^^| T37 Replay Cast

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  1. Stealthy Icytail

    T-37 almost as good as 59-16 XD


    From Bush to Bush… Obama disagrees..Kappa!
    Love these new videos. :)

  3. How’s the autoloader on the t37?

  4. Hey Circon, I have a question about the T-37, should I go for the engine
    first, or the turret+gun ? I already have the tracks so I can put
    everything on it
    Keep up the good work, I really like what you are doing

  5. The tank is yuge? Circon = Trump confirmed

  6. Why is the video quality on this video so much worse than your other replay
    casts? (E50M replay looked better in my opinion)

  7. damn dat cromwell though

  8. should we expect some tankfest video ? :P

  9. is it possible to see your crew and a load out of ammo and expendables for
    every tank you do now?

  10. Herpicus McDerpington

    USE the Object 704 with the Howitzer XDD will be hilarious.

  11. What up! I am flying back home today, will be streaming as per schedule
    starting tomorrow! So Overwatch tomorrow and World of Tanks wednesday etc!
    See you soon! :D

  12. Flapablesteak 89

    LOVE sir circon! My favourite youtuber right here

  13. really love the new format, please keep it up I am sure it will prove its
    worth soon !!!!

  14. first!. 6 views

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