If you are a new WoT player then DO NOT PICK the T34 as your first premium!

    I’d give up 48 of the T34’s 248 penetration for better gun handling. Even
    with vertical stabilizer, gun laying drive, BiA on crew and full snapshot
    skill, the gun dispersion is an atrocity.

    Sadly, while I’m not trying to discourage anyone from purchasing the T34,
    it’s got a lot more crippling flaws then advantages. Aside from the 248
    peneteration and the 10 degrees of gun depressioon, there is nothing good
    about the T34. Soft gun stats and aiming time are TERRIBLE, even with all
    the crap you can do to mitigate it (as stated above) it’s still trash.
    Reload time horrible, even with Cola, Bia, Ventillation and gun rammer, the
    best you can do is 12.3 seconds or so.
    Don’t be fooled by the 279 turret armor, at close range they will destroy
    you thourgh cupola shots and right above the gun mantlet is weak as shit,
    they will rip you appart.
    Turret turn is an atrocity, if your turret ring is damaged even a f*cking
    heavy tank can run laps around you without you being able to point your gun
    at him.
    Hull armor…not even gonna start, it’s awful, but that’s probably no
    surprise to anyone, so forget about sidescraping!
    And the ammo count….FFS, for such a HUGE monster it only gets 34 rounds
    (not funny WG 34 for T34), pathetic. Okay, with the crappy reload time you
    can’t really run out of ammo (it could still happen, though), cz by that
    time you’ll either be dead or you would have won the battle.

    Heck, the only good thing I can say about the T34 is that it’s got good pen
    gun with good gun dispersion and you can train all 5 kind of crew in it at
    the same time.

    Only rely on turret armor when you are not in close range, luckily the gun
    has 0.35 accuracy which can be brought down to 0.33 with a good crew, which
    is not bad. And if you do manage to rack up dmg, then you can earn a good
    amount of credits, though you can do that with many of the tier 8 premium
    heavies or meds.

  17. Camp Destroyers.

    Instant visions of Kenneth Williams in a turret……

  18. yo just subscribed after watching your M4 derp videos. pls make more M4

  19. Meraj Hossen Akib Akib

    which tanks should i keep in American heavy line

  20. keep up with the good work Aging.

  21. Nice to see my two favorite WoT youtubers coming together :). Keep up the
    good work!

  22. HELLO from CROATIA… T34 the best mm..

  23. What? He’s hungarian? How did I not know about that?

  24. From the Philippines here 🙂 .

    I don’t still love the gun but maybe I’ll get used to it.

  25. Jedi, if you place your mouse onto the aiming point at the beginning of the
    replay, your should get the outlines.

  26. Hello from Azerbaijan! Love your videos, dude!

  27. HA the t34s slow? you should consider yourself lucky its not a lowe that
    things got worse ground resistances and power to weight than the maus…

  28. Some trivia about the US heavies: T29, T30 and T34 are all pretty much the
    same tank, except for the guns (and slight redesigns to the turret to fit
    those). The T32 was designed to use as many of the same components as the
    M26 Pershing.

  29. 12 seconds ago!

  30. 12 seconds ago!

  31. Florian Werweißwieichheiß

    greetings from Germany cool videos

  32. Took me a couple years to find a tier 8 premium that I liked. After 3, I
    settled on the T34 as well.

  33. Nice replay mate! Really enjoy your video.
    From your loyal subscriber in SEA server!

  34. greetings from italy 🙂 i love your videos

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