T40 Ace Tanker

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  1. gooo 2 the doc man:-) get better!!

  2. 65 games, 62%WR in my T40. When we get a garage slots sale I should look at
    rebuying this. Thanks for the reminder how derpy T40 is. And GET WELL.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Funny how even when you are really sick you are
    still a much better player than me!

  4. please look after yourself,

  5. i own a T-40 on my SEA account but i never used the howitzer as i liked the
    pen, DPM and accuracy of the 76mm for higher tier games. I tried to
    re-unite with it last week when i downloaded the SEA client but i’m afraid
    I found the 340 ping just too unpleasant to play with. Maybe i need to give
    the derp a try when i get back to asia

  6. Take care Irish, and hope you get well soon.

  7. Used to love this TD, before the nerf it had 400m view range plus upgrades.
    Never felt outgunned even in tier 6 games. Always used 76mm. Now after they
    gimped it and after they gimped all TDs it stays in my garage for
    sentimental reasons.

  8. Take care of yourself and please prioritize your health over the channel,
    we will be here when you get better.

  9. don’t bother on your upload frequency, your health is more important. Get
    well !
    By the way, now the T18 is no more fun to play (with the new “noob
    friendly” MM and maps), maybe I will take a T40 instead … why not ? ;)

  10. Your an adult, go to the doctors and quit hope it will get better. If u
    don’t take care of yourself, who will? Be well.

  11. I also love my T40, I also re-bought it not that long ago, Love that durpin
    fun. 🙂
    Looking forward to the IS-6 review, I love my IS-6. 🙂

    1AR, ASIA Server.

  12. can you please make the times you fell asleep as bloopers on the is review?

  13. Get well soon!. Would be nice to see “is it worth it” T-34-3. All chanels
    rewievs doesnt like it but I think its not that bad!

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