T34 / Westfield / “Starting as you mean to go on”

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I’ll give you exactly one guess what that means in my case…

(This was all done with my new video editing software, so hopefully it’s looking a little better for 720p now.)


is a free-to-play , tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. Certainly looks a bit better on my tablet 🙂 6th view lol. Hope you had a
    good Christmas/new year 🙂 lets see your channel grow in 2015

  2. First! that was a waste of a post…

  3. perfect time, watching this and instantly switching to circ after it

  4. Yay, your 720p looks better, are you also going to upload it in 45 fps or

  5. Martijn Dingemans

    Do you have a stream? There are not enough high quality WoT streams for

  6. go go gadget Jedi

  7. How do you get that sound mod?

  8. Team killer. 

  9. I always find it ironic looking at good WoT players with they tanks pimp
    out with real money X3 Everyone can have ever 5000 wn7 eff but you see real
    skill only if you put them with tank in battle like most of us plays :3
    WIth 75% crew , without money makers , premium account and with no extra
    modules :3

  10. E50 did well by staying there, he could have easily got killed by T54, he
    didnt do mistake about not moving!

  11. 48% Hit rate, damn you’re a good sniper, Jedi.

  12. Based Jedi!

    Gib 9.5 modpack pls

  13. Should’ve jumped on the vk

  14. The T 54 saved the arty, which you did not much more than a half hearted
    job of, while dodging a VK 3002 ! Then when he moved up, you did not do
    too much to help him. He really made it possible for you to get the win.
    Then all he got was a lot of criticism from you. Sorry don’t mean to be a
    pain, but how am I doing for the “Caption Guy” job?”

  15. Can anyone help me on how to install j1mBO’s crosshair

  16. “Quite intimately familiar with American Heavies” Okay there Jedi… :P

  17. I love my T34 🙂 Awesome tank 🙂


  18. Can’t complain about other players when you missed all your important shots

  19. im not sure why your worrying about the center of mass shots in the t34 of
    all them american heavies its the one with the 0.35 dispersion deadly
    accurate cannon. although i will say i do the same thing with auto aim with
    big derpy inaccurate guns.

  20. Dunno..I bought it purely to make it credits and I just can’t find a way to
    like it.Maybe I should have bought FCM or IS-6.It just feels weird,like
    it’s slow as fuck,hull is armor is shiet,it just plays different way than
    IS tanks for example.And I can’t still find that way.Any advices ? Of
    course I know hull down and use that gun deppression but even then it’s
    just…meeeh :D

  21. Happy new year PHJ ! I don’t play anymore, but it*s still entertaining to
    see other people play ( and derp ), you and Jingles being the ones I watch
    the most 😉 Keep up the good work for 2015 ( and I like your CK2 videos as
    well ).

  22. Hey Jedi I really like your crosshair can u please send me a link from the
    jimbos you downloaded the other ones aren’t the same as yours 

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